CD10: DeSaulnier releases first TV ad of campaign

Democrat state Sen. Mark DeSaulnier has released the first television ad of the 10th Congressional District campaign. (Watch below.)

The warm and fuzzy ad focuses on health care. DeSaulnier promises to work with President Obama to make health insurance affordable and accessible to everyone and lower costs to small businesses.

DeSaulnier campaign manager Katie Merrill says the ad will start running on cable throughout District 10 starting tomorrow.

She described the cost of the buy as “robust.” We’ll have to wait until the next Federal Election Commission filing date to learn the precise dollar amount.

Read more for the DeSaulnier press release and a text of the ad.

WALNUT CREEK – The Mark DeSaulnier for Congress campaign released its first TV ad of the congressional race today.  The ad touts DeSaulnier’s focus on passing universal health care when he is in Congress, making health care more affordable and accessible for all Americans.  See ad here. DeSaulnier is the first candidate in the congressional race to go up on television.

“As special interests spend millions of dollars trying to derail President Obama’s health care reform this summer, I am campaigning on fighting those special interests and working with President Obama to pass health care reform when I am in Congress,” said DeSaulnier.  “I have spent my career working to increase access to health care services for the residents of the 10th Congressional District, and I will continue that work in Washington D.C.”

DeSaulnier has a long record of working to increase access to quality health care.  As a county supervisor, he introduced a women’s health program that included the construction of five new Women’s Health Centers to serve the health care needs of all women.  He was also the deciding vote to save the county hospital when it was threatened with closure that would have denied thousands of residents access to health care.

In the legislature, he co-authored bills to establish a single-payer health care system in California and to expand coverage for all Californians.  In addition, he served as a member of the Speaker’s Health Care Reform Working Group and introduced 10 health related bills in topics ranging from smoking to drug abuse to disease prevention.

The script of the ad “Get Real” is as follows:


Health care for all.  It’s time to get real.

Mark DeSaulnier is running for Congress to make health care affordable for everyone.

He’ll work with President Obama to hold down medical costs.

No higher rates for pre-existing conditions and lower rates for small business and individuals.

Mark DeSaulnier – a leader on health care in the state legislature.

Ready to do what’s right.

The ad starts running tomorrow on cable television throughout the 10th congressional district.

DeSaulnier, a Democrat, has been endorsed by former Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher, Congressman George Miller, Assemblyman Tom Torlakson, and over a dozen local labor unions and over two dozen local elected officials.

DeSaulnier is a candidate for former Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher’s seat in the 10th Congressional District.  Tauscher retired from Congress in June.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Elwood

    What a load of crap!

    Did you know that he also protected us from meteorites and is kind to puppies?

  • John W

    Anthony Woods was on Bill Maher’s HBO show Friday. Not sure if that gets him any votes, but it’s free exposure.

  • John W

    If you’re a Democrat (I am), the best you can say about the leading wannabes to fill Tauscher’s shoes is that they provide a vote in the “D” column for legislation. I suspect Buchannan will regret her decision to run. She shouldn’t count on re-election to the Assembly seat as a fallback position.

  • Arne Simonsen

    I have to agree with the comments so far. Mark left the County & State in bad fiscal shape with giving over-generous benefits to public employees – and now he wants to do the same at the federal level – I think not!

  • Allen Payton

    And a chicken in every pot and a free car in every garage.
    It’s always easy to get something when you don’t have to pay for it.
    Let’s see Obama prove it with Medicare and Medicaid, first.
    The best place for Mark or anyone to deal with health care and health insurance is at the STATE level, which is where the power is given according to the 10th Amendment to the Constitution.

  • Luke

    This to me just seems like more talk. It’s easy to run an ad on TV that says you care about healthcare policy, but what about actually taking the steps to fix the problem. The only candidate that I have seen in this race who is really doing things is Joan Buchanan. She has toured all over the district this month talking to small business owners about how they are doing in the economy. I spoke to a few people who attended one of her visits and they said she laid out a concrete plan to fix the economy and help small business owners. To, me Joan’s Tour carries more weight than Mark’s TV ad.

  • John W

    Was DeSaulnier on the BOS when they gave away the store on retiree health care benefits, or was that before his time?

  • Arne Simonsen

    John, Mark was in the thick of it at the BOS!

  • Elwood

    “Was DeSaulnier on the BOS when they gave away the store on retiree health care benefits, or was that before his time?”

    I’m not sure about that particular issue, but giving away the store to public employee unions has always been a specialty of Marky Mark.

    And boy are they grateful! Just look at his list of contributors.

  • Rich

    State Senator Mark DeSaulnier has the support of Congressman George Miller, Assembly Tom Torlakson, Ellen Tauscher, Dan Boatwright – the list goes on and on. On top of that, he has the rank and file members of local labor unions supporting his candidacy, as well as numerous local elected officials. This massive support he is geting has been earned, he’s a thoughtful, progressive Democrat who also is careful with the public dollar. Garamendi is a central Valley politician, he has zero ties to this district – and virtually no local support. I think CD 10 voters will elect DeSaulnier, he’s the best possible candidate to send to Washington. We need a Congressman who is going to be effective, right away, and Mark’s that guy. Go Mark!

  • Elwood

    “We need a Congressman who is going to be effective, right away,”

    The only thing Marky Mark has been effective at is kissing up to the public employee unions and straddling the fence until he became a eunuch.

    That’s not my definition of effective.

    P.S. He’s kind to puppies!

  • REW

    Congressman George Miller was one of the first to endorse State Senator Mark DeSaulnier for the CD 10 seat. Miller is one of the most powerful members of the house. If DeSaulnier is elected Miller will take him under his wing, which will be great for CD 10 voters. CD voters deserve thier fair share of the stimulus money targeted for local jobs. We need to put those CD 10 voters out of work, back to work. Electing John Garamendi, a long time central valley politician with zero ties to the district – or George Miller for that matter – will be bad for Contra Costa County.

  • Mike F.

    Wow, I can’t believe the “Rah Rah” drivel for DeSaulnier on here; no content at all. Vote for him because he’ll bring stimulus and has support from unions. George Miller is his buddy. These are not reason to vote for someone. We need job creation, not job destruction. Look at the NUMMI story on here. Giving larger retirement benefits to public employees does not create jobs – it robs wealth from those that could create jobs. We need to support Bay Area (esp. Contra Costa) businesses and give them our support when they want to create jobs, not twist their arms or put up costly conditions or taxes. These candidates need to tell us how they’ll bring more jobs here, not just support the current Machine politics.

  • 74% of the $850,000 raised for Senator Desaulnier’s election came from Sacramento. Sacramento is NOT in the seventh Senate district. People in the seventh senate district now know why their voices and concerns are not hear on legislation in the California State Senate.
    Pass the word along!