CD10 special election attracts 14 candidates

Fourteen Thirteen people have filed to run in the Sept. 1 special primary election in the 10th Congressional District to replace Ellen Tauscher. (UPDATE 6:24 P.M. Just received an updated list from the clerk’s office with a 14th candidate, Republican Mark Loos of Livermore.)

The deadline to submit nomination papers and pay the $1,740 filing fee was at 5 p.m. today.

The top vote-getter in each party will advance to the Nov. 3 election unless one candidate receives 50 percent plus 1 vote in the primary. (An outright win in the primary is unlikely given the large number of candidates.)

It’s also a blanket primary, which means that all candidates regardless of party will appear on the same ballot and all voters regardless of partisan affiliation can vote for any candidate.

Here is the candidate list along with the candidates’ ballot designations, city of residence and web sites, if they have them:


(1) Assemblywoman Joan Buchanan of Alamo – www.joanbuchanan.com

(2) State Sen. Mark DeSaulnier of Concord – www.markdesaulnierforcongress.com

(3) Lt. Governor and rancher John Garamendi of Walnut Grove – www.garamendi.org

(4) Adriel Hampton, an investigator from Dublin – adrielhampton.com

(5) Anthony Woods, an economic policy analyst of Fairfield – www.anthonywoodsforcongress.com


(6) Chris Bunch, a small business owner of Fairfield – www.bunch4congress.com

(7) Gary Clift, retired law enforcement officer from Vacaville – www.cliftforcongress.com

(8) David Harmer, an independent businessman of Dougherty Valley – www.harmerforcongress.com

(9) David Peterson, accountability system owner of Walnut Creek (no web site but here is an email address:  peterson4congress@astound.net)

(10) John Toth, a Pleasant Hill physician – www.johntothforcongress.com

(11) Mark Loos, a small business owner from Livermore (this link is now working; there is no www in the URL) – http://loosforchange.com/


(12) Jeremy Cloward, community college professor of Pleasant Hill – www.jeremycloward.com


(13) Mary McIlroy, an El Cerrito office worker – www.peaceandfreedom.org/home/mcilroy-for-congress


(14) Jerome Denham, insurance agent of Walnut Creek – www.freedomcoalition.com (The web site is not labeled as a Congressional candidate page but the Freedom Coalition of Walnut Creek and Denham have the same phone number. )

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • bjd

    What makes people wake up day and run for congress?

  • bjd

    one day* -sorry

  • Ralph Hoffmann, Guest Columnist

    Welcome back from vacation on this momentus day:
    1. The 40th anniversary of the day Dr. Neil Armstrong, and former Air Force Colonel (Now Dr.) “Buzz” Aldrin walked on the moon (see his “tell all” autobiography).
    2. The last day for filing for Congress, District 10, as a Party Candidate.
    3. The day the “Big 5” in the State Legislature got back together again to work on a budget.
    4. The day the BART Management and 2 Unions came back to the bargaining table.
    5. The day before the CCC Board of Supervisors Meeting.

  • Brian Dawson, Guest Pirate

    I love you Ralph.

    But back to the subject at hand, how can you win a congressional race without a working website?

  • Roy Banks

    The link for Gary Clift is his email instead of his website and the link for Mark Loos and Jeremy Cloward go to a page on this website that doesn’t work.

    Also I think Jerome Denham’s link is wrong too because the site it goes to doesn’t mention him anywhere. Maybe you meant the American Independent Party site?

  • Rich

    As a supermarket checker I recall Deaulnier led the fight in CoCo County to keep these Wal Mart supercenters out of the county. These stores – as big as ten football fields are an enviromental disaster for any neighborhood that get’s stuck with one. They throw all the unionized checkers at Safeway out of work, and they put small business owners out of business too. On top of that, many of Wal Mart’s 8 buck an hour employees get thier health care at the county hospital – on the public dime, as Desaulnier knew (he was then a Supervisor). Desaulnier stood up to this corporate giant. He was standing up for unionized supermarket checkers, small bussiness people, and trying to protect the enviroment. He’s a fighter for the little guy, for middle class people. He wants to save good paying jobs, see that working people get health care. Go Mark!

  • Lisa Vorderbrueggen

    I’ll check out the links again.

    lisa v.

  • Lisa Vorderbrueggen

    I fixed the Cloward link. It had an extra space in it.

    Peterson has no web site listed, so I included his email address.

    Jerome Denham’s web site, Freedom Coalition, is not a standard Congressional candidate page but the phone number on the page and the phone number he lists on his nomination paperwork at the same.

    And the Mark Loos link appears not to be working although he lists it on his nomination paperwork. I tried to Google him and find it but it may not be live yet. I will be calling all the candidates and setting up interviews so I will try and find out what’s going on with his link.

    Lisa v.

  • Arne Simonsen

    Rich, Mark was on the wrong side of the ballot measure on “Big Box” stores and the voters defeated it!

    Last time I checked, the old Ford plant in Richmond was the size of several football fields. So what’s the difference? (I know, you’re going to say that the old Ford plant was okay because it was unionized – I get it)

  • Roy Banks

    All the links look good now except the cliftforcongress one for Gary Clift is still his email.

  • Rich

    No Wal Mart Supercenters have been built in CoCo county, that I’m aware of. Wal Mart is now offering health care to thier employees, and they came up with this four dollar perscription plan – they are offering consumers cheap perscriptions (for some drugs). The reason? Courageous political leaders – like Mark Desaulnier – who have been standing up to this corporate behemoth. They have gotten the message.
    Look at what these unregulated corporate giants – the banks, these insurance companies, these big mortgage outfits – have done to our economy. Almost a depression. These outfits ran wild in the Bush era – that’s why the Democrats are running the show now. Mark DeSaulnier is the kind of political leader who has the courage to stick up to these corporate giants when they are not acting responsible. He’s for working people, for protecting the small business person. He wants to grow the middle class, that’s why I’m supporting him for the CD 10 seat.

  • Lisa Vorderbrueggen

    Thanks for catching the Clift link. I needed to look at the entry in HTML format rather than visual in order to see that it had the email address embedded. It’s fixed.

  • Elwood

    “Courageous political leaders – like Mark Desaulnier” –Rich

    Marky Mark made himself a eunuch by straddling the fence for so long on so many issues.

    Up until just a few years ago he thought he was a Republican.

    Rich you neglected to point out that the financial fiasco occurred after the dimmiecrats took over the Congress. Dimmiecrats told the institutions you mention that they would loan money to anyone and ability to repay would no longer be a criterion.

    And don’t forget to include the dimmiecrat catch phrase “working families” in your future love poems to Marky Mark.