Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Kenneth Blackford

    Tauscher is so insincere. She is arrogant, inaccessible and treats her constituents here in the Bay Area like “subjects” rather than citizens. She owes her new job to friendships with Hillary Clinton and Dianne Feinstein, not through her qualifications. (Come on, President Obama, is Ellen Tauscher REALLY the nation’s foremost expert on arms control & international security issues?) She is honored here in this video for her Wall Street experience, yet she did nothing to sound the alarm about the stock market bubble that has devastated her constituents’ retirement plans as her former colleagues on Wall Street have profited handsomely. Concerning her ignorance of international security issues, I suggest that the Senate review a tape of her April 19, 1997 public meeting in San Ramon in which she belittled the illegal campaign donations to the Clinton Administration from China and Indonesia as merely a “Federal Election Commission” matter, not one that merited FBI attention despite the obvious espionage and national security ramifications. That answer and that answer alone should disqualify her for the position. Her ignorance and arrogance will undermine our national security. But unfortunately the “arms cabal/military-industrial complex” that controls Washington, D.C. (and Tauscher/Feinstein) will grease the wheels to ensure her confirmation as Undersecretary of State. Is this the “change” that Obama promised when we elected Obama president? It’s simply dangerous to have Ellen Tauscher in that high position.