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Yesterday, arrested. Today, at the White House.

By Josh Richman
Tuesday, April 28th, 2009 at 3:29 pm in Barack Obama, Lynn Woolsey, U.S. House.

Congressional Progressive Caucus co-chairwoman Lynn Woolsey, D-Petaluma, fresh from incurring arrest with civil disobedience outside the Sudanese Embassy yesterday, today led her caucus in meeting with President Obama at the White House on topics including healthcare reform and the upcoming supplemental appropriations request for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“We had an open and frank meeting with President Obama this afternoon, and I think both the administration as well as those of us in Congress recognize how important our relationship will be going forward,” Woolsey said in a statement released afterward. “During last fall’s campaign, President Obama ran as strong progressive, and the American public overwhelmingly embraced his proposals to transform our failing healthcare system, rebuild our struggling economy, and restore our nation’s image abroad. We look forward to working with the President to address these issues, and to strengthen our country by enacting progressive change that will benefit all Americans.”

The Washington Post has more detail, including a little more on the progressives’ concern with more money for the wars.

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  • RR

    I’ll translate Lynn’s statement: We progs think Obama owes us for our unflagging support during his campaign. Since he took office he acts like he’s the chief of state and no longer listens with bated breath to our wise advice. And another thing, we oppose shooting much-maligned jihadists in the Middle East but we think it would be wonderful to tell those nasty Sudanese who are busy killing the Darfur folks to stop right now. Hey, we send them love from Marin; it’s up to the administration to do their part. Oh, and get everybody free doctors and stuff and stick it to the greedy rich!