San Ramon mayor to run again for Assembly

Abram Wilson

Abram Wilson

San Ramon Mayor Abram Wilson officially declared himself a second-time candidate for Assembly in District 15.

Wilson lost to Democrat Joan Buchanan in November by 4.6 percentage points after a bruising, expensive battle to replace termed-out Republican Assemblyman Guy Houston. District 15 is one of the few competitive seats in the state and Democrats were eager to strip the only remaining GOP-held Bay Area seat from Republican hands.

It’s unclear at this point whether Wilson will have a rematch against Buchanan. She is running for the soon-to-be-open 10th Congressional District in a special election expected to take place later this year. Buchanan could also decided to run for the state Senate if Sen. Mark DeSaulnier, who is also running for Congress, were to prevail.

It may prove downright interesting if Buchanan has to fend off attacks from a Republican Assembly opponent at the same time she campaigns for a federal seat.

District 15 includes the San Ramon Valley, portions of the Tri-Valley, far east Contra Costa County, western San Joaquin County and a smaller piece of Sacramento County.

Read on for Wilson’s statement:

June 2, 2009

Dear Friends,

I’m making it official.  I am running for the state legislature in the 15th State Assembly District.

Voters across the state sent a strong message when they defeated Propositions 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, and 1E.  They told legislators that it’s time they started doing their jobs and were held accountable to their constituents.

Our legislators continue to inflate government instead of improving California’s competitiveness so businesses can create jobs.  It’s time to reduce our bloated bureaucracy and focus on effectiveness rather than status quo.

Our quality of life in the beautiful valleys of San Ramon, the Tri-Valley, San Joaquin and Sacramento are at risk.  An uncertain economy and lack of sound fiscal judgment has given us a government California doesn’t need – one we can no longer afford.

As Mayor of San Ramon, my record is clear.  Our budget reserves exceed an unprecedented 50%.  We’ve revitalized a stagnant relationship between business and government through public-private partnerships.  Our City continues to maintain an AAA bond rating.  We’ve worked collaboratively with local government leaders to develop an innovative disaster preparedness plan for our Bay Area cities and counties so our people will be safe.  The City of San Ramon was recognized as one of “the best 100 cities” to raise a family – a national honor. Our residents are confident that we are doing the jobs we were elected to.

Our plan is a plan most cities and counties only dream of.  We practice sound financial principals.  We use common sense.  Things like not spending more than we have, setting up a rainy day fund and remembering that we work for the people have made our community thrive.

I will fight for these same principles in Sacramento.  I will use my expertise to make our state golden once more.  I can make a difference – but I need your help.

Click here to access the invitation to my Campaign Kick-Off on Tuesday, June 23rd in the San Ramon Valley. I hope you’ll join me and bring a friend or two.

Working together, we can lead this state from its current deep and disastrous financial crisis and keep it from sinking further into disrepair and debt.  I’ll lead from the front building consensus with my fellow legislators to make the right decisions.

I’ve always been at the forefront of the fight to keep government fiscally sound and accountable to those I serve – not to special interests.  I’d be honored to have your help.  Let’s return California to a state we can be proud of once again.

Respectfully yours,
Abram Wilson

P.S. The incumbent in the 15th District has decided after a little over 100 days in her first term that she will run for Congress in the 10th District.  While I respect her decision, it’s not fair to leave the 15th Assembly District without representation at this critical time.  I’m running because I believe Sacramento needs legislators who are fiscally responsible, accountable, and willing to make tough choices – because performance matters.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • John W

    Nice man. Has done a good job as mayor. Probably stands a good chance. But he pledged his soul to Grover Norquist. I’d like him to show some evidence that he would take his San Ramon mayoral pragmatism to Sacramento and not just be part of the obstructionist crowd, taking orders from the party’s right-wing leadership.

  • EastBayDem

    It would be a shame to see Joan Buchanan lose her race for Congress and then turn right around and lose to Wilson, but that is looking more and more like what’s going to happen.

  • BJD

    Not if Mr. Wilson keeps running his assembly election like it is taking place in Texas. Who mentions their opponent during their announcement? The beginning phase of successful campaigns introduces a candidate or explains why they are the right person for the job. This just looks like the same hackery from 2008.

  • John W

    If Buchanan should win the Congressional race, who would be viable to run against Wilson for the Assembly seat? If she loses the Congressional, she’ll have two problems getting re-elected to the Assembly. First, losing a race wounds her and makes her seem more vulnerable. Second, lots of folks will be annoyed that she ran for the Congressional seat in the first place. If Wilson can’t make hay out of that, he really is a weak campaigner.

  • Jo

    Wilson might be able to close the gap during the next election. His prior campaign suffered because Paul Cummings, the former Alameda County GOP (do-nothing)Chairman sued the only real activists in Alameda County with the energy to get the Wilson campaign off the ground. If Wilson only knew how the RINOs on the Alameda County Republican Central Committee, specifically Cummings, have made his campaign suffer because of the need to start a circular firing squad and resist new volunteers.