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Al Gore does not approve

By Josh Richman
Tuesday, August 25th, 2009 at 4:52 pm in Al Gore, Barbara Boxer, healthcare reform, U.S. Senate.

As referenced in today’s article, U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer visited Kaiser Permanente’s new Oakland medical building today for a demonstration of Kaiser’s electronic medical record system, a roundtable meeting with Kaiser staff and a news conference.

Boxer listened intently as Dr. Patricia Conolly, an internal medicine specialist, walked her through the medical record system, which Kaiser began phasing in in 2005; Conolly said it has made it easier for her and other Kaiser physicians to track and improve patient care while lowering costs. Everything from a patient’s complete medical history, including all previous Kaiser visits, to tools for diagnosis and prescription are available at the touch of a button by the patient’s bedside, Conolly said.

“Wow,” Boxer marveled, “did you invent this?”

“No,” Conolly replied as Kaiser staffers chuckled.

“Did Al Gore?” Boxer quipped.

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  • Mike F.

    Nice comeback for Boxer to deflect the impression that she is a dimwit. However, she is way too late. She has a battle coming for the Senate, and this visit to Kaiser is nothing more than photos and video for the campaign run to somehow show she understands healthcare. Its not so much about the care, but knowing the “biz” side of it. Something her opponent, whomever it becomes, should be able to knock her out with.

  • RR, Uninvited Columnist

    *It is terrible of the Senator (she worked very hard to get that title) to poke fun at Al G., the man who labors more than any other famous person (including Bono, Sir Bob G-Africa, Oprah) to save our planet and its climate from Greedy and Selfish Corporate Interests, Global Warming Deniers (they’re as bad as the neo-Nazis) and mean people in general. Shame on you, MS.B Who Worked So Hard To Get Where She Is Today, shame on you!