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No state reward in Oakland Police slayings case

By Josh Richman
Thursday, April 9th, 2009 at 5:23 pm in Arnold Schwarzenegger, Oakland, Ron Dellums.

After Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums met with Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger following last month’s slayings of four Oakland Police officers, Dellums told reporters March 22 that those who’d helped police that awful day might receive some compensation: “The governor did indicate that the state of California was going to assist in providing some reward money in that regard, but the details on that – I’m not aware of.”

So I checked in this week with Schwarzenegger’s office, and it turns out this isn’t going to happen.

“No reward was ever issued. The reward fund is only for unsolved cold-type cases,” Schwarzenegger press secretary Aaron McLear wrote in an e-mail, saying the governor’s office has had and will have no involvement in rewards in this case. “(I) don’t know what the mayor said but the law dictates that fund is only used for unsolved cases.”

Kelly Rayburn, the Tribune’s Oakland City Hall reporter, ran this past Dellums’ office.

“The possibility for reward money was one of a number of items discussed in requesting aid from the state. It was determined that the state reward funds are only used for cold, unresolved cases. I think at the time when the mayor made those remarks this was still an item up for discussion,” Dellums spokesman Paul Rose said Wednesday.

“The governor said he wanted to support Oakland in anyway he could as we go forward and this was one of those items that was discussed,” Rose said. “I don’t think there was a plan that said it could or it couldn’t be done. It was just an item that was being discussed.”

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    Why doesn’t Mayor D. donate some of his OWN MONEY!