GOP registration drops to historic lows

Target Book co-author Allen Hoffenblum wrote a very interesting piece for conservative blog site Foxes and Hounds about the decline of Republican registration in California to historic lows.

Here are the first few graphs and you can click through to Foxes and Hounds to see the rest of it:

Going into the 2010 election cycle — the last election in which candidates will run in districts drawn in 2001 – the biggest story is the plummeting Republican voter registration throughout California.

Not only is the current statewide Republican registration of 31% a historic low, but for the first time there is not a single congressional, state senate or assembly district that has a majority Republican registration.

Back in 2001, when the redistricting mapmakers gerrymandered the 80 assembly districts in an attempt to keep the status quo of 50 safe Democratic districts and 30 safe Republican seats, five of the assembly districts had solid Republican majorities and an additional five had a GOP registration of between 48 – 50 percent. Today, it’s zero majority districts and only two with GOP registration over 48 percent (Jean Fuller, AD32; Jeff Miller, AD71).

On the congressional level, there were three Republican majority districts in 2001 and an additional four with GOP registration between 48 – 50 percent. Today, zero majority districts and only one district between 48 and 50 percent (Kevin McCarthy, CD22).

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • RR

    Typically Californian, go with the In Crowd, What’s Hot, the Main Chance. There’s not much future in the GOP right now. Even in the “once conservative” CD-10, Obama-rama reigns supreme.