What they’re saying about Obama’s speech

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From Rep. Jerry McNerney, D-Pleasanton:

“I was glad to hear President Obama address the need to get the economy back on track, tackle the housing crisis and affirm America’s commitment to renewable energy‬‪.

“We’ve all been hit by these tough economic times‬‪. I hear all the time from people who are worried about being laid off or losing their home to foreclosure.

“We need to take bold action to address the housing crisis‬‪. Too many families are losing their homes to foreclosure. The President spoke tonight about helping to lower mortgage payments and mortgage rates. He told us that the average family that refinances today can save nearly $2000 per year on their mortgage. That could mean the world to a family struggling to make ends meet.

“Tonight the President also called for a major investment to develop technologies like wind, power and bio fuels. I applaud this renewed commitment to new energy sources. Our economy will be stronger and our nation more prosperous when we are creating these technologies right here at home.

“Creating jobs and addressing the foreclosure crisis are key to getting the economy back on track‬‪. I’ll continue to work on behalf of California’s families to strengthen the economy.”

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From U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif.:

“Tonight, the President took ‘yes, we can’ to a new level of ‘yes, we will.’

This President gets it. He gets the fact that we are in a difficult time and that in order to get out of it, we have to pull together.

We need to invest in our kid’s education, make America energy efficient and energy independent, and ensure that Americans have access to affordable healthcare. And by doing all of this, we will put America back on the path to prosperity and purpose.

The President showed that we can make the smart investments in our future while still cutting the deficit in the long run.”

From Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger:

“There is opportunity in every crisis and President Obama is right to seize our global economic emergency as a time to lay a more solid foundation for our nation’s growth. We have done the same thing in California, finding the opportunities in this economic downturn to create jobs and to put in place meaningful reforms that will bring more stability to California.

“In addition to the need to take swift action on this global crisis, the President talked about the need to look beyond just the weeks and months ahead of us and focus on long-term prosperity for the decades and generations to come. That is exactly what we are doing in California – with our focus on critical infrastructure investment, environmental initiatives, and bringing lasting stability to our state budget process.

“The path out of our economic crisis is to first stop the situation from getting worse, then to create jobs, and then to nurture the industries that will lead our recovery. Through those steps, I’m confident that America will emerge stronger and primed for economic growth.”

From House Minority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio:

“All Americans should be proud to witness the history that will be made in the Capitol this evening. President Obama will make a compelling case that our nation can overcome the immense challenges before us, particularly when it comes to strengthening our economy and creating new jobs on behalf of middle-class families. Republicans want to be partners with the President in finding responsible solutions to the challenges facing our nation, but thus far congressional leaders in the President’s own party have stood in the way. That’s why Republicans take seriously our responsibility to offer better solutions to address the concerns of the American people.

“Middle-class families and small businesses across our nation are making sacrifices and tough budget decisions. It’s time for Washington to do the same. We cannot afford to pile mountains more in debt on our children and grandchildren in order to pay for a spending spree that we simply cannot afford. It is time for both parties in Washington to back up our promises of fiscal responsibility with real action.

“That means instituting a spending freeze so we can get our budget in order – beginning by replacing the half-trillion dollar spending bill Democratic leaders have scheduled for a House vote tomorrow with a clean bill, free of pork-barrel spending. That means not raising taxes in the midst of a recession – a sure recipe for a weaker economy and fewer jobs. That means supporting our men and women in uniform by providing them all the tools they need to defeat our enemies. That means safely developing our nation’s vast energy resources to lower energy costs and create more jobs. And that means ensuring access to affordable, high-quality health care for every American.”

UPDATE @ 11:08 A.M. WEDNESDAY: From Congressional Black Caucus chairwoman Barbara Lee, D-Oakland:

“Tonight the President presented a realistic and sobering picture for the American people. The Bush Administration left our nation in fiscal shambles. The problems our country faces are significant and it will require a lot of hard work to put America back on the road toward economic recovery.

“There is no easy answer to the challenges that we face. But we are all in this together and must assume a collective responsibility for the direction of this country.

“President Obama laid out a plan to rebuild our fragile economy so that we can emerge stronger than before through job retention and creation, investing in our infrastructure and greater accountability and oversight of our financial institutions. Additionally, he understands that we must resist the temptation to balance the budget on the backs of the most vulnerable Americans doing so would be particularly cruel in today’s economic climate.

“Specifically, he mentioned a plan that I have long supported to cut funds from the Defense budget that the Pentagon continues to waste buying outdated, Cold War-era weaponry for a national security threat that no longer exists. This would provide additional funding for domestic programs without diminishing our ability to protect our nation.

“I was also pleased that President Obama remains steadfast in his goals to develop a comprehensive strategy for Afghanistan and Pakistan, bringing about a responsible end to the war in Iraq and restoring our credibility and leadership in the world.

“While our challenges are daunting, I along with President Obama remain optimistic that we can move this country forward both domestically and globally.”

Josh Richman

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  • Concerned Citizen

    Why am I not surprised that you didn’t provide a link to Bobby Jindal’s speech? You know he’ll be taking down the Obama disaster in four years.

  • Josh Richman

    I didn’t link to Jindal’s speech becasue I hadn’t linked to the President’s either. But, if it pleases you, here’s the President’s and here’s Jindal’s.

  • Elwood

    Always nice to see Barbara Boxer carrying on the village idiot tradition of the junior senator from CA.