Torlakson endorses DeSaulnier for Congress

Sen. Mark DeSaulnier

Sen. Mark DeSaulnier

Elections are as unpredictable as a wild tiger but it looks like a deal has been struck for a successor in Congressional District 10: Assemblyman Tom Torlakson has bowed out of consideration for Rep. Ellen Tauscher’s seat and simultaneously endorsed Sen. Mark DeSaulnier of Concord for the seat.

This is a significant development.

With Torlakson’s blessing and presumably the support of the county’s powerful Democratic Party establishment, DeSaulnier is likely to be the only serious candidate in the field. DeSaulnier is a close ally of Tauscher, who would almost certainly endorse him. Other possible candidates such as Assemblywoman Joan Buchanan would not run against DeSaulnier nor would any other Democrats in the county with serious political aspirations.

An opportunity to run for Congress is something DeSaulner probably never expected would land in his lap.  Quite a few folks have been waiting around for veteran Rep. George Miller to retire. No one expected Tauscher to leave her seate this soon.

But as they say, in politics, timing is everything.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • 4Antioch

    Unfortunately, Mark is no Ellen Tauscher.

  • DKS

    Actually the fact that Mark is no Ellen Tauscher is a good thing! I think he would be a great Representaive