CD10 fundraising tops $2 million

Fundraising leading up to the Sept. 1 special election in the 10th Congressional District has topped $2 million, according to the federal campaign filing reports due last night.

Democratic candidate and Lt. Gov. John Garamendi of Walnut Grove leads the pack. He has raised $517,368 since he launched his campaign and $216,655 in the last reporting period between July 1 and Aug. 12.

State Sen. Mark DeSaulnier, D-Concord, has been unable to keep up with his chief rival. He has raised $378,028 during the election cycle and $168,249 in the most recent reporting period. His lag behind Garamendi may reflect the two recent polls, which show Garamendi with a double-digit lead.

Assemblywoman Joan Buchanan, D-Alamo, has loaned her campaign a staggering $750,000 and raised just $94,165 from other sources. She could potentially outspend both Garamendi and DeSaulnier. But she may have had little choice but to dip into her own bank account after her chief rivals locked down most of the sources of traditional money for Democratic candidates.

Anthony Woods, the Democratic Iraq War veteran from Fairfield, has raised a respectable $214,105 for his congressional bid. He collected about half that amount in the last reporting period, an indication that perhaps his candidacy would benefit from more time. With election day around the corner on Sept. 1 and a substantial number of folks who have already voted by mail, he may find it difficult it catch up with the bigger name Democrats.

The only Republican among the six on the ballot who has raised any money, David Harmer, an attorney from Dougherty Valley, has raised $244,599. In the last reporting period, he raised $69,282.  And Harmer still has nearly $100,000 in the bank. With no serious competition, he will almost certainly win the GOP nomination and must finance a Nov. 3 runoff campaign. He needs to pace himself.

To look at the FEC reports yourself, click here and type in the candidate’s name.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Arne Simonsen

    And how much has the California Labor Federation spent supporting Garamendi with the 6 glossy mailers they’ve sent out?

  • Lisa Vorderbrueggen

    We will never know how much the labor federation spent supporting Garamendi. Unions are allowed under the law to communicate with their members about the candidates they have endorsed. No reporting is required and there are no limits.

  • Amy

    Anthony Woods is the clear choice here. He has proved to be a prodigious fundraiser, but his donors are regular people like me (woohoo–I gave $10). He also has volunteers who are working for him day and night–no paid canvassers like the others.

  • Allen Payton

    Wow! Another $250,000 loan by Joan. If she loses, I believe she’s done and will lose next year to Abram Wilson. Big gamble. Rolling the dice. She may not be “one of the boys” but she’s running with the big dogs! 🙂

  • Elwood

    Perhaps Ms. Buchanan should have a conservator appointed for her.

    She is clearly delusional.

  • Elwood

    Re: Post #1

    Excuse me?

    I thought Marky Mark was the candidate of labor.

    At least that’s what his campaign literature says.

    Apparently someone didn’t get the memo.

  • Arne Simonsen

    Amy, Anthony Woods didn’t live up to his military obligation for attending West Point, so he’s got no chance; particularly considering the high number of military veterans in CD-10 who support “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”.

  • Snark


    What part of 9 years in the military, two tours in Iraq, a bronze star, and brining home all 81 of his soldiers qualifies as not meeting his obligation? Geez, George Bush couldn’t even show up for weekend drill…

    P.S. 70% of security minded Americans think you are bonkers too…

  • Scott


    I’m still undecided, but it makes me disappointed and frustrated to see a soldier’s service to his country questioned, and makes me even more determined to send someone that isn’t a career politician, like Anthony Woods to Congress.

  • Dan Richard


    I never tend to comment on blogs, but your statement about Anthony Woods is truly unfortunate. Of course he lived up to his obligation and more. Isn’t the motto of West Point: “Honor, Duty, Country.” ? He did his duty and served his country. His country’s policies on gays in the military clashed with his sense of honor, namely the requirement that he deny who he is, which is not something any nation should ask of its citizens. This is a fine young man and the best America has to offer. Moreover, the notion that we are kicking out of the military specialists in middle eastern languages and culture is just nuts and makes us less safe as a nation.

    While I’m supporting John Garamendi because I believe he has the best qualifications for this office, it’s impossible not to be impressed by Anthony Woods and, as I did personally when I met him in Walnut Creek, to thank him for his service to our country and his courage on and off the battlefield.

  • bjd

    I too think Arne Simonsen is way of base. This isn’t the first time his has attacked Woods service. I don’t know what bothers Mr. “GOP robot” Simonsen more, that Anthony Woods is a democrat or that he is black or that he is gay.

    The man speaks in GOP talking points, but then again, I’m starting to wonder if Simonsen is actually human and not one of the new GOP “replicants”.

    Oh snaps, burned by a Blade Runner reference!

    PS. The comments above me sure look like “astroturf”, via “Store Front” staff.

  • EdiBirsan

    The stunning part of the Buchanan story above is that a year ago she called upon the entire Democratic Party to help her bring her Assembly District Race to a successful conclusion and the party and the neighboring areas responded with strong support in dollars and people. Now she puts three quarter of a million into this race against other Democrats, where was this when they were fighting the Republicans? This just does not feel right.

  • RR, Uninvited Columnist

    Why so much money in this race? It’s almost a lifetime job. If one keeps one’s nose clean, a single tough election is all that’s required to keep this seat. The GOP might grab a statewide office with an outstanding campaigner, but district by district in the Bay, it’s almost impossible.

  • BJD

    Edi, I agree with you 100%. How can you get the whole democratic party and supports behind a HUGE promotion and less than 6 months later ask for a new one without doing anything in the assembly but miss budget votes?

    She needs to fire her advisors.

  • bernie quigley

    it’s now obvious what a mistake it was electing her in the first place. If that election were held today, Abram Wilson would win easily. Abram should ask his lunch friend, Willie Brown, to endorse him next time.

  • bernie quigley

    if by some some miracle Desaulnier or Buchanan were to win the primary, Harmer could just possibly knock them off and win the seat. Mark and Joan are not very smart. My sense is Harmer is pretty bright. He would have to take a centrist tack.

  • Mike F.

    You know, nobody in this race impresses me. Its a toss up, but we should check the polls. Anthony Woods should be praised for his service, but I don’t agree with most of his politics; he should try for another office or different district. He learned alot on the Obama campaign trail, but he’s not ready for this stage against the current lineup. Arne should retract what he said. Wood campaign should stop saying “he brought back 81 soldiers from Iraq” – be honest they brought back each other as a team – no single person gets that credit. Harmer could be a suprise, but he needs some better/different polish – not the kind that says “slick politician” but rather “I’m genuine.”

  • bernie quigley

    The Democrats are pretty bad. Garamendi, the best of the lot is a has-been looking for a bit of last glory and a sinecure at the end of his career. Desaulnier is an ex-bartender schlep mediocrity. Buchanan is a dimwit wannabee who is spending her divorce loot to try to buy an office. Wood is a GQ gay rights with some West Point glitter. Wierdly enough, we may nend up taking a much more careful look at David Harmer. If he’s a reasonable centrist with brains, he might just find himself in Washington. The acid test for me would be the Grover Norquist no tax pledge. If he signs that it means he’s part of the lunatic fringe and he will lose. A moderate and smart cenyrist Republican in the mold of a Tom Campbell could sneak around on the outside and win this thing.

  • bernie quigley


    Roll Call says its Garamendi (25%) and Harmer (22%) with Desaulnier and Buchanan far behind.