Conservatives plan rally outside McNerney’s office



UPDATE 6:37 P.M. In response to the announcement of the protest, Rep. Jerry McNerney’s spokeswoman Sarah Hersh said the congressman has prior commitments to attend events in San Joaquin County on Saturday, including a visit to battered women’s shelter and meeting with teachers. But Hersh said he will make staff available on Saturday at his office to listen to constituents’ concerns, and staff will provide him with a briefing later in the day. LAV.

If Rep. Jerry McNerney won’t have a town hall on health care, the town hall will come to him.

Tri-Valley conservatives who helped organize “tea party” protests of Democratic policies in the past year in the area have announced a rally for noon Saturday in front of McNerney’s Pleasanton office to protest the Democrats’ health care legislation.

McNerney, like many other Democrats, held teletown halls via a telephone conference system rather than public town hall meetings. Although McNerney has been widely praised on both sides of the political aisle for hosting more than 50 in-person Congress On Your Corner events since his election in 2006, McNerney is now coming under fire from critics who say he is dodging his constituents on the controversial health care legislation.

McNerney and his neighbor, Rep. George Miller, opted for the more easily controlled teletown halls last week. The lawmakers pointed to major disruptions in town hall meetings in other Congressional districts across the country, creating what Democrats call a hostile environment orchestrated by right-wing organizations unlikely to foster useful debate on the subject.

Several political science professors at several California universities have called that stance unproductive and unlikely to reassure the many constituents worried about changes in their health insurance.

The Saturday rally is already the subject of discussion on conservative talk radio KSFO and could potentially draw a substantial number of protesters.

Whether or not it will influence McNerney’s unequivocal support of health care reform legislation is a different question.  But unlike most congressional incumbents, McNerney’s re-election is far from certain as District 11 remains one of the few politically competitive districts in the state.

Read on for the event organizer’s press release sent out a few minutes ago:

PLEASANTON, CA- On Saturday, August 22nd at 12 noon, many concerned citizens Nationwide (www.recessrally.com) are gathering in front of their Congressmen’s office in protest of the proposed Healthcare Bill H.R.3200.  This will include hundreds, maybe thousands of citizens from Jerry McNerney’s District 11. Citizens committed to the cause are arriving from Danville, San Ramon, Manteca, Morgan Hill, Dublin, Stockton, Pleasanton, Lodi and beyond to try and find the “missing in action” Congressman.

“We want answers and we deserve them. McNerney is our employee and he is MIA!” reports a Danville citizen.

“We tuned into the phone town hall meeting and what a staged event that was”, reports concerned citizen “L.J.” from Pleasanton.

Dr. Bridget Melson states, “The people who live in and support the 11th district, need an outlet and need to speak to their Representative, so they are showing up in droves with black pens and poster board with their questions for the Congressman written on them. I don’t think holding a live town hall meeting is too much to ask-and we have asked! If McNerney will not come to us, we will come to him. The recent number of TEA parties, town hall meetings and protests all across this great nation is a warning to our politicians to remember that they are here to work for us and if they do not do their job, they will be voted out.”

WHAT: Recess Rally at McNerney’s office (www.recessrally.com)

LOCATION: Congressman Jerry McNerney’s Pleasanton office:

5776 Stoneridge Mall Rd. #175 Pleasanton, CA 94588

WHEN: Saturday, August 22nd, 2009 12-3 pm

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • BGR

    Lisa local TriValley Conservatives do not appear to be driving this action.

    After taking a look at the recess (abcess?) website and the oblique press release (“‘L.J.’ from Danville”)!!!, I’d say don’t skin your knee on that astro turf.

    Besides, with McNerney, there may be just as many leftists there busting his chops for NOT supporting a Public Option.

  • Lisa Vorderbrueggen

    How can you tell it’s an astroturf group? I talked with these folks back on April 1 Tea Party event and while the locals were certainly influenced and encouraged by the national conservative push, I’m hesitant to label them as “astroturf.” What I am hearing is that many of the conservatives that are drawn to these events are not the typical people who have been involved in local republican politics and have no interest in the traditional role of the party, such as get-out-the-vote and fundraisers. It will be interesting to see where it goes.

    But I absolutely agree with you that McNerney is being pushed just as heavily, if not as loudly at this point, from the left. He had taken a beating at times in left-wing blogs for failing to speak out as strongly for progressive causes as he did when he ran his first campaign.

  • Bob Loblaw

    Most of these conservative activists are bog standard angry gadflys; old farts who have progressed from yelling at kids on the street to yelling at members of congress in townhalls spurred on by O’Reilly, Hannity, Beck et all at Faux News.

    They are particularly angry that there’s a black man with a funny sounding muslim name and a “missing” birth certificate in the White House. They are angry that “their America” is fast disappearing, and the town halls are convenient places to vent.

    I laugh when I see them demand that the government get the hell out of their medicare!

    As for McNerney, what a disappointment.

  • ted ford

    it’s not astroturf. It’s mainly listeners and followers of the talk radio movement. This seems to have morphed into a national political movement with Rush Limbaugh, mainly, its premier spokesman. He has 20 million listeners, mostly white, average age of 67. For all intents and purposes, this is the Republican Party of 2009 in the post GWB era.

  • BGR,

    You (obviously) have no idea how “grassroots” this effort truly is. I do understand that due to this disbelief, you and others are needing to play the bully on the playground and discount our efforts. We can handle it and we will continue to do so with dignity and grace. We are strong, intelligent, like-minded, principled, conservatives devoted to our families and the people of America. We will not let our power hungry Congressmena and women rip our country from our hands right before our eyes. Yes it is a republic and not a democracy, but that does give our Representatives the right to mishandle government and ignore the requests and desires of the American people. The “astroturf” analogy is so overdone and irrational and is apparently now an excuse used out of fear. Let’s drop that term and face reality. Congress has truly “awakened a sleeping giant” and history has shown, that that giant is not going to go away.

  • Devy

    I notice the “Left” tends to get a little uptight when regular prople, like my self (48) and my daughter (17) show their strenght through civil protest. I want to talk to my Congressmen and Senators, about how they feel and what they are thinking. I do not want any more government run programs. I want my government to protct my country, not tell me how to run my life. I would be happy to email Rep. McNerney but the link has been down for some time now. So, since I do not get a response from my letters, I can not call or email. I will be there on Saturday to ask my questions. I will stay as late as needed to get the answers I need and let the congressman know how i feel about this “health” program.
    Congressman McNerney please STAY OUT of my personal business and my healthcare. I like what I have and want to keep it.
    BTW–Have you even read the Bill???? I have!!

  • Nurse Snow

    Astroturfers? Tea Party goers? Disaffected post-Bush Republicans? Talk radio movement? “They are particularly angry that there’s a black man with a funny sounding muslim name and a “missing” birth certificate in the White House.”…..Who are these posters? I will be at McNerney’s on Saturday because of his ongoing COWARDICE. I have called, written, faxed, emailed and visited his office and have had no feedback. His staff is either dense or have been instructed to be non-commital and dull to all questions. I am a Democrat and have been since the 70’s, and I have a ton of questions with nowhere to get answers. Politicians (all of them) are too busy dancing around every issue to ever come clean. I don’t want to listen to McNerney in an orchestrated phone town hall(where I was disconnected). I want to look in his eyes, hear the intonation of his voice and see if he can be made to speak clearly and answer questions without the Dem script in front of him. If he truly believes HR3220 is the best option for America, then I challenge him to prove it to me……But don’t knock the citizens that are tired of months of cat and mouse with McNerney. He’s obviously not cut out for this job if he can’t even bring messages to his constituency from Washington, DC.

  • Tomas M

    That’s exactly right, He (McNerney) IS our employee and he owes us answers and his full attention so he can represent US, the people he serves. But to be completely honest, with regards to the H.R.3200 I have no further questions, I don’t need to know more than I already know. I was born and grew up in socialist country ran by communists and I know first hand how it works when governments try to run things. NO , THANK YOU !
    That’s why I will be there on Saturday as well. …and I will be at every party or demonstration with the goal to limit the power and size of this government.Period.

  • I simply point to the ABOUT page at


    Note the national brands at the bottom, some of which are directed from behind the curtain of National GOP ops. Note the database by state. No local group is going to do that work.

    This is not to say that local activists volunteer for these things and rightfully so to organize a date and time and send out a localized press release from the template.

    But once you see the scope of the site and note that McRallies are scheduled across the country for Aug 22 with the same M.O. (black Sharpies on white signs), one has to conclude there is a lot more going on.

    Just sayin’

  • MikeH

    I’m a tea-bagger and proud of it. I’ll be at McNerneys this weekend. So will a lot of my freinds and others of like mind. The insanity of Obama-nation-nomics-nism must stop. The Dems and Indies have been coming to tea parties since their inception along with the Reps. More of each come every time. More still will be there this saturday all across our great nation.


  • ted ford

    to Bill Gramm Reefer: who do you think will win CD-10? My barber who has a great track record in these things says it’s Garamendi. He predicts Meg Whitman will be the next Governor.

  • Devy

    Hello Bill- In this day and age of the internet. If the grassroots groups can organize on a larger level and borrow some ideas, more power to the people.
    This doesn’t mean the GOP has paid and organized all of these groups. If the GOP were that good they would have some one in the presidents seat as well as control the Senate and Congress.

    Come out on Saturday and see what is really going on. Quit relying on the left-wing media to get your infomation.

  • Devy

    Ted I hope Garamendi does not win. How terrible for the 10th. He can’t even support his own district or party, how can he help the 10th.

  • J.B.

    The people denigrating grassroots protests of conservatives as “astroturf” assume that we use the same tactics they routinely use in organizing their protests such as front organizations, paid protesters, etc.

    I’ve admittedly been involved in grassroots conservative activism for many years and can share a couple of observations.

    First, conservatives do not have a command and control apparatus from the top down such as labor unions, MoveOn & Acorn do in organizing their political activities. It is simply against the very nature of core conservative values to consider such an organizational structure. While there is some attempt to share information about plans among groups that have been consolidated on a few different websites, the tea parties and now these health care rallies are strictly local events and I’ve seen just any many ideas which have been circulated fizzle as have taken off as real people organize themselves locally.

    Second, as noted, I’ve been involved for some time in conservative circles and this is the first time in a long time that I’ve seen a large influx of new people get involved and they are coming from a variety of political perspectives with a lot never having been involved before.
    With the bailouts, stimulus, cap & trade and now health care people are simply tired of the repeated disdain in which their “representatives” and the media are treating them, first in ignoring them and their legitimate grievances and now in dodging and denigrating them. I think that is the main reason we are seeing persistency in these local protests throughout the country.

    What Obama/Reid/Pelosi, etal need to remember is that while they were put into government leadership by just of 50% of voters they need to reasonably govern with the interests of all 100% earnestly taken into account and they are not doing so.

  • Mike

    BGR –

    Thanks for calling this effort “astroturf”.

    Every time someone like you does that … it really irritates people & 50+ more join the effort. With your help…it won’t be grass roots much longer!


    P.S. I happen to know this because Dr. B is my wife.

  • Make sure your barber doesn’t clip your ears off, Ted.

  • RR, Uninvited Columnist

    There is no discernible difference (by standard dictionary definition)between “republic” and “democracy.” The North Korean government styles itself a “People’s Democratic Republic” but is far less free than Denmark, a monarchy. Orwell explored the misuse of language for political purposes. He didn’t explore the distinction between “republic” and “democracy” that some conservatives are so fond of making. A pity.

  • Bob Loblaw

    They have awakend a “sleeping giant”….an old fart taking a nap between the end of Limbaugh and the start of O’Reilly more like.

    All you crank conservatives demanding that your Congressmember answer all your personal questions should read Deboara Saunders in the Chronicle today…sometimes she makes sense, today is one of those days.

    get over yourselves you ain’t that important.

  • CJ

    Bob says: ‘I laugh when I see them demand that the government get the hell out of their medicare’.

    Trust me Bob, they are all laughing at YOU for needing Mommy Gubmint- grow up ya big baby!

  • Tomas M

    Bob Loblaw – You and people just like you are exactly the type of people I move into the category of individuals that DON’T DESERVE this country. It’s sad , you guys don’t deserve America and you will loose her if this Chicago machinery continues what they started (well, it started long time ago but that’s for another discussion). Shame on you, I’ve been a citizen of this country for little over 2 years but I feel more American than many people born here, especially people that voted for this garbage we have in White house and Capitol Hill.

  • CJ

    By the way Craigslist has an ad looking for people to show up at townhalls in favor of Obamacare and they will provide you with training, pre printed signs and a paycheck for showing up. Smells like desperation.

  • Tomas M

    Bob Loblaw – Btw., I’m a 35 year old fart ! And many people of my “old fart” age group are in it as well…

  • CJ

    Bob says: ‘get over yourselves you ain’t that important’

    …then why do you keep posting Bob…?

  • Bob Loblaw

    Tomas I wanna see your birth certificate dammit! And for the record I am not an American by birth but one by choice. This is as much my country as it is yours you and Sarah Palin can feel more American than everyone else in the unamerican parts of the country if you want, but it just highlights just how ignorant you both really are about what this country is all about.

    The “garbage” in the White House is your President sir, the Commander in Chief, and I don’t know what banana republic you hail from but in this country the President, even if you didn’t vote for him, deserves a little more respect and civility.

    As for me, call me all the names you want, I could care les.

  • Bob Loblaw

    Slow work day CJ

  • Tomas M

    To CJ – Bob thinks the same way as our administration, “old farts” are not that important, that’s why we should eliminate them , cut their health care and tell them when they should die, he might as well hand them loaded guns so they can finish themselves huh? But that’s too expensive as well, ammo isn’t cheap these days.
    I can’t believe the stuff I’m seeing and hearing, this is sooo disappointing, am I really in the United States of America? Pinch me please.

  • Tomas M

    Bob – So tell me now what is so ignorant about all this movement, tea parties and people demanding their representatives to listen to them and answer their questions? Aren’t you working for government as well? You sure sound like it. The chances are good, since 2006 this whole country has more government jobs than we have in construction and manufacturing…
    As far as the president, I think you wanted to say “Liar and Deceiver in Chief”, right?
    Don’t worry about me calling you names, you don’t get that lucky today…

  • Bob Loblaw

    Tp paraphrase the great Barney Frank, I’m not going to waste any more of my day arguing with someone whose intellectual capacity rivals that of a dining room table.

    Tomas you and your teabagging friends clearly do not want your representatives in Congress to answer your questions, you just want to scream and yell because theres a black guy in the White House and you don;t like that very much.

    Get over it, you and your neanderthal vision for this country lost. HOPE REIGNS BRUTHA!!!

  • Kelly Gardner

    I am very sorry and sad to admit that I voted for the NcNerny clown based on his lies and promises… So far he has lied about When it comes to the Public Option/Rationed Health Care and the Huge Cap N Trade Tax the government is trying to IMPOSE on the people of the United States of America, it’s clear that America doesn’t want it, the people don’t want it!

  • Tomas M

    Bob :-)) , you should have said something about being Barney’s Frank fan earlier, that explains a lot. As far as I’m concerned, he should be in prison right now.
    Now, your racist comment just shows more of who you are and how you think, this is where most of you liberal folks end up when you have no more arguments and you need something to hide behind. But you should check your facts about this karaoke president you voted for. The guy is 50% white, about 43-44% Arabic and 6-7% African negro. His father was 12% African negro and about 88% Arab. So I wouldn’t call him exactly black,not that it matters or changes anything on the facts he is a socialist and most leftist inexperienced guy his party have seen for very long.
    Enjoy your HOPE.. and keep smoking DOPE

  • To Tomas:

    You are suggesting that Barney Frank should be in prison for rightfully pointing out how bizarre one of his ‘constituents’ was. If this is your conception of being American (being put in prison for speaking), I don’t want any part of your America. Whatever happened to the 1st Amendment, which you crazies pride so much? In other words, relax, and get along. As far as socialism, how well do you think the idea of abolishing Social Security payments and Medicare would go over in this country now? How mahy elderly people do you suppose are dependent upon their monthly Social Security?

  • Tomas M

    To Chuckie:
    You should not just assume and then speak too much based on your assumption. IF you asked me, I would tell you why I think Barney Frank should be in prison. But you didn’t and you blindly accused me and call me and others “crazies”.
    Do you happen to remember about a new agency proposed by Bush’s administration to oversee Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae? They have seen in 2003 that the lending practices that started with CRA and J.Carter back in 1977 started to create possible big problems for housing market and banking industry. Do you know what was Barney Franks response to that? (same as Chris Dodd) “These two entities – Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac – are not facing any kind of financial crisis. The more people exaggerate these problems, the more pressure there is on these companies , the less we will see in terms of affordable housing.”
    These are his exact words. There are individuals directly responsible for housing bubble and crash and resulting problems and B. Frank is one of them. No one was punished, opposite, they are rewarded by still serving. If you can call that “serving” .
    So before you speak about 1st amendment and “my america” you want no part of, make sure you know what your opponents are referring to.
    As far as Social security and Medicare, they might just abolish themselves , they are bankrupt already. Thanks to our government.

  • Jayne

    Yes, McNerney held congress on your corner events when it was easy and full of his voters. Then something happened – Obama got elected and with Democrats in full control instead of 2/3 control they started doing crazy things. Like rushing through a phony hyper partisan “stimulus” bill while the country was still reeling from the bailouts congress set up the past fall. At the congress on your corner meeting right after that, McNerney had the audacity to admit he hadn’t read the bill before voting on it. So now that people actually have tough questions for him, he doesn’t want to do a congress on your corner. We deserve a better, more informed, less liberal, and braver representative.

  • Jayne

    Re: Barney Frank, his constituent whom he refused to talk to praised a Lyndon Larouche policy, a Democrat. She spoke in a calm voice at the microphone, it was Frank’s responsibility to answer her concern, not insult her. He should be investigated for his role in the Fannie Mae debacle and the overall mortgage meltdown that resulted in large part from his role on the banking committee.

  • BJD

    I find it funny that a handful of people who never comment on this site are all of a sudden here. It’s like the blogs about Ms. Williamson running for congress. Same comments, same points made, same tone,
    Grassroots my rear.

  • Elwood

    Excuse my ignorance, but who is Ms. Williamson and where is she running for Congress?

  • I’ve got advice for those of you who would call the TEA Party movement ‘Astroturf’: Try making arguments based on FACT rather than Ad Hominum attacks, you hypocrits.

    I’m a 20-something 11th-district constituent (and NO, I don’t live in Pleasanton or Danville…) that is absolutely disgusted with both McNerney and our current Manchurian Candidate…I mean, ‘president’.

    I answered the phone when McNerney’s teletown-meeting call came. You know what resulted? I was subjected to nothing more than empty propaganda for a good half hour while waiting to speak to a representative. Then, I was put on hold for an additional half-hour. Finally, a person came on to tell me that they had to end the event and could not take my call. Hang up. The end. Clearly that’s representative democracy at its finest.

    To those of you who’ve worked so hard for a more democratic republic, Congratulations! You’ve got it. You wanted direct election of senators, You wanted a greater role in the electoral college process, You wanted people to have a greater say. Well YOU got it. No changing your mind now just because you don’t like what a majority faction has to say.

    Grow up, Man up, and get off the tit. Freedom means responsibility and self-reliance on EVERYONE’S part; you can’t have it both ways. Or, maybe you’re not interested in Freedom…

  • Tomas M

    G.H. – It’s pointless , these people don’t get it and we’ll all suffer because of that.
    People actually laid down their lives to live in free country , to make it free. Other people risked their lives, running across the borders of their own countries ran by communists just to come here and enjoy this country full of opportunities. And where are we now? Country full of crybabies with this distorted thinking that the government is a big daddy, big provider that is here to fulfill all their needs. How did it ever come so far? Everybody somehow feels entitled to something !
    I came here with $400.00 and NO english 13 years ago, never asked for anything and worked hard to get where I am now. Why can’t all the other immigrants , instead of sucking the system dry. But many of native born citizens are examples of that as well.
    Press 1 to speak english??? What is that? I feel like going to DMV, grabbing all the handooks in languages different than ENGLISH and burning them on the parking lot.
    People, if you’re not outraged about what is going on here, YOU’RE NOT PAYING ATTENTION !!!!

  • Drew Powers

    The puerile, smug, self-annointed “progressives” who believe it is their birthright to tell others what to do disparage those who oppose Obama on two main grounds: 1. They are mostly white, 2. They are mostly elderly. As if these traits disqualify them from being able to voice their opinions. They then go on to make vague references to the Republican party, Rush Limbaugh, and even GWB. This highlights the absolute vacuous nature of their position. Unable to make substantive arguments in favor of their position, they resort to racist (yes, racist, you scumbags) slurs and innuendo. They make me sick.

  • Pat H

    Thank you Tomas H. You understand what it means to be an American, in my eyes. Immigrants shouldn’t come here to use the system and not assimilate into our culture. We fly one flag. Those of you who are putting down the elderly who are protesting, have you ever thought that they have put their lives into this country and don’t want to see it collapse in front of their eyes? They have worked a lifetime building a future for their children and don’t want to see our president giving it away to others. Their sweat and tears are invested in this country, which they love. Would you like to love something so much and see someone come along and tell you that they’re changing it all into something ugly and you can’t do a thing about it? Well, they are doing something about it and good for them!

  • Rob W

    Its interesting how Obamaists, and the left can offer personal insults, name calling and smug anti-republican blame for everything, but they leave the $10 trillion deficit, $1.5 trillion healthcare bill, and highly questionable political practices around this HC bill alone. When will the Dems wake up and realize that most reps didn’t approve of Bush either, but are still fighting for EVERYONE’s rights. Its also sad that our fellow Americans past and present have died for our freedom, most of us have spent our lives paying taxes, and all the young ACORN brainwashed Obama drones can offer is the middle finger and insults. Perhaps Obama’s mandatory service will awaken them…

  • johnb

    Mcnerney was massively supported by greens who wanted to dpo any thing the could to get rid of Pombo, who was standing up ,for rural property owners fro the rapacity of the federal government. one way tha government was attacking rural people was creating massive “extensions” of our national Parks right inside of of rural communities miles away from the real parks not connected with them at all and then restricting land use Pombo had called them on it and had passed legislation allowed these lands to be sold. This thwarted the greennazis and so millions of dollars from out of district and hundreds of volunteers came in to Oust Pombo. The printed lies about him. McNerney needs to meet with the people and stop dodging with this “electronic town meeting crap” or he needs to be ousted in 2010.

  • Tom Benigno

    John B.
    You need to go back and read the bills Pombo pushed. That is not saying Mc Nerney is any better for his lack of vision. I ran against Pombo twice and the liberal money was flowing into his PAC money. His issues were not about all property rights, just for rich farmers who most are democrats. Now Mc Nerney is bending to those same people. The endangered species Act was about drilling in ANWAR, and nothing more. I wish I could have won the nomination,in 2002 and 2006 I would have put egg on both their faces for their lack of doing for their districts and the people they represent. Republicans are now democrats in disguise. Next time vote for Benigno

  • johnb

    Tom B
    I really do not like this “rich farmer” bit the American family farmer and rancher, is in deep trouble. Yes on paper he is rich or was rich if you take the inflated value of his lands, driven up by the urban sprawl demand for new house construction in California which is in turn driven by the seven million plus illegal Aliens who crowd the state, But if you were to value his acreage as it is valued in Iowa, then no he is not rich. and here is the rub. Outside of viniculture the California farmer gets same price per bushel for his crops and the calfornia rancher for his beef as those “back east”. The incomes from the extra growing seasons are offset by the irrigation cost of farms in the dry west, and everyone wants to steal the farmers water.
    I managed one of the stops on the Jarbridge bucket brigade for the Klammath falls farmers in 2001. Ive met them. They weren’t rich Tom they were being driven off their land. Do you want to guess who was one of the three California congressmen who supported these people even though Klammath falls is way out of his district? Pombo. You want to meet farmers Tom go to the small towns and the 4H meetings or the county fairs. Then tell me about the “Rich” Farmers, and Tom, they sure in hell are NOT “mostly Democrats”

  • Tom Benigno

    John B:
    The rich farmers I speak of are liberal who use the system to their advantage and then vote republican when they need help. Mc Nerney is an example of the special interest that I speak off, he won’t vote for jobs for the people who voted for him.

    As with Pombo he took money from the left to support the right. That’s part of why Richard lost the 2006 election. It’s all about money when people call these guy’s candidates of choice. Who’s choice. What happen to principles and ethics in Washington.

    The lack of ethics comes from local politics, and local fairs and 4-H clubs as well as other related fund raisers. I have meet and know farmers than most, I farmed for 55 years.

    Just go to your nearest ACIS office and check the names and occupations of some of these farmers who vote republican or democrat when it’s convenient. As for Mc Nerney’s win against Pombo Mc Closkey helped Jerry win.