Garamendi meets with CCT editorial board

Lt. Governor John Garamendi

Lt. Governor John Garamendi

Lt. Governor John Garamendi met with the Contra Costa Times editorial board a few days ago and I recorded the session on my digital recorder.  Thanks to the high-tech geniuses in our office, of which I am not one of them, I have posted that recording in its entirety here.

Garamendi talks about why he has decided to run for the 10th Congressional District after Rep. Ellen Tauscher, D-Alamo, is confirmed for a post in the State Department and why he thinks he is the most qualified candidate.

He also speaks about healthcare reform, climate change, his relationship with unions, education reform and other matters.

We will post editorial board meetings with other CD10 candidates as those meetings take place.

The recorder was placed directly in front of Garamendi, so it may be hard to hear some of the questions posed by the board members sitting around the table. But present at the meeting was editorial board members David Rounds, Times publisher; Dan Hatfield, Times editorial page editor, Dan Borenstein, editorial writer and columnist; and several members of the public. I attended but I am not on the editorial board.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Rich

    In view of the fact Garamendi has zero ties to Contra Costa – he’s a longtime Sacramento based politician – I think “Getting to Know You” would work as his campaign theme song. Garamendi doesn’t know the voters, the political leadership, or Contra Costa political issues. Another possibility would be the “Lone Ranger” theme song. Not a single prominent local Democrat – like George Miller, Ellen Tauscher, Tom Torlakson and all our local labor leaders – asked or wanted Garamendi to come to Contra Costa to run to be our Congressman! This was his idea alone, and a particulary wacky idea at that. Garamendi would make a terrible Congressman for our county, he knows zip about Contra Costa and spends all his time running for other offices. We don’t need a glib, blow-dried 80’s style politician from Sacramento to be our Congressman. We’ve got plenty of local talent.