Republicans featured on Garamendi mailer

Is it a mistake or bipartisanship? You decide.

A California Labor Federation mailer touting the attributes of 10th Congressional District candidate John Garamendi — whose slogan is “Proven Democrat” — features a color picture of the lieutenant governor talking with Contra Costa Republican Party activists Arne Simonsen and Kay Power.

Before Republicans start lobbing rocks at Simonsen for allowing the use of his face in a pro-Garamendi piece, no one asked Simonsen’s permission. (As you might imagine, the campaign of GOP candidate David Harmer has already asked.)

Its unclear if the Labor Federation knew the identities of the people in the photo. (I emailed the federation’s spokesman late Friday but haven’t heard back yet.) Simonsen says the photo was taken prior to Antioch’s July 4 parade as folks talked with Garamendi about Delta issues.

Simonsen isn’t raising a fuss about it, though. He thinks it’s funny. Here’s what he said about it via email:

“Funny. George Miller sent out an email when I used a picture of him presenting me with a certificate from Congress for my work with Habitat for Humanity (even though I said nothing about him endorsing me). Your friend Greg Feere (Contra Costa Building Trades director) made him put it out, from what I have been told.  And now the California Labor Federation puts out a large 4-page mailer for Garamendi with a side view of me and the back of Republican Kay Power when we were speaking to him about Delta issues before the start of the Antioch 4th of July Parade.

“Hum, I wonder if I should send John the same email George sent me? Naw, I’m bigger than that. And besides, amongst the Democrats, I’d rather see Garamendi become their candidate for the November election.”

The mailer was one of several the California Labor Federation sent to its members recommending 10th District voters choose Garamendi, its endorsed candidate for the 10th District.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Arne Simonsen

    Yep, it looks like the California labor Federation took a page from my “play book”. Normally my picture hangs on the wall in the union halls to toss darts at 🙂

    There is a second mailer from the California Labor Federation with Garamendi speaking on the Capitol steps at the “Save the Delta” rally with Republican Sacramento Supervisor Don Nottali and Republican Contra Costa Supervisor Mary Piepho standing behind him. Of course, neither has endorsed John either.

    But of the Democrat candidates for CD-10, John has been the only one to speak out strongly in protecting the Delta and opposing any peripheral canal.

  • EGReps

    Don Notolli is not a Republican. Never has been never will be.

  • Rich

    It would be a disaster for CD 10 voters if Garamendi is elected. The first thing he will do is start running for US Senate. He’s a perenial candidate for statewide office, so you know he will be an absentee Congressman, if elected. CD-10 voters need a Congressman that’s around all the time tending to constituents, not an absentee Congressman who spends all his time hanging around LA trying to drum up votes and campaign contributions for another statwide run, which is what they will get if Garamendi is elected. For this reason – along with many others – I’m supporting State Senator Mark DeSaulnier. He’s a fighter for working people and he will be attentive to the needs of CD voters, like health care reform, and dealing with this horrific high unemployment were experiencing. CD 10 voters don’t need Garamendi, he’s a hack from Sac, as in Sacramento, and all he cares about is his own personal political ambitions.

  • Allen Payton

    Arne, one correction, Garamendi leaves open the option for a new peripheral canal in his position on the delta.
    Here’s the statement from his website:
    “Any discussion of a peripheral canal must follow a solid guarantee that protects the Delta economy and the terrestrial and aquatic environment of the Delta. The battle cry in the 1982 peripheral canal fight was “Policy before Plumbing.” To this date no solid lasting public policy is in place to guarantee both goals of the Delta Visioning Commission. Therefore the canal should not be part of any legislation.”

    That’s not a solid “no peripheral canal”.

  • Allen Payton

    As for the flyer, what it tells me is if Garamendi and his people truly knew the district, they wouldn’t have used that photo of the leading anti-union Antioch City Council member in recent history.

  • Allen Payton

    As for Sacto Co Supervisor Notolli, he’s a Democrat, as are Supes Dickinson & Yee. Peters & MacGlashan are Republicans. Don’t know if Notolli has endorsed Garamendi, though, since he’s not on the list on Garamendi’s website.
    The one Republican I do see on the list is Antioch Mayor Jim Davis, who told me he was endorsing Garamendi, which I found pretty surprising.

  • Elwood

    Well, here’s the usual pathetic I love Marky Mark whining from Rich. Hey Rich, when was the last time you had a new idea? Hint: you forgot “working families” in your repetitive rant. Try to read the talking points more carefully and be sure to include each one in every post!

    Rich, maybe you can get a job in Marky Mark’s new restaurant. Your relationship with him is true love!

    Allen, who’s your dog in this fight? “I hate the Peripheral Canal” is no longer enough to get you elected in CD 10. If it was, why don’t we hear Marky Mark chanting this mantra over and over?

    Sorry, fellas, it’s all over.

    Repeat after me: Congressman Garamendi! Congressman Garamendi!

    And de Nile is still a river in Egypt!

  • Allen Payton

    Elwood, et al,
    Mark stated clearly at last Tuesday night’s candidates forum at St. Mary’s College his opposition to a new peripheral canal.
    I believe Garamendi leaves the option open in case he has to run for reelection for Lt. Gov and needs So Cal votes.
    Of course it’s not the only issue affecting us locally. There’s also transportation.
    The current health care debate will probably be over by the time the winner of this race takes office.
    The reality is Garamendi’s running for Congress, not because he really wants to, but because he doesn’t believe he can win what he really wants, and that’s the race for Governor. He’s settling.
    And the fact is he lives in the 3rd District, where he votes.
    But, if he does win the CD10 race, I betcha he runs for Feinstein’s seat when she retires at the end of her current term in 2012.
    And if a Dem is elected Gov, then Feinstein, who is now age 76, may resign early allowing the new Gov to appoint Garamendi to the remainder of her term.
    So, if Mark loses this time, he could run again for the 10th CD in 2012 (depending on how the new district lines are drawn), but he’d have to make a choice to not run for reelection to the State Senate.
    Who’s the other candidate in the race who lives outside the district and can’t vote for themselves?

  • Elwood

    I’m so lucky to have found this blog where posters explain it all to me!

  • Arne Simonsen

    Mei copa! I had Don Nottali’s name stuck in my brain since I worked with him on the Delta Protection Commission and I know he’s a Democrat. My apologies! But Don Notalli is one of the good Democrats whom I admire and consider a friend.

    And as to some form of conveyance around the Delta, I joked with John Garamendi up at a function on Liberty Island that we could certainly install a 3/4-inch copper pipe and let the exporters have as much water as they could get out of it. John agreed!

  • Rich

    Garamendi has no orginization in Contra Costa to speak of, he doesn’t know any Contra Costa voters, and he doesn’t have the local uniions backing him either. Thus, DeSaulnier has a good chance to win, contrary to recent polls. The key to this win is going to be voter turn-out. I don’t see Garamendi being able to target his voters and get them to the polls. He has these high name regognition type voters, the most casual category of voters backing him, who won’t turn out in a special election. DeSaulnier has his own orginization, and the backing of George Miller and Tom Torlakson’s orginization as well to draw on. I think Garamendi is going to get beat, the headline in the Sacramento Bee will be Garamendi get’s upset. This is fitting because Garamendi’s career is in a downward slide, he’s a Harold Stassen type figure, constantly running for higher office, you can hardly take him seriously anymore.

  • Elwood

    Well, Rich, you’ll have your active fantasy life to fall back on until the ballots are counted on 9/1.

    I feel sorry for anyone who has such an emotional commitment to Marky Mark.

    Won’t you please tell us about de Nile?

    Hint: It’s a large river flowing through your fantasy world.

    You forgot to mention that most of the ballots are already in the box.