Jerry ‘Seinfeld’ Brown wows Realtors

Attorney General Jerry Brown

Attorney General Jerry Brown

If California Attorney General Jerry Brown loses the governor’s race, he has a budding career as a stand-up comedian.

He slayed a room full of hundreds of California Realtors gathered in Sacramento this morning for the group’s annual visit to lobby state lawmakers.

“Who knew Jerry was so funny!” they asked each other over and over again after the speech.

Among Brown’s top lines, the state’s top law enforcement officer said California has way too many laws, particularly when it comes to real estate transactions and the myriad of required disclosures.

He confessed that he did not read all of the mortgage documents when he and his wife, Anne Gust, recently bought their home in the Oakland Hills and noted that it is located in a fire zone, a slide zone and a mile away from the Hayward Fault.

“I didn’t understand (the documents) and I went to Yale Law School and I’m the Attorney General!” he said, earning a big peal of laughter from a group of people paid to explain all that stuff to their clients. “… The point is, there are too many damn laws.”

Brown also touted his successful court challenge of a provision in the state’s 1974  Fair Political Practices Act that precluded his participation as both the Oakland mayor and a downtown property owner in votes related to redevelopment in the city. Ironically, Brown helped write the act that he later challenged.

But the house, now that is well worth the pesky paperwork and the risky location, Brown said.

“I can see the Golden Gate Bridge from my shower,” he said. “I want to live there … Well, my wife wants to live there and I want to live with her.”

Ba boom.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen