Garamendi ‘checking out’ CD10 race

Lt. Gov. John Garamendi

Lt. Gov. John Garamendi

California Lt. Gov. John Garamendi is asking around about the congressional seat that Rep. Ellen Tauscher, will vacate after secures her expected U.S. Senate confirmation for an under secretary position in the U.S. State Department.

Garamendi called Rep. George Miller, D-Martinez, a few days ago and asked about the seat. Miller reiterated his unflagging support for state Sen. Mark DeSaulnier, D-Concord. Tauscher has already endorsed DeSaulnier, too, and my sources say that won’t change if Garamendi runs.

Wait? Isn’t Garamendi running for governor? Yep.

Here’s what Garamendi said in a statement his campaign sent me a few minutes ago:

“A number of people suggested I consider this seat. Of course, I will check out it out. As a former under secretary of the interior, there is a lot of exciting working on in Washington. Much is possible with Barack Obama. But I am focused on California and my campaign for governor.”

For his part, DeSaulnier says it would be a very interesting campaign to run against the lieutenant governor of California.

But it doesn’t scare him.

“People sure will remember me if I run against the lieutenant governor of California,” DeSaulnier said.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • tkd

    The statements “I will check it out” and “I am focused on my campaign for governor” are mutually exclusive. If Garamendi has any hopes of his campaign for governor being taken seriously, it’s a big mistake to acknowledge “checking out” another office. When a candidate breaks focus, his supporters will as well, and that’s time and momentum that will never come back. Considering dropping out can quickly become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

  • Mary Jo

    Get a job, John…

  • Elwood

    John Garamendi or Mickey Mouse would be better than Mark DeSaulnier, the chosen candidate of the Dem in group.

  • Rich W

    Lt. Gov. Garamendi is another dreamer, like Joan Buchanan. Like Buchanon, he trying to “draft” himself for this job, but he’s the only one supporting the draft. The entire Contra Costa political establishment has already lined up for Desaulnier, he’s got everybody; George Miller, Nancy Pelosi, Tom Torlakson, Darrell Stienberg, the list goes on an on. Additionally, Desaulnier has got the labor unions as well, and they are critical when you run for an office like Congressman. Additionally, Garamendi has very weak ties to this district, he doesn’t know any of the voters, or local leaders.