Tauscher is confirmed

Rep. Ellen Tauscher, D-Alamo

Rep. Ellen Tauscher, D-Alamo

Rep. Ellen Tauscher, D-Alamo, was confirmed just minutes ago on the floor of the U.S. Senate as Undersecretary for Arms Control and International Security in the State Department.

Her official resignation will come in the next day or so and she is scheduled to speak on Friday morning from the floor of the House of Representatives.

After she resigns, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger will name a date for a special election to select her replacement.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Mike F

    Does this mean, we’ll have no representation for the bills (i.e., Cap and Trade, Health Care) currently under consideration?

    Now the battle for the seat becomes more pronounced. I can’t believe that I’m already seeing signs for Garamendi and Hampton in Concord, Pleasant Hill, and Walnut Creek. DeSaulnier is making the rounds to the City Councils updating them on the State budget and having booths at farmers markets making it all seem like normal biz, but come on its part of the strategy for the election. A Democrat will most likely win the job, but can we somehow not wind up with a party clone that just votes with the block. We need a real independent minded person, someone that will push back and not just buy into what is presented to them. Hopefully, we’ll get some real debates, and not some folksy talks or town hall meetings like those we see on Comcast Local Edition.