CD10: On carpetbagging, boating and podcasting

Here are some bits and pieces from the trail of the 10th Congressional District campaign that caught my attention:


A couple of progressive bloggers post some interesting views on the money in the CD10 race:




State Sen. Mark DeSaulnier puts out today a second smack mailer (see below) about rival and Lt. Gov. John Garamendi. Titled “CarpetBaggers Gazette,” the DeSaulnier campaign continues to hit on the theme that Garamendi chose the easy path when he ran for the open 10th District seat rather than run in his home district against Republican incumbent Dan Lungren.

DeSaulnier hopes the remaining undecided voters who actually decide to vote will see this stuff and cast a nod in his direction.

Garamendi, who was 10 points ahead in the last two polls, is pretty much ignoring the whole thing.

“John is running a positive campaign talking about his accomplishments and what he has done in public service career. And we are doing well, so there’s no reason to switch strategy,” said Garamendi campaign spokesman Gary Gartner.


Garamendi has a hip and happening technology team. He has been putting out podcasts on various issues.

Check out his education podcast here: http://www.garamendi.org/sites/default/files/Podcast%20Education.mp3

The campaign previously released podcasts on Garamendi’s early career, the importance of Travis Air Force Base, and veterans issues.


KTVU television political editor Randy Shandobil is one of my favorite reporters and here is another reason why. You gotta see his story on the CD10 race and his very funny report from what appears to be a seat in a small boat as he floats in the middle of the Sacramento River.


Someone has time on his or her hands. Check out this mystery video. Here is a easy clue: It was not created by a fan of Garamendi.


Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Rebecca

    And so the Time’s editors have now spoken,
    And put forward the ‘rancher’ narrsist who hasn’t a notion,
    That he has been jinxed like so many before him,
    Such as Baker and Pambo whom the Times also believed in.
    On one thing you can swear on the grave of your mother,
    If the Times picks one horse rider, the voters will pick the other.
    No doubt he is largely unaware of this ominous history,
    because the Times is not delivered anywhere near his CA-3 residency.

  • RR, Uninvited Columnist

    If accurate, the last line of the rhymn is clever.

  • Jim Leighton

    This mailer again proves that Mark DeSaulnier is a hypocrite. When DeSaulnier was a Republican, he personally aided the election campaign of “right wing” Dan Lungren for California Governor in 1998.

    DeSaulnier gave $200.00 to the Contra Costa County United Republican Finance Committee on September 9, 1998. This is on the Federal Election Commission website for all to see: http://images.nictusa.com/cgi-bin/fecimg/?99034200516 DeSaulnier was then serving his first full term as Contra Costa County supervisor. Recall that Republican Governor Pete Wilson appointed DeSaulnier in Wilson’s xenophobic, immigrant-bashing year of 1994.

    DeSaulnier went out of his way to aid the Republican ticket in 1998, with his donation supporting Dan Lungren (R) over Gray Davis (D) for Governor, Matt Fong (R) over Barbara Boxer (D) for U.S. Senator and, ironically, the Republican challengers to U.S. Rep. Ellen Tauscher and Assemblyman Tom Torlakson. (Fellow donors included the “who’s who” of CD10 Republicans such as Claude Hutchison, Tauscher’s Republican challenger in 2000.) All of us who volunteered for, contributed to and voted for the Democratic ticket in ’98 must be a bunch of chumps in DeSaulnier’s eyes.

    In fact, DeSaulnier is very likely the ONLY candidate for Congress in CD10 in 2009 who gave money to aid Lungren’s election. DeSaulnier “bet on the wrong horse” with Lungren and suddenly decided to become a Democrat not long after the Republican ticket that he backed in ’98 lost. DeSaulnier allegedly transformed himself from “Lungren lover” in ‘98 to “progressive Democrat” in a span of a couple of years. Yeah, give me a break.

    Also, someone has been “vandalizing” the Wikipedia page about Mark DeSaulnier recently trying to delete the information about DeSaulnier’s financial support of Lungren. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_DeSaulnier. As the “history” tab on the Wikipedia page shows, the vandalism began a several days before DeSaulnier publicly announced his negative T.V. ad and ended after it was exposed in a comment on this website. This suggests that the vandalism was emanating from within DeSaulnier’s inner circle.

    Why isn’t the Times/Bay Area News Group reporting on DeSaulnier’s hypocrisy? The Times needs to get DeSaulnier to explain why he donated $200 to the Republican party when Lungren was at the head of the ticket in ’98, yet now lambastes him.

    This amiable, over-promoted bartender should be sent back to the restaurant business; he is unethical and unfit for any position of public trust.

  • Pure doggerel of the people! Thank you Rebecca. How about this bawdy ditty:

    There was a Pol from Nantucket
    Whose campaign is near kicking the bucket
    As Garamendi with glee sails in from CD-3
    And says the people do love me, just trust it!

  • Rich

    Garamendi will have difficulty geting his voters to the polls, it will be like herding cats. His supporters are weak identifiers, they kind of know who Garamendi is and might be inclined to vote for him for that reason, should they remember to vote. Not exactly the kind of passion you need to get your people to the polls in a special election. State Senator DeSaulnier has an impressive grass roots orginization – 100 precinct walkers last weekend in East County. Garamendi has no precincts walkers to speak of anywhere in this district (in fact, he doesn’t know anybody in this district to even ask them to precinct walk, befitting his status as a carpetbagging, out-of-towner). DeSaulnier himself has knocked on thousands of doors, while Garamendi has been up riding his horse up in Calaveras. Given this, this supposed 10% lead in the polls by Garamendi is probably closer to 2%, and will evaporate on election night, I believe. DeSaulnier has the people with him, the grass roots and I believe this will prevail. Garamendi has failed to make a case why he – a lifelong central valley pol -should be Contra Costa’s next Congressman. He has no record in this county, unlike DeSaulnier who has served our county with distinction. Go Mark!

  • REW

    The Garamendi campaign should clear up the confusion about whether he lives in Walnut Grove, Elk Grove, Penngrove or Pine Grove, or Calaveras County. I suggest a shermensque statement by the Garamendi campaign team on where in the central valley thier candidate lives and votes. They owe this to the voters in Contra Costa County.

  • Arne Simonsen

    Oh come on people. The US Constitution only requires a congressional candidate to be a resident of the state in which they are running, not the district.

    Clearly, DeSaulnier is desperate. Unlike Garamendi who is stating why he should be elected (and don’t get me wrong, John and I only agree on protecting the Delta; I disagree with all of his other positions), DeSaulnier can only send out mailers telling people why they shouldn’t vote for Garamendi.

    Besides, I am voting for David Harmer!

  • Mike F.

    Harmer does seem the better choice – can’t say he’s currently in office, so that’s more refreshing. Demo or Repub. we’ve got to stop recycling politicians, just because they desire or need a new post. All the Demos can say is “I want the chance to support the issues that we care about” – you are already in office and have the chance. C’mon this is just political manuvering for status. Look if DeSaulnier wins, we already have other politcal status junkies lining up for his spot (Ms. Bonilla – CC County Sup.) and even her spot (Ms. Mitchoff – Pleasant Hill City Council). Absolutely sickening.

  • Elwood

    Thank you Rich and Rebecca!

    The usual BS from the usual suspects.

    Repeat after me, children:

    Congressman Garamendi! Congressman Garamendi!

    Bartender Mark! Bartender Mark!

  • Snark

    Hey Lisa:

    Heard Garamendi, Desaulnier and BUchanan blew off tonight’s CD 10 Debate in Livermore after confirming with the hosts. Is that the kind of “local leadership” we can expect from them?

    Maybe they are drinking mojito’s with Ellwood.

  • Elwood

    Re: mystery video

    Wow, $1000 contributions! He’s in THEIR pocket for sure. That’s what’s called a token contribution in today’s world. (See thread re: Sandre Swanson above)

    Whoever put this together is either incredibly naive, or more likely, deliberately disingenuous.