San Ramon adopts campaign spending limits

San Ramon Mayor Abram Wilson

San Ramon Mayor Abram Wilson

San Ramon mayoral and council candidates in the Nov. 3 election will face voluntary campaign spending limits of $33,919 or $1 per registered voter. See Contra Costa Times reporter Sophia Kazmi’s story here.

What? San Ramon has an election this year? Yep, it’s the last odd-year election holdout in Contra Costa County. The rest of the cities consolidated with even-year elections, largely because it costs less to run an election in conjunction with other entities due to cost-sharing.

Mayor Abram Wilson is up for re-election along with councilmembers Dave Hudson and Jim Livingstone.

Wilson has said he will seek re-election and he has also said he will run again for state Assembly in 2010. Wilson, a Republican, is the city’s first directly elected mayor and he has never faced significant opposition. But it  one wonders if the Democratic Party will attempt to field an opponent in the mayoral contest in an effort to weaken Wilson’s chances for success in the Assembly.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • John W

    Kudos to the SR council for the voluntary limits. Now, if we could just do something about the odd-year elections. It’s unfortunate that the voters turned down the ballot proposal to allow 1 year extensions in office for a few so that we could get things on an even-year cycle.