CD10 fundraising tops $2 million

Fundraising leading up to the Sept. 1 special election in the 10th Congressional District has topped $2 million, according to the federal campaign filing reports due last night.

Democratic candidate and Lt. Gov. John Garamendi of Walnut Grove leads the pack. He has raised $517,368 since he launched his campaign and $216,655 in the last reporting period between July 1 and Aug. 12.

State Sen. Mark DeSaulnier, D-Concord, has been unable to keep up with his chief rival. He has raised $378,028 during the election cycle and $168,249 in the most recent reporting period. His lag behind Garamendi may reflect the two recent polls, which show Garamendi with a double-digit lead.

Assemblywoman Joan Buchanan, D-Alamo, has loaned her campaign a staggering $750,000 and raised just $94,165 from other sources. She could potentially outspend both Garamendi and DeSaulnier. But she may have had little choice but to dip into her own bank account after her chief rivals locked down most of the sources of traditional money for Democratic candidates.

Anthony Woods, the Democratic Iraq War veteran from Fairfield, has raised a respectable $214,105 for his congressional bid. He collected about half that amount in the last reporting period, an indication that perhaps his candidacy would benefit from more time. With election day around the corner on Sept. 1 and a substantial number of folks who have already voted by mail, he may find it difficult it catch up with the bigger name Democrats.

The only Republican among the six on the ballot who has raised any money, David Harmer, an attorney from Dougherty Valley, has raised $244,599. In the last reporting period, he raised $69,282.  And Harmer still has nearly $100,000 in the bank. With no serious competition, he will almost certainly win the GOP nomination and must finance a Nov. 3 runoff campaign. He needs to pace himself.

To look at the FEC reports yourself, click here and type in the candidate’s name.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen