Governor sets CD10 special election date

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has set Nov. 3 as the special election date to replace former 10th Congressional District representative Ellen Tauscher.

The primary election will be held Sept. 1.

Per special election rules, the primary is an open ballot, meaning that all candidates will appear on the same ballot regardless of party affiliation. The top vote-getter in each party plus the nonpartisan candidates will advance to the general election unless one candidate receives in the primary 50 percent plus one vote. If that occurs, the candidate will win the post outright.

Contra Costa Registrar of Voters Steve Weir had requested the Nov. 3 date as it coincides with a handful of regularly scheduled elections in the county, including San Ramon mayor and city council races. Most of the county’s elections, however, occur on even years as jurisidictions consolidated elections to save money.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • steve weir

    Special vacancy elections have extremely tight timelines for candidates and for voters.

    Go to for up to date info.

    This will be a “blanket” primary, where all candidates, including independents, will appear on the Sept. 1 ballot. Anyone receiving 50% plus one wins and if that happens, no General election.

    Usually, nomination periods end 88 days before an election. In a special vacancy election, it ends 43 days before the election, which in this case, is July 20. Everything in special vacancy elections is “condensed”. Think about it, voting starts in less than two months! Actually, the first day to vote is August 3rd.

    We’re going to be in a scramble, and we’re ready for it! Technically, overseas military and civilian voters are supposed to have access to ballots (Today!)

  • Truthclubber

    Lisa V, I didn’t realize that San Ramon had a race for “mayo” — I thought they had a race for “Mayor”. Perhaps your colleague Josh Richman can do spell check for you and make sure you don’t embarrass yourself.

    BTW, we’re still waiting for you (or SOMEONE at the CoCo Times) to acknowledge that DeSaulnier got the endorsement of the CLCV…perhaps before September 1st, 2009?

  • Lisa Vorderbrueggen


    Thanks for catching my typo. We all need editors, don’t we?

    With respect to endorsements, we rarely cover them.

    I receive dozens of endorsement press releases throughout the course of elections and 99 percent of them don’t merit news coverage. They are usually predictable and my editor only wants endorsement stories that involve a highly unusual source of an endorsement or some other twist. It’s also a resource issue. if I start covering endorsements as a rule, then I’ll have to cover them all and it simply takes up too much time.

    It you disagree with that approach, feel free to contact my editor Katherine Rowlands at krowlands@bayareanewsgroup.com.

    We will include relevant endorsement details in more in-depth candidate profiles, though. I am in the process of interviewing all the candidates for these pieces, which will feature biographical material and their positions on various federal issues. I expect to run them in a series — since it appears there will be many candidates — starting the first week of August.

    As for being in the “tank” for a particular candidate, that’s utter nonsense. It serves no professional purpose and I have no personal stake in the outcome of any election. When one election is over, there’s always a winner in office to cover and another election on the horizon and another set of candidates.

    More importantly, I strive to treat all candidates fairly and with respect because that is the right way to treat people.

  • steve weir

    My web site was omitted, it’s a public site.

    go to cocovote.us for updates on info. concerning this election.

  • Mr. Weir, thanks for your service in clarifying the incredibly tight timelines in this process.

  • Lauren Unruh

    To Lisa V,

    As a local medical marijuana political activist and a victim of the illegal spying and state sponsored terrorism programs, I want to know each of these candidates positions on freedom of religion, equal treatment under the law, torture, media accountability, the FCC, CIA, FBI, ONDCP, CAMP, Drug War, and other discriminatory governmental policies carried out by this and previous administrations in the name of ‘keeping us safe’.

    I left a form with Ellen Tauscher about my own harassment and illegal spying, her staff said it was forwarded to the FBI. I would like an update on that issue as Tauscher was put in charge of the very same NSA illegal spying program I was complaining to her about.

    Congress also approved torture and media was granted an immunity when I complained about those policies to her. When congress voted to OK torture, I, an innocent United States citizen, was being tortured, that sounds like a conspiracy to me.

    I consider those acts of my Congresswoman and Congress to be treason. I would like to know how our next Congressperson is going to handle this issue before they are elected.

    I also think it is ‘amusing’ (if you like being tortured) to hear what the bar is for CCT to include endorsements as news. The editor of your paper told me right to my face that I am “not a story.”

    I am a native American religious leader with a New Age global plan to save the world.

    I picketed your office in a vain attempt to get you to cover Dianne Feinstein’s reelection race. I tried to run for this office (3X), but every time I get started on that project REALLY BAD THINGS HAPPENED TO ME, by the third time I finally got the hint.

    I called on the beginning of the New Age with ceremony (Solstice ’04) and World Religious Freedom Day (5/5/5). I am leading a global religious freedom movement (Green) online and a political reformation to end the Drug War (and all wars). I argued for gay marriage as an equal right (big win in India lately). I post in AlterNet.

    People salute me(!) and ask me for my autograph, perfect strangers tell me they want to BE like me, yet the CCT editor insists I am “not a story” – all the while pretending to cover politics. Yeah right.

    My dad came out of the closet as a gay man dying of AIDS, he was a CCT story, look it up, Gib Gray. I, his daughter and a local girl scout leader, lead a global political action project to END WAR, and I am “not a story” ?

    That doesn’t make sense to me. Is it because I am a woman?


    I think your paper is just plain prejudiced against my race and religion, that is what I think of you. Your paper is very pro alcohol and anti pot, that is an ignorant religious discrimination that dates back to the Crusades. Prove me wrong, Lisa, prove me wrong.

    I am keeping records of your pattern of discrimination against my people.

    It is a very effective organizing tool for me too and might be really useful in court against you someday. Torture does not have a statute of limitations, international law is also involved. Really, you should cover it.

    Don’t you think Native Americans should have civil rights in the United States? I do. We defend our country, pay taxes, vote and work hard, just like you white people do.

    I also think wounded soldiers should be able to sue government officials (and media people) who lied them into a fake war for profit. The damages they have suffered should give them standing. That could ruin a paper if they were involved in that conspiracy, which you are, thus your special congressional vote for immunity.

    That is why I am such a good political leader (and reporter) Lisa, besides all my hard work, training and girl scout experience, I have loads of empathy and the ability to argue in favor of the rights of the downtrodden. You don’t.

    Empathy is useful in politics, and reporting. You should try it for a change.

    I have already lived under your kind of religious discrimination my whole life, I am very motivated to finally see justice prevail. Are you going to keep trying your best to stop me?

    Because I’m documenting it and I will tell.

    Reverend Sister Lauren
    THC Ministry

  • Ralph Hoffmann, Guest Columnist

    Now, finally, as of July 1, all of those campaign signs of Garamendi and others are legal, provided they don’t violate each community’s ordinances with regard to size.

  • Ralph Hoffmann, Guest Columnist

    To Lisa,

    Regarding endorsements: I believe I was once endorsed by Sen. Barbara Boxer, which you reported on, and then I had to remove it from SmartVoter.org because her son objected for some reason or other.

  • Ralph Hoffmann, Guest Columnist

    I gather people from all over the Country are calling regarding filing for this race, as Steve’s candidate line was busy late Friday afternoon, before 5pm, with only Rosa’s reassuring recorded voice to comfort aspiring candidates. Do you think Sarah Palin resigned to run in this race? If she wins in November,
    that would mean a few more educated people would move into CA.

  • Ralph Hoffmann, Guest Columnist

    To Lauren,
    You might consider Health Reform to include a move from pharmaceutical medicine to herbal medicine and stress and pain relief from pharmaceuticals to therapeutic massage, taught at home, or in grade schools. (All are addictive)

  • Elwood

    Re: Lauren Unruh

    Help is available for your problem.

    Mighty fine rant, though.