CD10: Williamson steps off stage but still in the wings

Marianne Williamson

Marianne Williamson

After numerous local appearances that spawned considerable speculation, New York Times best-selling author and Oprah spiritual adviser Marianne Williamson of Hollywood says she will not run in the Sept. 1 Congressional District 10 special election.

In a note to her supporters this afternoon, Williamson said she felt there was not enough time to wage a successful campaign. But don’t remove her from your candidate lists just yet; she also says she will retain her exploratory committee with the idea that she could run for the seat in the regularly scheduled 2010 election. (FYI, the individual who wins the special election this year will have to immediately turn around and run for re-election in the regularly scheduled June 2010 election.)

Williamson sent out this note to her supporters this afternoon:

Dear Friends,

Over the last few weeks, I explored the idea of running in District 10’s special Congressional election.

I can honestly say this was one of the most moving experiences of my life.

I’ve become convinced, as never before, that America is ready for a new kind of politics – a “whole person” politics that calls on more than a narrow swathe of left brain thinking…that inspires our wisdom, our love, and most particularly our vital participation. I have witnessed what I see as the awakening spirit of American democracy, as person after person has relayed to me their hopeĀ — after sometimes never having thought it possible — that politics could be something authentic and truly meaningful in their lives.

In the final analysis, I didn’t feel that in the time left before the election I could wage a campaign worthy of the energy people were willing to put into it. While I am therefore not a candidate in the special election, I am retaining my Exploratory Committee status with an eye toward the regularly scheduled mid-term elections in 2010.

I have truly enjoyed being with you, and look forward to a deep and lasting relationship to your community. The word “politics” comes from a Latin root that means “of the people.” The politics that matters most is the connection we have among ourselves, and I hope to experience that connection in various ways in the months to come. I will not forget the kindness and support that you extended to me over the last few weeks.
With gratitude and all best wishes,

Marianne Williamson

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Arne Simonsen

    Like she ever had a chance! We don’t need someone from LaLa Land representing CD-10!

  • Steve Bloom

    Apparently she’ll be running as an independent, not a Democrat. I wonder if she knows.

    “8001. (a) No declaration of candidacy for a partisan office or for membership on a county central committee shall be filed, by a candidate unless (1) at the time of presentation of the declaration and continuously for not less than three months immediately prior to that time, or for as long as he has been eligible to register to vote in the state, the candidate is shown by his affidavit of registration to be affiliated with the political party the nomination of which he seeks, and (2) the candidate has not been registered as affiliated with a qualified political party other than that political party the nomination of which he seeks within 12 months, or, in the case of an election governed by Chapter 1 (commencing with Section 10700) of Part 6 of Division 10, within three months immediately prior to the filing of the declaration.”

  • Steve Bloom

    Also, Lisa, you say “of Hollywood.” So she doesn’t even live in or near the district?

  • Lisa Vorderbrueggen


    Yes, she lives in Hollywood. She has reportedly told people at local events that she knows the issues and can learn the geography. There is no legal requirement that you live in a congressional district, only that you are a resident of the state.

    Steve Weir told me that Williamson registered as a Democrat in June, so she could, if she remains a Democrat, run as a Democrat in the June 2010 primary. We’ll see if she follows through with any of this!

  • Steve Bloom

    Steve said a June registration was OK under these circumstances? That’s odd, since the code section I quoted seems very clear that the 12 month period dates from the declaration deadline, not election day.

    Re her residency, of course that’s not necessarily fatal, but it would be far more often than not, and failing to move to CD 10 soon even while anticipating a candidacy next year would, I think, be the coup de grace.