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$8 million for Oakland federal building renovation

By Josh Richman
Friday, April 3rd, 2009 at 4:43 pm in Barbara Lee, Oakland, U.S. House.

I guess those news conferences (here and here) that Rep. Barbara Lee held at the Ronald V. Dellums Federal Building on Oakland’s Clay Street to tout the economic stimulus package’s local benefits were a very specific omen: Lee today announced there’ll be $8,075,000 in stimulus funding for the renovation and “greening” of that very building.

It’s part of the General Services Administration’s plan to spend $5.55 billion in stimulus funds to convert federal buildings into high-performance green buildings, renovate and build federal buildings and courthouses, and renovate and build land border ports of entry.

“The renovation of these buildings will be a positive step towards creating a clean energy future,” Lee said in her news release. “I applaud President Obama’s vision and will continue to work with the people of my district to ensure that we maximize the use of funds from the economic recovery package.”

The building hosts the local offices of more than 30 agencies plus several federal district courtrooms and Lee’s district office.

I called GSA to see what the renovation might entail, and they sent me a project description. It looks as though the project will include lighting replacement aimed at reducing lighting energy consumption by 30 percent while improving the work environment; installation of new, high-performance heating, ventilation and air-conditioning components including more efficient boilers; and an all-around building hardware and software tune-up including “installation of advanced utility meters and meteorological instrumentation which will help us better predict and manage our energy consumption” as well as water conservation measures.

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