CD10 pollsters clearly ‘not from here’

A Contra Costa Times reader says she got a phone call at home a few days ago from a survey company out of Las Vegas doing a poll about the various candidates for the 10th Congressional District.

But the pollster could not properly pronounce “Contra Costa County” or the names of the candidates, either.

Hmmm. Will that skew the results? Not sure. And we don’t know who commissioned the poll, either.

Here’s what the reader wrote:

I wonder if anyone else got called last week by a pollster that was asking about the many potential candidates to take over Ellen Tauscher’s seat, but the person who was polling me could not pronounce any of their names right, even when I corrected her.

Buchanan was pronounced Booshman and I can’t even replicate how she said Garamendi and DeSaulnier, but what really sent me over the top was that she mis-pronounced Contra Costa County!

When I challenged her, she apologized and said she just didn’t know how to say them correctly! I suspect that Buchanan may have paid for the survey because several questions related to her. The pollster said she was calling from a phone survey company in Las Vegas.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • RR

    If the pollster was stumped by “Buchanan” and “Contra Costa,” the call probably originated in India rather than Nevada.

  • Billy B.

    Or a woman’s prison in Nevada…

  • Ralph Hoffmann, Guest Columnist

    Contra Costa is, of course, a Spanish phrase, meaning opposite coast, which has different pronounciations in English and Spanish. I’m not sure what the justification of singling out Joan Buchanan is, but they seem to be gender discriminated, whether initiated by men or women. These have also appeared in the Danville Weekly comments, as well. I suppose I could run for Congress as well, or move back to Danville, or to San Ramon, and run for their Councils.

  • Elwood

    What is a guest columnist?

    Are guest columnists exempt from the relevance rule?