California GOP slaps San Mateo tea party organizers

California GOP Chairman Ron Nehring has issued a verbal smack on the heads of those who used an anti-Semitic graphic to promote an anti-tax tea parties in San Mateo county.

As of a minute ago, the graphic (shown on the right) was still posted on the Ron Paul web site, http://ronpaul.meetup.com/18/calendar/10156083/

Here’s what Nehring sent out a few minutes ago:

SACRAMENTO – Citing the importance of the taxpayer movement in California, California Republican Party Chairman Ron Nehring today strongly condemned the use of anti-Semitic material used to promote the recent April 15 TEA party in San Mateo County.

“The taxpayer movement is incredibly important for California, and we applaud the success of the tea parties that took place across the state on April 15. Because we remain intensely interested in the growth and success of the mainstream taxpayer movement, we strongly condemn the use of anti-Semitic imagery in the promotion of the recent event in San Mateo County.

“The taxpayer movement is growing rapidly in response to government overspending and an increasing tax burden. Yet, as is often the case, some who espouse fringe views are attempting to use the taxpayer movement to promote their own cause. In this case, that fringe cause is anti-Semitism. To allow such actions to continue or succeed threatens the entire taxpayer movement by giving its opponents the opportunity to paint the whole movement as racist or extreme.”

Chairman Nehring issued the statement in response to the use of anti-Semitic graphics used on the “Bay Area Ron Paul Campaign for Liberty” website in conjunction with the April 15 TEA Party in San Mateo. The image pictured a bucket of money being poured into a funnel with a Star of David on it, which in turn drips blood into a bottle where a person holding a Palestinian flag is seen drowning in blood. The text reads “Uncle Sam Reminds You: KEEP PAYING TAXES. The ongoing extermination of Palestinian Children Can’t be Done Without Your Help.”

“The leaders of the taxpayer movement in California are good, solid people with whom I’ve worked for years. Their work is incredibly important and should not be tainted by the anti-Semitic views of a few who wish to use the growing taxpayer movement for their own, fringe purposes. Such attempts must be roundly condemned across the board.”

UPDATE @ 10:42 A.M. WEDNESDAY: For a response from the Meetup page’s organizer, click here.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Michael Rosen

    Kudos to Chairman Nehring and the CRP for setting the record straight and denouncing this abhorrent poster. I’m not holding my breath for the Democrats to display similar fortitude in standing up to the virulently anti-Israel wing of their party.

  • Larry Greenfield

    Thank you to Chairman Nehring and the CRP for standing up for liberty, both fiscal and religious. Where are the Democrats in denouncing the a large part of their political base in the bay area, which is dominated by voices hostile to the Jewish state?

  • I thank and commend chairman Nehring for promptly condemning use of anti Semitic imagery in the promotion of the Tea Party event in San Mateo County. Who are the people that would do such a thing?
    Mike DeNunzio
    San Francisco Republican Assembly

  • John W

    Speaking as a Democrat, I too commend Mr. Nehring. It’s unfortunate that others choose to turn the matter into a partisan cheap shot at Bay Area Democrats, something Mr. Nehring did not do. The next blog entry, by Josh Richman, is about the Obama administration decision to boycott the UN conference on racism because of the expected anti-Israel tilt. If you want to go there with the “where are the Democrats” bit, I would note that the Bay Area congressional delegation includes two Jewish U.S. Senators (both Dems) and that the late Tom Lantos, whose mentor was Joe Biden, was not exactly anti-Israel or anti-Semitic. Of 13 Jewish members serving in the Senate, 1 is a Republican. Of the 31 Jewish members in the House, 1 is Republican. There are disagreements, even among Israelis, about the Palestinian issue. That should not be confused with the hateful symbolism in the poster that Mr. Nehring so rightly denounced.

  • Al Shepperd

    Criticism of Israel, and of our blind support of that country and their policies (however abhorrent), does NOT equate to Anti-Semitism.


  • RR

    If the US dropped ALL foreign assistance from the current budget, it wouldn’t wipe away one day of federal spending.

  • blair

    Adios Ron Paul and associated Rep.’s. That took the wind out of your sails.

  • Post American

    It isn’t anti semitic to be critical of bailing out the Zionist Regime in Israel, or the Islamic Theocracies in Iraq and Afghanistan being payed for by US Taxpayers.

  • san mateo person

    Wow, I was about to go to the san mateo protest and i didn’t.

    as far as that poster, it’s not anti semitic. it’s just telling the truth of the matter, which is that we pay isreal to cut off electricity and food to palestinians and then kill 300 of their children at a time. whoopee.

  • SMS Arizona

    It stands to reason that if you blend your government with your religion, then any attack on that gov’t’s policies can be labeled at once as an attack on their religion..

    Theodor Herzl the founder of Zionism, declared that ‘anti-Semitism is the zionist’s best friend.’

  • RR

    Judging from the posts from SMS and friends, Charles A. Lindbergh, or Father Coughlin, should be the GOP standard bearer.

  • evun

    I would argue that if the singular star of David was to replaced with an actual Israeli flag, then the illustrator might have a point but with a lone star of David, this might be interpreted as targeting Jews rather than the government of Israel and its misconduct against the Palestinian people. The US government alone shell out $3 billion annually to Israel in addition to $3 billion more distributing to Jordan, Egypt, et al. just for them to maintain a peaceful front toward Israel. This ongoing conflict can be solved only when Israel decides to accept the state of Palestine as its neighbor and relinquish our country from pitching in for Israel’s full blown support and more so geo-politically and strategically in the region where exigency of stability is imminent.

  • Brian

    Last time I checked the Palestinian people were semetic. The fact that Ashkanazi jews spent so much time in Easter Europe that their semetic character (and gene pool) became diluted leads me to believe that right wing Israeli policy of ethnic cleansing in Palestine is “Anti-semetic”.

    Speak truth to power (corrupt and otherwise). In the end the truth will set us free.

  • Reid

    Did Nehring just condemn a “meetup” page? Wow, maybe he should spend some time checking out the various blogs and other social networks so he can condemn all of those as well. What a dork.

  • TNC

    “Criticism of Israel…does NOT equate to Anti-Semitism.”

    Of course not. What matters is the substance of the criticism. The imagery used here is clearly anti-Semitic and borrows from imagery used regularly in Islamic countries to demonize Jews. See Joël and Dan Kotek’s, “Au nom de l’antisionisme: L’image des Juifs et d’Israël dans la caricature depuis la seconde Intifada.”

    More here:


  • Ron Paul rejects evolution. He is a nut who attracts nuts. No shock that nuts produced the ad in question. That is what nuts do.

  • Samir

    This graphic just confirms my suspicions about the tea parties all along.

  • If you don’t want your tax dollars supporting Israel then that’s one thing, if you want the destruction of Israel that’s your right. We would rather you not bring that sort of divisive philosophy to the TEA Parties because it distracts from the overall message of too much spending and the eventual tax burden that will follow. I would even like to keep the GOP out of this; many of us are just as angry at Bush and spendthrift Republicans as we are at the Democrats. It would help the cause of protesting the unprecedented rise in Government power and spending if we would focus only on that while attending these TEA Parties.

  • Bob P

    I have been told that the way meetup is setup, it is impossible to remove the graphic after the meeting date. However, that doesn’t excuse putting that graphic on the site in the first place.

  • Eric A

    I hope that Ron Nehring and all Republicans understand that the graphic image is not endorsed by Ron Paul supporters. One person posted it. If you are offended by the image, it would be ridiculous to conclude that Ron Paul, or Ron Paul supporters, are behind it.

    The Republican party must decide how it will deal with the huge popularity of Ron Paul. Paul’s views are mostly consistent with old-school Republicanism, and by and large, much more attractive to Republicans than what we saw from the other presidential contendeders…states’ rights, less taxation, fiscal responsibility, smaller government, personal freedom, personal responsibility, following the US Constitution…the list goes on. This is a huge opportunity for the Republican party to embrace and include a movement which is consistent with our core values, and which generated a huge groundswell of support and passion during the last election. That Nehring would “slap down” Ron Paul and his supporters over a posting by an individual Ron Paul supporter is a huge, idiotic mistake for our party. Nehring is not helping our party with this boneheaded manuever. Wiser Republicans know that we need to reach out to this group.

    Those who freak out over the image…I would suggest to you that one of our core values is freedom. We are free to criticize our government, and we do. We are free to criticize any government of any country. Why, when someone criticizes, Isreal, is that so different? To be critical if Israel’s government is clearly not anti-semetic, and I’d suggest that anyone who thinks it is has their own agenda that has nothing to do with anti-semetism. Plenty of people who live in Israel criticize their own government. Why can’t we? When we criticize the Obama administration, are we anti-American? Are we anti-anglo? Are we traitors? I would suggest that it is OK to be critical of Israel, and that doing so in no way equates to anti-semitism.

    Republican party, wake up!!!!

  • Elchonon

    #5 etc..
    Your blind ignorance as to the situation is common place amongst critics such as yourself both on the right and left.

    Would you argue that the so called “palastinian” people are a democracy ?

    Selling land to a jew is punished by death.. be suspected of aiding israel.. you too will join the worms..

    The gross human rights violations in the west bank and gaza.. are completely ignored, human shields, trafficking of arms, tar getting a sovereign nation (israel)and the like.

    And now to matters at hand, just the facts sir… the financial aid given to Israel is due to jimmy carters camp david peace between Israel and Egypt.. Israel was forced to give up the sinai including the alma oil field discovered and developed by israel containing 100 billion dollars of untapped oil.. in today’s oil prices that would be at least 250 billion dollars!!

    Now, 4 billion dollars a year is nothing compared to what Israel gave up.. I for one strongly opposed the peace with egypt.. but blame mister carter the left’s champion..

    I agree 100% cut off funding to Israel.. then stay the hell out of her business!

    You think the 4 billion in aid is free ? Israel is saddled with US arms including the worthless in the desert M16 / M4, the lavi fighter jet was cancelled due to US pressure brought on by the lockhead martin corporation makers of the F16..

    You want to criticize Israel’s policy’s ? go ahead.. want to cut off Israel’s funding ? go ahead.. either shut up and let Israel do as she pleases and pull the puny 4 billion in aid or live with it..

    And dare I ask, where is you criticism towards the billions in aid given to the so called “palastinians”? those ruthless barbarians that butcher at will?

  • Ralph

    American’s are waking up to the control that Jews have on our government and policies. It will become a tidal wave of mass awakening and when this happens I would hate to be in the shoes of this group.

  • LanceThruster

    I wish there was a larger image so I could read the rest of the text. Doesn’t seem to be anti-Semitic at all since our tax dollars do go to the brutalization of Palestinians by Israel.

    As to complaints about whether it needs to be an Israeli flag to avoid the charge of anti-Semitism; do an image search for an Israel Jet for instance. The symbol is the Star of David, not an Israeli flag. Israel chose to co-opt the religious symbol for their apartheid state and cannot hide behind that fact when it is pointed out.

  • John

    I watched this film last night. There are two or more sides to every story. Does sharing this documentary make me an anti semite? Who really are the butchers here?


  • Jo

    Post #26 is correct! Great points!

    People should be very critical of RINO Ron Nehring’s actions! Is this the only way that he can make himself feel relevant? Republicans should demand better from their leadership! It’s disturbing that Chairman Nehring regularly claims to be for individual liberty, but takes up this anti-free-speech position failing to recognize the meaning behing the art. It’s contradictory for Chairman Nehring to say that he’s against tax-increases, while ignoring that our tax dollars are wasted away on israel.

    Shouldn’t “do-nothing” Nehring be out campaigning against all of the May 19th ballot propositions, instead of wasting away time looking at Meetup group photos? The whole reason behind his press-release was to get back at the Ron Paul supporters who booed his a** off stage at the TEA Party in Sacramento for straddling the fence on Prop. 1-A (the $16 Billion tax-increase!)

    Hey NEO-CON Ron!!! During your next break (between viewing Meetup group photos & bootlicking Arnold’s RINO skin loafers) take some time out to read the U.S. Constitution. Concentrate on focusing your limited attention span on the 1st Amendment. “Free speech” actually includes “controversial speech” too. Not just what YOU consider to be acceptable or appropriate. You can ask your lawyer buddy Vice Chair Tom Del Beccaro for help … Tom’s the fraud who removes members from the “1st Amendment Now” facebook group for making comments that he disagrees with.

    It’s time for a house-cleaning at the CRP… No matter how many meaningless press-releases these spin-doctors have drafted by their speech-writers.

    Contact Ron Nehring here: ron@ronnehring.com (619) 743-6402 (Ron also believes in accountability… another Republican principal)

  • Thomas

    The State of Israel is NOT a race. It is a government; therefore, there was nothing racist or “anti-semitic” about the image. It’s ridiculous that so many people equate a criticism of a nation-state with racism. In fact, I suspect that many individuals refuse to analyze the the situation objectively simply because they maintain an ethno-centric view that Jews are “god’s chosen” people. They then extrapolate this alleged “superiority” and apply it to the government of Israel. Who are the real racists in this debate?

  • “The State of Israel is NOT a race. It is a government; therefore, there was nothing racist or “anti-semitic” about the image.”

    I totally AGREE! Anti-Zionism =/= anti-Semitism.

    The REAL RACISM here is the US’s support of Israeli RACIST APARTHEID & genocide! Don’t get it twisted, folks!!!

  • darkmark

    if that’s Palestine swimming in that blood then it seems at least representative of what’s happening to the Palestinian people via US money and Israeli occupation.

  • mea mark

    have a great 4th of july and Slap the Rep party back I say… let the voters review my proposals…

    If we continue to do nothing that works directly on our political system, America will perish within the year.
    Hereafter is what I propose we do : then post, publish, broadcast, email, and serve… now.

    1. 6/7 years ago, to redress the problems of bad government, the opportunity required 2 million people to send $ 50.00 to California Senator McClintock and fund a McC victory in the special Ca [recall] election – however, because, again, as usual, no one came through with their 50 $$$, the Ca special election went to the collectivist who spent the most $$$, Schwarzenegger …bringing the Marxist Pretender Obe to office in 09.

    Today, 09, almost 7 years later, America is dieing under the relentless attacks of the current Marxist, Hate America to destruction, administration as it works every minute, of everyday, to destroy our country.

    2. At this time, the solution requires [each of] 17 million families to put $ 7.900.00 dollars into 17 million new bank/credit union accounts, in a bank/CU with which they have NO existing accounts or business; then, set up a direct deposit, into that account, of $ 29.00 a week and finally, each participating family tells everyone :

    US, State, County elected/appointed officials.
    US, State, local Republican and Democrat elected and appointed officials.
    Your friends, relatives, political enemies, co-workers, strangers, Aliens.
    Local, State, National personnel and agencies [of America’s Pravda] who pose as the news Media.

    what is being done and why: see A below. To secure government by Law we must Save America first !

    3. Follwed, for the next 8 weeks, every Wednesday, with draw $750.00 a week in mixed denomination Federal Reserve paper, coin, some junk silver coin and then, each participating family tells everyone :

    US, State, County elected/appointed officials.
    US, State, local Republican and Democrat elected and appointed officials.
    Your friends, relatives, political enemies, co-workers, strangers, Aliens.
    Local, State, National personnel and agencies [of America’s Pravda] who pose as the news Media.

    what is being done and why: see A below. To secure government by Law we must Save America first !

    4. Once completed, each family will have ‘part of their necessary 8 months of financial resources’ [on/in hand] as will be needed to survive the emerging series of Marxist, Hate America to destruction by wrecking the economy, down turns and unemployment’s.

    Do the math, making such moves will create a media event; at which point, each family will make their initial direct political move… the first move is to buy a Nationally known Candidate, and then, use that purchase as the opening move to bring like minded people into a majority of electives office in the 09/10 election cycle.

    We have nothing to lose except the obsolete Marist plans to reduce Americans [us] to wearing the chains of collectivist poverty and squalor.

    Collectivists are the enemies of the Future and [Individual] Liberty. If we continue to do nothing that works directly on our political system, America will perish within the year.

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    ‘A’ below supporting 1. and 2. above …what you are doing and why… the following is A below :

    “politicians : you do not have the ‘authority’ to borrow against, indebt, or tax future generations”;

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    ” politicians : you do not have the ‘authority’ to give America’s money, resources, and/or credit [stuff] to Aliens – Alien enterprises – Alien governments – illegal aliens in country [or anywhere else]” ;

    “politicians : you do not have the ‘authority’ to create the illusion of, or otherwise the pretense of, giving amnesty to your illegal alien henchmen;
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    “politicians : you do not have the authority to turn America into a collectivist welfare state and/or create/use taxes/statutes/rules/procedures : virtually every form and style of simulation of legal process created and advanced by you collectivists, to abridge – undermine-cut – defeat the American Constitution in its duty to secure every Actual American Citizen in their Natural Right[s] against all trespassing Lawless Men : Domestic or Foreign : collectivists such as yourselves.

    “such movements being unlawful, whatever proceeds there from, are without merit and utterly void”.

    Absent constitutionally stipulated : delegated authority to act – you : politicians have NO power to do anything [regardless of how Socially Just : necessary you believe your whims may be] when you want Authority = NOTHING you politicians do is Lawful; Justifies Any Act preformed under it; or the ‘pretenses created by the Fraudulent existence of the color of Law’ so generated.

    “politicians : you and your government employee henchmen have worked to create a lawless America through the exercise of your Marxist whim and other Collectivist Syncretism’s. So, being without authority to act, whatever you politicians do is Fraud, moot, violates of your Oath of Office, is criminal, and utterly VOID.

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    Exparte to Sotomayor : An Emergency exparte action, before Justice Sotomayor.
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    1. expedited hearing : immediate hearing;
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    7. to provide transportation to/quartering at WDC through being sworn in on working day 4/5 or 7 following the confirmation vote.
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    I, Mark, Affirm that :

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    As Sotomayor notes, Social Justice has many elements, the principle point considered here is the ‘just representation model’. Considering Sotomayor’s statements, the New Jersey employment decisions, and Obe’s statements about employment to secure Social Justice; then, for me and my people, there is a very real necessity to appoint Me. The sole argument against me might be that My whim is [some how] not as good as the whim of any Judge. Legilator, Obe, of the United States… a totally untenable cause for denying me the office because… all whims are equal; thus, my whims are self-evidently just as good, just as wanting authority to act, just as arbitrary, just as much a violation of Law, and/or just as merit less or stupid as anyone else’s.

    f. I Believe that the invasion of the Marxist concept : Social Justice [supplanting the Constitution] establishes that the Rule of Law has been, and is being, replaced [by the exercise of personal collectivist (Executive, Legislative, Judicial) whim, without regard to, or restraint by, the limits of the Authority to Act as imposed by the Laws of the United States]; turning Government by Law into rule by [Executive, Legislative, Judicial] whim; and, all whims being equally arbitrary, My whims are as valid as the whim’s of any of the collectivist : Marxists occupying the Government [bench] today;

    All whims are Tyranny. My whims are at least as good as [the poser] Obe, the [suto] legislature, the [Qusi] Judiciary.

    Absent constitutionally stipulated/delegated authority to act, you have NO power to do anything regardless of how Socially Just/necessary you believe your whims to be. Wanting Authority, NOTHING you do is Lawful, or Justifies any Act preformed under it, or under the Fraudulent ‘pretense of a color of Law’ created by your whim’s existence.

    The Government is directed to immediately appoint Me the, 09, Justice of the US SPC.
    This issue, as presented here, is both the request and the brief in support.

    If you disagree, on a point by point basis, stipulate each objection, brief it and cite it [through its originating authority].

    Mark, 06-11-09 1meamark@gmail.com

  • Alberto Waisman

    This poster was circulated by a Raul Paul supporter in Moss Beach…..this had nothing whatsoever to do with the GOP or the San Mateo Tea Party group, which I am on the planning committee on.

  • DLM

    The CRP has jews in high level positions and Nehring is using “guilt by association” tactics to defame independent conservatives. They want a bunch of Dittoheads and brainwashed christo-zionists to run a skeleton party filled with neo-cons so the wars for zion can continue in Aisa. No dissent, even if it destroys America. Is there any mystery here? High powered jews along with their corrupt counterparts want to control the party from the top down, and they don’t want change from “nasty” Ron Paulers who see the nation going to pot. So what are they doing? Strangulating the party! Nehring should be out on his ass! They are not Republicans…they are RINOs and criminals.

  • jazzy jc

    It should be americans getting screwed in there too! Republicans suck big ones and no true tea party liberty loving americans would go near them anyway.



  • Dark Princess

    I don’t like the sign, but the GOP do not control the tea party movement. Remember the Republicans are trying to take control of the Tea party movement. The tea people are those who left the Dem and Rep parties. Why did they leave? Because both parties abandoned them. Dems call them names and the Reps ignored them.