CD10: The campaign-finance filing deadline

Today is a deadline for CD10 candidates to file campaign finance reports with the Federal Election Commission, and in a quick snapshot, Democrat John Garamendi looks like the leader in money raised and cash on hand.

As he’d promised in a news release yesterday, Garamendi filed a report saying his campaign raised $300,463.37 – $271,213.37 from individuals and $29,250 from PACs – from April 1 through June 30, and had $260,144.02 cash on hand at the end of that period (though it also had $54,762.29 in debts yet to pay).

I don’t see his report online yet, but Democrat Mark DeSaulnier issued a news release saying he has raised a total of $211,229 from more than 415 donors and has $136,509 cash on hand. He touted the fact that 70 percent of his contributions to his campaign came from donors within CD10 and Contra Costa County, while only about 5 percent of Garamendi’s contributions come from the district.

Republican David Harmer filed a report saying his campaign raised $175,131.23 in the year’s first half – $162,272.03 from individuals, $10,000 from PACs and $2,859.20 from his own pocket. He reported spending $30,566.68 and having $144,564.55 cash on hand as of June 30 with $16,993.29 in outstanding debts.

Democrat Anthony Woods filed a report saying his campaign raised $104,725.60 in the year’s first half — $101,976 from individuals, $349 from PACs and $2,400 out of his own pocket. He reported spending $39,447.46 and having $65,403.14 cash on hand as of June 30 with only $58.27 in outstanding debts.

I’ll update this post as other candidates’ information rolls in…

UPDATE @ 6:16 P.M.: Here’s DeSaulnier’s report, which matches his news release but also indicates that $156,939 of his contributions came from individuals while $54,290 came from PACs. Also, the report indicates his campaign has $77,130.85 in outstanding debts.

Democrat Joan Buchanan filed a report saying her campaign raised $63,865 from April 1 through June 30 – $50,365 from individuals and $13,500 from PACs – and loaned her own campaign $250,000. But she spent $134,418.75 in the same period, leaving her with $179,289.48 cash on hand as of June 30 with $307,659.38 in outstanding debts.

UPDATE @ 7:28 P.M.: Democrat Adriel Hampton filed a report saying his campaign raised $22,569 in the first half of this year, but only $4,928 came from individual donors and none from PACs; he has put in $17,641.02 from his own pocket. Meanwhile, the campaign spent $22,299.25, leaving $269.77 cash on hand as of June 30 with $346.82 in outstanding debts.

UPDATE @ 7:43 P.M.: A summary of the debt-free cash-on-hand (that is, cash on hand as of June 30 less outstanding debts and obligations):

    Garamendi: $205,381.73
    Harmer: $127,571.26
    Woods: $65,344.87
    DeSaulnier: $59,378.72
    Hampton: minus $77.05
    Buchanan: minus $128,369.90

Josh Richman

Josh Richman covers state and national politics for the Bay Area News Group. A New York City native, he earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Missouri and reported for the Express-Times of Easton, Pa. for five years before coming to the Oakland Tribune and ANG Newspapers in 1997. He is a frequent guest on KQED Channel 9’s “This Week in Northern California;” a proud father; an Eagle Scout; a somewhat skilled player of low-stakes poker; a rather good cook; a firm believer in the use of semicolons; and an unabashed political junkie who will never, EVER seek elected office.

  • Rich W

    It doesn’t suprise me that Garamendi’s campaign money is all coming from out of the district. He has zero local support. Just examine his Garamendi for Congress web site and look at his endorsements compared to Senator Desaulnier’s. There is no comparison, Deaulnier has almost all local elected officials supporting him, as well as Torlakson, Miller, and Tauscher (and Nancy Pelosi) I mean everybody. But Garamedi has almost nobody. A few weeks ago Garamendi made a big splash appearing before the El Cerrito Democratic club. A few days later Desaulnier’s web site was touting that all five El Cerrito councilpersons are suporting him in his run for Congress. Desaulnier has never even represented El Cerrit, not in the Assembly or the Senate! Do you think maybe El Cerito political leaders and other Contra Costa leaders think it’s just wacky and ridiculous that this lifelong central valley pol – is trying to run for Congress in Contra Costa County? I think so. Garamendi doesn’t know the local leaders, the local voters, or the local issues. He has no record in our county. Desaulnier has a record in our county, people know him, and they tust him. Desaulnier has a wealth of knowledge about local issues. That’s why, you can surmise, all the local elected officials are supporting him.

  • Snark

    Is it me, or is anyone else shocked to see the politicians from Sacramento racking up the most debt?

  • Elwood

    “Desaulnier has a record in our county”

    And a mighty fine record it is too!

    He straddled the fence until his balls wore off.

  • Kenneth Blackford

    Rich W. is mistaken when he claims, “Desaulnier has never even represented El Cerrit, not in the Assembly or the Senate!” The California Senate website says that Senator DeSaulnier’s district (No. 7) includes 100% of El Cerrito. He also represents 100% of the neighboring unincorporated community of Kensington and part of the city of Richmond.

  • Rich W

    I stand corrected Ken, thanks for seting me straight. I think all my other comments were correct though. Mark DeSaulnier is geting all the local support because people trust him. I don’t think you can trust Garamendi. I mean he campaigns for two years for Governor, then he tells all his supporters and financial backers he’s changing his mind and running for a seat in Congress in a Contra Costa dominated district, even though he’s a longtime central valley/Sacramento politician. This is just loopy. On top of that, he seems to think Contra Costa is backwater, that he can come into our county and razzle dazzle local voters with his big name. I got news for Garamendi, Contra Costa has a history of sending top notch legisaltors to DC and Sacramento (ie, Congressman George Miller, State Senator George Miller (arguably the greatest legislator ever from our county, a legend still in Sacramento 50 years after he served) Tom Torlakson, Ellen Tauscher, Danny Boatwright, Jerry Waldie – we’ve produced all these gifted politicians. Even Bill Baker, who held the CD 10 seat before Tauscher, was just super (if you like Republicans). I think State Senator DeSaulnier is in the same league with these guys. Garamendi is a hack from Sac, as in Sacramento. No way Contra
    Costa voters will send Garamendi to DC, you can’t trust him, and he doesn’t know zip about our county.

  • Marie

    DeSalnier’s being endorsed by “almost all local elected officials” (politicians) is not necessarily a good thing in these times.That’s not to say he wouldn’t be efffective in DC, I’m just sayin’….

  • Luke Easdale

    Joan Buchanan leads all candidates for the September 1st Special Congressional election with $313,000 raised as of 6/30. She reports a substantial $178,000 cash on hand. She clearly made a decision to run hard from day 1 and that’s what this report reflects — a campaign that is fully staffed to reach voters in every community. And a campaign that will be fully funded to win. I also received an email that supporters of Joan Buchanan are hosting over a dozen fundraising events in the next three weeks suggesting that her capacity to raise more money is substantial.

  • Arne Simonsen

    Rich W, you are so wrong about Garamendi. During my time on the Antioch City Council (2000-2008) I worked with John on numerous issues and you can be assured that he knows more than DeSaulnier about Antioch!

    Don’t get me wrong, I disagree with several of Garamendi’s political positions, but there are fewer of them with John than I have with Mark.

    As for endorsements from local elected officials at the City level, those endorsements are from Democrats that are hedging their bets (most have either worked for Mark, want to seek the upcoming Assembly vacancy and are afraid of the labor unions – whose financial help they will need, even for their own reelection to city councils).

  • Elwood

    What Arne said.

    Rich W? The truth is not in him.

  • Rich W

    Arne, Garamendi has run for governor four times, and never come close to winning. He was an up and coming politician 25 years ago, but his career is seriously on the wane. When you run four failed campaigns for governor – he also ran a failed campaign for State Controller – you become a kind of Harold Stassen figure, nobody takes you serious anymore. Garamendi reminds me of Sam Yorty, the longtime hack Mayor of LA. Yorty, as I remember it, was constantly running for office. He used to campaign in a car he tricked out with signs, called the “Yortymobile”. While Yorty was well known, he wasn’t respected. That’s where Garamendi is at – he is well known, but not respected. That’s why he hasn’t been able to get the support of a lot of powerful local politicians. They know the score, they consider Garamendi to be something of a joke. I mean he campaigns in cowboy outfits – the full John Wayne get -up. While Yorty had the ‘Yortymobile’, Garamendi has his cowboy costume.

  • Marie

    What Arne said!

  • Rich W

    In running for this seat Garamendi is bucking Congressman George Miller, who is a good friend of DeSaulnier’s. This is significant because Miller has power in DC like you wouldn’t believe (even more power than his Dad has in Sacramento in the 60’s). If elected I don’t think Garamendi will win – but presuming he does – it will take him five years to get out of Miller’s doghouse, and Nancy Pelosi’s. He will get some obscure powerless committee – and other Democratic bigwigs will shun him like he has bubonic plague, I mean Miller has power and influence in DC that Garamendi doesn’t seem to understand. That’s not going to be good for Contra Costa.

    , because he’pissed off a lot of powerful people (including Nancy Pelosi). From the perspective of Contra Costa, it’s in our counties best interest to send DeSaulnier to DC. He will get a good committee, Miller will see to that. Miller and Pe

  • Rich W

    To be fair, I should say the fact that Garamendi campaigns in full cowboy regalia could help him make friends in the Texas delegation in Congress, should he be elected. On the other hand, I don’t think the average voter in CD 10 cities like El Cerrito, Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Moraga, and so forth would be caught dead in a cowboy costume, except on Halloween. I mean Garamendi is just such a poor fit for this district, the district is urban, the district has all these urban problems that require working together collectively. Garamendi’s John Wayne persona, carefully crafted over the years by hius consultants, just won’t fly in CD 10. Not in my view.

  • Marie

    I have not decided who I will vote for BUT one issue I have with DeSaulnier is he is beholding to the unions. I have heard him speak at different events and he seems to bow to them (becasue they have lots of $$?). Unions represent less than 8% of the workers in the US yet they bankroll many politicians (including DeSaulnier). There is something wrong with that.

  • Elwood

    “If elected I don’t think Garamendi will win” –Rich W



    DeSaulnier (the recent Republican) Miller and Pelosi are all Democrat hacks.

    Exactly what we don’t need any more of.

    The hacks and their useful idiots (hello Rich W) don’t like Garamendi because he’s not one of them.