Rep. Miller schedules second town hall meeting

Rep. George Miller, D-Martinez, will give constituents another chance to query him directly about the nation’s troubles.

Rep. George Miller, D-Martinez

Rep. George Miller, D-Martinez

Miller will host a second town hall meeting in so many weeks on Saturday (March 28) from 9:30-10:30 a.m. at the DeJean Middle School’s multipurpose room, 3400 MacDonald Avenue in Richmond.

The veteran congressman will talk and take questions about the hot issues of the day including economic recovery, unemployment, the mortgage and banking crisis and healthcare.

For more information, call Miller’s office at 925-602-1880.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • skeptical

    I’d like to see Miller discuss all these taxpayer financed junkets he’s been taking since his pal Pelosi got the job as speaker. Thanks to the bad economy I’m out of work and had to skip taking a vacation at all this year. Also, when I take a vacation I have to pay out of my own pocket, rather than shift the cost over on to the taxpayer. AIG mamagers aren’t the only people trying to get a bonus on the public dime, junkets are “bonuses” in my view. And these couldn’;t be coming at a worse time, given stae of the economy.

  • Skeptical

    I neglected to mention Miller went to Italy on one of his most recent tax-payer financed vacation-junkets.