CoCo Local One to law enforcement: You aren’t so special

Contra Costa County Public Employees Union Local One is circulating this flyer (see below) in response to recent county deputy sheriff and district attorney union leaders’ demands that the county restore law enforcement funding at the expense of other departments such as the county hospital.

“Apparently, the DAs and the Sheriffs (our fellow county employees) think they’re special,” the flyer reads. “Their response to the cuts in the DA’s office has been to attack the Board of Supervisors for building the County Hospital and to argue for more cuts in Health Services. That means cut more of our jobs they won’t lose theirs.”

With more budget cuts on the horizon, this type of infighting among public employee unions is likely to only get worse.

Local One flyer

Local One flyer

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • anonymous

    Did you know CoCoCounty is one of of only two counties in the entire State to have a County Hospital? Think maybe its because every other county, with the one exception, knows its a gigantic money pit?

    Let’s see how you feel when the DA stops filing criminal cases…oops, too late. Let’s see how you feel when you’ve been victimized in the middle of the night and you are told to call back in the morning…oops, too late.

  • AnotherCountyVictim

    You want to save money in this county?

    I can speak from personal experience as I’ve been in the county hospital over 10 times dealing with a suspicious intestinal problem, been a victim of a violent crime three times in the last 4 years, been dealt a crappy card by the Contra Costa DA, who have dropped my cases, even where I was brutally assaulted by a city worker leaving me disabled, dealt with the family courts and have watched case after case turn into a nightmare, including my own and now my son is possibly emaciated from all the stress.

    Here’s how it works, the family courts throw all their might on fathers, they take everything they have, the mothers are allowed to churn the allegation machine over and over, for years. The kids are caught in the middle, the DA fails to enforce court orders, leaving the spouse to engage with the police, the police burn resources on domestic squabbles, the PD already know that this DA won’t go after welfare fraud, assualts and thefts. They know that they are wasting time dealing with you, they tell you to go back to court, you go back to court, the spouse is given another chance, more disputes, more anger, more violence.

    Go back and count the number of deaths linked to the family courts as it’s over 20 from count, children, fathers, mothers and friends, even police officers.

    I am sorry but the CCC DA office fails on so many fronts, the police agencies already know it and if you want to save this county money, start with the family courts, enforce court orders for visitation, jail a few spouses for contempt of court and have the DA actually prosecute a few cases of welfare fraud.

    Then the PD will support non-custodial parents and the custodial parents will learn that it’s not a free ride anymore.

    As for Dr. Walker, he should be fired and the county hospital missed child abuse with my sons, it was clear to many at John Muir and Kaiser that there is a problem. It’s clear to their former pediatrician, and if you were looking at my son you would wonder what has happen.

    Try submitting a welfare case, chances are you;ll find they are on vacation, go ahead and beat up your neighbor as the way it works in CCC, if you’re white in CCC, you won’t get charged, they won’t bother to investigate as they will drop your case instead of your doing your job.

    My best estimate is that my issues have cost the county over $250,000, my losses are well over 400,000, my health was comprimised, heck in one case the suspect admitted to a police officer that he stole my equipment, they didn’t even bother to return my calls.

    It’s time the DA to go and yes even better lay off people at the county and get ones that will do their jobs.

    It’s like a calling card to have criminals operate here in CCC, welfare fraud, real estate crimes, white collar crimes you see they spend all their time chasing drivers licenses, DUI, and will put poor suspects in jail and NEVER pursue a case where they think the other part will fight them. In any other county my cases would have been prosectuted, one charge would have been attempted murder, it was that bad.

    One really pissed off long term resident who will have a web site showing just how ineffectual our county is. Try calling a department for assistance, you’ll see how they run.

    I hope the Grand Jury gets involved but my plan is to encourage others to file complaints.

    It’s time to change some of the hats in this county. Out with the old stodgy polictical views and in with new blood that truly represents the racial makeup and ethnicity of the county.