Antioch official blasts DeSaulnier, strips endorsement

Antioch Councilman Brian Kalinowski

Antioch Councilman Brian Kalinowski

Antioch Councilman Brian Kalinowski delivered a scathing indictment of state Sen. Mark DeSaulnier and Assemblyman Tom Torlakson in the moments following city’s vote Tuesday night to cut another $500,000 from its budget. The cuts were necessary after the Legislature swiped local government dollars to close its own gaping budget deficit.

Click here to watch Kalinowski’s statements on the city’s website by scrolling to 2:50:54 into the meeting.)

But here’s a portion of Kalinowski’s statement:

“Some of our elected voted no on certain piecemeal items to (express) their dissatisfaction with certain actions. But true leadership come in the form of civil disobedience to the point where you ensure that a budget that is flawed from day one doesn’t go forward …

This staff, on the backs of the employees and to the detriment of the citizens it serves, addressed the (city’s) budget shortfall to the tune of $500,000 while our friends — or people we thought were our friends — voted us down the river and did us no favors …
I am livid at Sen. DeSaulnier, whom I pulled my support from for Congress, and Assemblyman Torlakson, who has been absent in his representation of this city … and that is where it stops. If that puts me on the outside of partisan politics, so be it. But at the end of day with an heavy heart, we continue to dismiss employees in this city and do a disservice to the residents of this community. It’s time for Sacramento to stand up and grow up.”

On the 28 30 budget bills up for a vote in the Senate on July 24, DeSaulnier voted no on 11 12 and yes on the other 1718. In the Assembly, Torlakson supported 22 of the 25 budget bills he voted on. (As a congressional candidate, DeSaulnier was clearly given more latitude to vote no at a time when Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg desperately needed support in order to pass a state budget.)

Is this the unofficial start of Kalinowski’s run for the Legislature? Could be. He has often expressed interest in running for the Assembly.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen