Bay Area group participates in Obama rail meeting

Rod Diridon Sr., executive director of the Mineta Transportation Institute , participated this morning in President Barack Obama’s announcement of a national high-speed rail master plan, as detailed in the Washington Post’s web site.

“The announcement underscores the president’s high regard for high-speed rail and its ability to create jobs and mobility for the United States,” Diridon said in a prepared release.

Diridon is chair emeritus and a member of the board of directors for the California High-Speed Rail Authority, a project that voters recently allocated nearly $10 billion.

California is also counting on another $8 billion in federal economic stimulus dollars although it will still remain well shy of the $40 billion it needs to build the high-speed train service.

As envisioned, it will whisk passengers 220 miles per hour from San Francisco to Los Angeles in about two and half hours, roughly the same amount of time you spend standing in the airport security line.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • hilltopper

    High speed rail would be a dream come true in California. I only hope that I live so long as to see it happen.