Former GOP spokesman launches ‘cowboy’ blog

Patrick Dorinson

Patrick Dorinson

Former California Republican Party spokesman Patrick Dorinson has started a new blog, the Cowboy Libertarian.

Check it out.

Patrick is a reliable source of common sense — and a sense of humor — at a time when both are in perilously short supply on so many fronts.

Here’s a snippet of what he wrote on Saturday, the National Day of the American Cowboy:

Given where this country finds itself today, we could sure use a few more cowboys.

And there is a little of the cowboy in us all no matter where we hail from.

It is my hope that this blog will reach the cowboy in all of us and during these hard times we can remember that the important things in life are not how many things we acquire, but that we live a good life, take care of our families and remember that fixing this country is our responsibility not the government’s.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen