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A quick housekeeping note

By Josh Richman
Thursday, May 28th, 2009 at 4:11 pm in General.

Several comments have been posted here in recent days having little or nothing to do with the items to which they’re attached. While we welcome any and all opinions on the items we post, please refrain from posting unrelated, random comments (which in the future, depending on how far afield they range, could be deleted); if you’d like to launch a discussion on a topic other than what we’ve posted here, feel free to start a thread in our discussion forums. Thanks!

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  • JK

    Your posts set the agenda. Looking at them:

    1. Pro-Drug laws
    2. The plight of under-funded state programs
    3. Pro gay stories
    4. Pro Liberal politicians
    5. Pro taxes
    6. Republicans in disarray

    Yet for Californians, there are issues that are of greater importance that you don’t cover:

    1. The plight of overtaxed companies
    2. Excessive environmental regulations
    3. Higher taxes hurting the real middle class
    4. Regulations preventing economic growth
    5. Political attacks on free speech and association

    In the long run, people vote their pocketbooks. Unfortunately, a lot of people will have to suffer first-hand to learn this, while Big Media runs cover for Big Government.

    Tisbahi ali kheir, habibi.

  • Josh Richman

    JK — You’re welcome to your opinions on the issues and my work. If I write about taxes, comment on taxes. If I write about drugs, comment on drugs. All I’m saying is that when I see you posting religious-freedom comments on a drug-sentencing post, it’s muddying up the works, and we have other forums for that.