HalfwaytoConcord says GOP ‘can’t stand’ CCT reporter



I’m shocked, just shocked. A poster over at HalfwaytoConcord.com says the Republicans in Contra Costa County don’t like me and cannot fathom why the party invited me to speak at a GOP bootcamp for candidates on how to manage the media.

Hey, get in line. Lots of people don’t like me.

But I’m okay with that. My husband likes me. My children like me. My grandchildren like me. And my cat likes me … most of the time.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • John W

    Their idea of “fair and balanced” in your paper is Thomas Sowell. It’s the “with us or against us” mentality. Unless you advocate eliminating all taxes, think health care is a communist plot, and question Obama’s birth certificate, you are obviously part of the ultra-liberal mainstream media (like mainstream is a bad thing). Take heart. Many of us outside your immediate family like you bunches. To be honest, I’ve got my guess about your personal political leanings, but I’ve never seen anything in your reporting to confirm it. To me, you are the ever-skeptical reporter who relishes uncovering the good, bad and ugly, regardless of party.

  • Lisa Vorderbrueggen

    I was not fishing for compliments but thank you!

  • Arne Simonsen

    Lisa, nothing could be further from the truth! But I could imagine which unhappy CCRP members might say things like that. As far as I and the majority of the CCRP are concerned, you are always welcome!

    And John, yes Lisa is a hard one to figure out where she stands on things, but I will tell you this – Lisa does her job as a columnist very well which is why people take “pot shots” (or even toss soda pop) at her!

  • Patty O’Day

    I agree Arne. Lisa has been asked to appear at at least 3 local Contra Costa Area Republican events that I know of. I believe she was well received every time.

    I personally had a minor clash with her a few years ago when I did not like something she was writing about, so I have been reading her articles and this blog religiously since then. I now find her to be even handed and fair and balanced. She doesn’t seem to agree with me on too many things, but I think she reports things in a fair way, and that is all I can ask.

  • Robin Torello


    I like you! Those mean Republicans! They probably kick they’re dogs too!

  • Mike F.

    C’mon give us a real story to comment upon.

  • I did not realize that particular comment by the author in the context of the entire article would have created such a stir in such black hearts.

    As I read it, the poorly veiled insult by the author of the post, Renegade Republican, was not directed toward Ms Vorderbrueggen, but at the Jurassic Park comprising GOP leadership that laughably attempts to rally voters with hazy, anachronistic remembrances of electoral glories from the 1980s.

    Sorry. It’s not about you , Lisa.

    Rather, it’s pathetic to watch as true believers suck up to you now to “defend” your honor instead of understand the true import of the statement.

  • bjd

    “Why Lisa Vorderbruggen would want to address this crowd beats me because they cannot stand her.”

    The comment is very specific and not really open for interpretation unless one, like Mr. Gram-Reefer, is trying to justify insulting and counter-productive rhetoric.

    Maybe in the future, the writers of Halfway to concord will be more specific of the points they are trying to make. Innuendo, assumption, accusation, and fact-less witch hunts are not news, a perfect example of why Halfwaytoconcord.com is not a valid news source, more of a political gossip rag.

    Mr. Gram-Reefer, if people aren’t getting your writers point it may not be the fault of the reader, but rather the writer.

  • Thanks for making my point, and for the editorial tips!

  • Ralph Hoffmann, Guest Columnist

    Lisa, I left the CC GOP in 2008, because I heard that they didn’t like you. I like you, even if you don’t like me! 🙂

  • Common Tater

    Cats are discerning, intelligent creatures who can spot a phony a furlong away. If your cat likes you (most of the time) then I like you. In fact, I like you more than I like my own cat.

    And I am a Republican with a capital arrrr!

  • Elwood

    Kiko is far and away the best looking creature to appear in this blog!

  • Allen Payton

    Talk about fishing for compliments! LOL
    We LOVE you, Lisa. 🙂
    I’m sure you’re going to be there because they’re paying you the big bucks. Right!
    Seriously, I hope the campaign school helps a new generation of Republican candidates and key volunteers win in the future.
    The CCRP should do this every year.
    Kudos to Darcy Linn and the others for putting this together. It’s the kind of thing – recruiting & training candidates, voter registration & building a precinct organization – that the Central Committee should be about.
    OK, next issue.

  • Rich

    Republicans are in a sour mood these days, the party has become a joke in California. Lisa is getting the brunt of thier wrath, they blame political reporters for the sorry state of thier party. The Republican party is in shambles – that’s true, but not because of political reporters. The Republican party was vibrant and strong in the 60’s. They used to have that great moderate wing in the 60’s, led by Houston Flournoy, Bill Bagley, etc. Those were the salad days for the party. Sadly, the party is now full of all these arch right wingers/ cro-magnon types, the fringe element. These tree swingwers scare off moderate Democrats and independents who might support a Republican.

  • Arne Simonsen

    Rich, you’ve painted all Republicans with too broad a brush. We could all say the same thing about the Democrats, particularly those elected Democrats in Sacramento who can’t keep from spending more than they take in.

    I know both of Flourney’s kids and I can tell you, they are still Republicans to this very day!

  • bjd

    Oh Arne, the “broad” brush is the biggest tool of current republicans, even on this blog, all democrats or left leaners are this and that. Just read halfwaytoconcord.

  • Elwood

    Let’s have more pictures of Kiko!

  • Lisa Vorderbrueggen

    Bill, I wasn’t taking the post personally nor was I seeking compliments.

    I tried to use a humorous approach to link to an entry that I found interesting at a time when I desperately sought something quick and easy to feed the beast that is this blog.

    And yes, frankly, if it’s not about me, then do I really care? (LOL)

  • Troublemaker


    I got a kick out of Bill’s comment; “Sorry. It’s not about you, Lisa.”

    Actually for once he is “halfway” right.

    Bill and his website are such a joke, that no one would really take any of the commentary posted there seriously. The poor guy just cannot help himself.

    His site is merely of a source of foolish entertainment, similar to the ridiculous tales found in the National Enquirer.

    I cannot think of a single person that has anything good to say about the halfwaytoconcord site or BGR himself. That is what happens when you only allow hate and rhetoric that suits a transparent agenda.

    So Lisa, think about it. It is not about you at all. It is about the ugly, hypocritical and often recycled commentary that is a staple of the site.

    I am sure you did not lose a wink of sleep over it. And the rest of us found it amusing fiction as always.

    p.s. Bill, as for your other two preemptive comments, none of us need to “defend” Lisa. She is more than capable of defending herself. Pathetic?
    “Pathetic” is a word I would reserve for none other than your halfway site. Besides you are way out of your league here.

  • Wow. Troublemaker, your radiated sarcasm and contempt just lit up the sky. I’ll take it as a compliment that I am so in your head.

    Additionally, my 8800+ documented monthly unique visitors will find your commentary extraordinarily entertaining. Let us know when you ever muster even an audience of 2 on your own.

    It’s a pity no one can say a good word about you. Perhaps you can come out from behind Lisa’s skirt.

  • Troublemaker


    You are so predictable! I never said people did not visit your site. I commented on common opinion of your site. Your tactical word twisting has long lost its effect.

    There are always going to be people that like to look in and watch the freak show you provide, but that was not my point.

    You remain the narcissist and just like I said, you just can’t help yourself.

    Good luck with those fictional scenarios’s you continue to substitute for reality. Apparently it boosts your self image? Now that is entertainment your “8800 documented monthly unique visitors” will surely recognize.

    And you thought we were laughing “with” you…

  • BJD

    Bill Gram-Reefer continues to never let us down. If you ever need to remember what arrogance and ignorance looks like, just read posts by Mr. Gram-Reefer.

    Isn’t this the guy who came in last in his own party? Pathetic.

    your 8800 just proves the east bay area contains a rather large population of the lowest common denominator.

  • Tommy

    BGR, your blog is like a car accident with casualties. People know it’s not appropriate to rubber neck, but they just can’t help themselves.

    Maybe a changeup in the kool-aid flavor over there will kick start things for ya.

  • BJD

    I’m just curious why a man, who got about 2% of the vote, from his own party, would brag about his viewer total.

    Take the number of viewers minus the number of votes and about 6,800 viewers decided not to vote for Mr. BGR, giving him an approval rating sitting in the mid-20’s, almost as low as GWB.

    Congrats BGR!

  • BGR

    Thanks to Tommy, Troublemaker, and BJD for all the free publicity you generate for Halfway To Concord.

    I could not buy better advertising!

    Your childish personal attacks and unhinged criticisms are especially effective for building new readership.

    Once again, you are so pwned.

    I love you guys; take care!


  • BJD


    All your base are belong to us!

  • Troublemaker


    It took you that long to develop a retort? “Childish personal attacks and unhinged criticisms” is a spot on depiction of your site and your personal M.O. Nothing new there.

    You can surely dish it out but apparently you cannot take it. This comes as no real surprise either.

    Deflecting your own shortcomings onto others is nothing more than low level hypocrisy.

    Nice try, but don’t flatter yourself. You are simply reinforcing the point.