Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • thepolity

    I checked out CalBuzz-ed and they are incorrect and John Garamendi would be incorrect to follow their advice.

    Garamendi should and will be our next governor because he is the Democrat with the most room to define himself. He is a proven state and national leader in the environment health care. He is a champion for young people, havng more kids and grandkids then all the other competitors combined. The importance of the future is not an afterthought.

    The other big three are going to demolish each other because they are all sizzling and need more oil to cook under the sun but the thing is, they all got their political tan.

    California needs Garamendi to set us on a course of continued greatness, especially in the wake of the Arnold disaster.

  • ossie

    Garamendi called George Miller to check out the race as Lisa reported.

    What does that tell you about Garamendi’s commitment to becoming governor?

    If the guy is not committed to the race why would anyone support him with money, endorsement, or vote?

    He may not know it yet, but Garamendi has effectively ended his campaign for governor.