Hold on Tauscher’s nomination lifted

Rep. Ellen Tauscher, D-Alamo

Rep. Ellen Tauscher, D-Alamo

Arizona GOP Sen. Jon Kyl has reportedly relented and released late this afternoon the hold he had on Democratic Rep. Ellen Tauscher’s nomination as undersecretary for Arms Control and National Security. (Click here for my story set for publication on Thursday.)

It’s unclear why Kyl changed his mind. His press secretary hasn’t returned my calls.

I did hear that several of Tauscher’s biggest supporters, the powerful California sens.  Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer, lent their considerable clout to the negotiations with the junior Arizona senator.

In theory, Kyl could have held up Tauscher’s nomination indefinitely although that was unlikely. The hold is a common procedural tactic deployed by the minority party intended to make a political point or get the administration’s attention on a particular issue. The Cable, a Washington Post-owned foreign policy news site, reported on Monday evening that Kyl is concerned about the administration’s decision to pursue arms reduction treaty talks with Russia prior to the final release of the national Nuclear Posture Review.

The Senate is scheduled to recess Thursday night prior to July 4 recess and Tauscher’s nomination is one of many still in the hopper.

But if Tauscher can secure the nomination to her new job before the Senate recesss, it will be one heck of a wedding present.

She is set to marry on Saturday retired airline pilot retired Delta Airlines pilot Jim Cieslak.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Ralph Hoffmann, Guest Columnist

    Don’t feel badly Lisa. Senator Kyl’s press secretary hasn’t returned my calls either.

  • Kenneth Blackford

    Ellen Tauscher is an ignorant “social climber” who is getting this job only because she is an “FOH” (Friend of Hillary Clinton) and a friend of “Republican” Senator/war cheerleader Dianne Feinstein (who hopefully will retire in 2012). In our nation of 300 million people, is Ellen Tauscher really the person most qualified to handle nuclear weapons negotiations, anti-terrorism matters and export of sensitive technology to America’s potential enemies? I don’t feel safe with her in that position. Neither should other Americans. I suspect that Tauscher will “resign” after a couple of years in lieu of being fired by Obama for incompetence.

  • What is your source that the hold has been lifted? By your own admission, your calls to Kyl’s press secretary are unreturned. The Cable (which you linked to as a source for your story) is not reporting that the Tauscher hold has been lifted. And you’ve not linked to a single source that backs up your assertion. Just curious…

    BTW, my website was predicting the hold back in April and reporting on the Tauscher hold as of last Sunday, based on The Cable’s reporting from last Friday. Just sayin’.

  • Concerned Citizen

    I know, I know! She saw it in the entrails of an owl!

  • Lisa Vorderbrueggen


    I received confirmation of the lift on the hold from sources in several senators’ offices and sources close to Tauscher.

    As for your clearly superior reporting on this subject, my compliments.

    I had heard talk of this months ago but I could never get Kyl’s office to confirm the information. The other sources were from websites whose credentials I did not trust and my sources in D.C. were telling me the rumors were nothing more than a minor blip with no consequence.

    I had never heard of The Cable until yesterday and for some inexplicable reason, my Google alert on “Tauscher” failed to pick up the reference from The Cable’s reporting.

    I can’t wait until the the day they come up with a system by which we can connect the Internet directly to our brains.

  • John W

    The “hold” privilege is one of many Senate traditions that ought to go away.