Labor council endorses DeSaulnier for CD10

Sen. Mark DeSaulnier, D-Concord

Sen. Mark DeSaulnier, D-Concord

The Contra Costa County Central Labor Council, which represents 90 unions, sent out today its official endorsement of Sen. Mark DeSaulnier for the 10th congressional district.

Word of the council’s decision leaked out a few days ago although it was interesting to learn that the council also interviewed Lt. Governor John Garamendi, who has expressed serious interest in the race but has not officially said he would run.

DeSaulnier has been extraordinarily successful in locking down early endorsements in this race to replace Rep. Ellen Tauscher, who is still waiting official U.S. Senate confirmation of her new job as Under Secretary for Arms Control. A special election will be held later this year after Tauscher resigns.

DeSaulnier already has the blessing of Tauscher and Rep. George Miller, D-Martinez, as well as the support of the Contra Costa Building Trades. While these endorsements cannot guarantee victory, they can translate into both campaign dollars and boots on the ground when it comes time to walk precincts and conduct get-out-the-vote activities.

Here is the council’s full statement:


MARTINEZ, CA – The Contra Costa County Central Labor Council has unanimously endorsed Senator Mark DeSaulnier for California’s 10th Congressional District.

DeSaulnier seeks to succeed Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher should the seat become available.

In a special meeting, assembled delegates of the Council’s more than 90 affiliated unions heard from potential candidates. Senator DeSaulnier and Lieutenant Governor John Garamendi spoke to the assembled representatives before the vote.

Recounting the presentations from the potential candidates, Pam Aguilar, Executive Director of the Council remarked, “Mark understands the needs of workers in this district and has always fought to
maintain the wages and working conditions of the moms and dads trying to keep the mortgage current and food on the table.

“He knows that stronger workers in Contra Costa, Alameda and Solano mean stronger communities and a better economy for all Americans. We are confident that he will put those values to work in Washington.”

DeSaulnier was appreciative of the endorsement. “Sometimes the status quo is the most powerful lobbyist there is, and with the collective power of the Contra Costa Central Labor Council, I have
brought forth meaningful legislation to help workers and hope to do more in Washington,” DeSaulnier said. “In these tough times, it is important not to forget the people who keep our economy moving, and I will not leave them behind.”

The Central Labor Council, a strong supporter of DeSaulnier during his campaigns for County Board of Supervisors and the State Senate and Assembly, represents more than 80,000 workers in Contra Costa County.

The 10th District includes the Contra Costa communities of Antioch, El Cerrito, Walnut Creek, Orinda, Moraga, Lafayette, Pleasant Hill, and part of Concord.

To date, DeSaulnier is the only potential candidate for the 10th Congressional District to receive public endorsements. The Central Labor Council joins the Contra Costa Building Trades Council, Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher, Congressman George Miller, California Senate President Pro Tempore
Darrell Steinberg, and State Assemblymember Tom Torlakson in endorsing DeSaulnier’s potential run for Congress.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • RealAmerica

    DeSaulnier is one of the reasons that California is bankrupt. He has no moral sense of what is right when spending your money. For example, he supports amnesty for the 1-2 million illegal aliens in Mexifornia which costs $9 – $11 billion dollars of taxpayer funds. He intends to serve the Democratic Party, which does not represent the needs of the citizens of this state.

  • Lauren Unruh

    Please vote for me instead.

    When DeSaulnier was still a county supervisior I spoke before the supervisiors about the wrongfulness of the prohibition of marijuana.

    He turned seven shades of red and squirmed like a scolded four year old in his seat. I wondered about his strange reaction.

    Apparently he had promised to help my people get a dispensary in Pacheco, but was politically moving on just before the vote.

    His replacement voted for discrimination against us, just like he knew she would. Sucks for us, we were had by a politician.

    That was my first meeting with him, but I soon discovered why he acted like that. He was in the pocket of the police. Meaning he would NEVER support the freedom of my people.

    He would always be in favor of the public consumption of alchol, but never our basic civil rights. Marijuana prohibition is a holy war against us, these people are in it for blood.

    I am not a fake leader.

    I was an adult girl scout volunteer in the Pleasant Hill Association for ten years before I started on this little project to end the Drug War. I am doing it for my people. This is for real, I have a plan to end war globally.

    I have been connecting with people, it just doesn’t get covered by the Contra Costa Times. I am leading a native American religious reformation, and a third party political movement, but I cant get in the local paper.

    So what does the CCT editor say to me about that?

    “You are not a story.”

    He is so wrong, I am a story.

    If you want to read more about what I am doing, you can find my comments, arguments and political advice in AlterNet.org. I blog there as Sister Lauren in the comments.

    AlterNet.org is a very libertarian, youth oriented news website. It was the best place I could find for free speech. It is my opinion that arguments made in AlterNet have been critical in moving our national conversation forward.

    I like to say we have the best trolls, because I think the arguments we have attract many different world leaders to come and make their case.

    I am also a minister in the THC Ministry.


  • RR

    Sister Lauren is the candidate of choice for all serious druggies.

  • Rich W

    Desaulnier has been a city councilman, a supervisor, an assemblyman and a state Senator. This is experience at every level of goverment. He’s super qualified for the CD 10 job. Going back I don’t think we’ve ever had a candidate for Congress with this depth of experience. Additionally, he was a successful small businessman for many years too. Finally, he’s a great friend of working people, as this Central Labor Council endorsement proves. It’s no accident labor and most elected local officials are supporting him. He’s not hovercrafting his way into the CD race like John Garamendi, this is a leader with strong local ties.