CD10: On carpetbagging, boating and podcasting

Here are some bits and pieces from the trail of the 10th Congressional District campaign that caught my attention:


A couple of progressive bloggers post some interesting views on the money in the CD10 race:




State Sen. Mark DeSaulnier puts out today a second smack mailer (see below) about rival and Lt. Gov. John Garamendi. Titled “CarpetBaggers Gazette,” the DeSaulnier campaign continues to hit on the theme that Garamendi chose the easy path when he ran for the open 10th District seat rather than run in his home district against Republican incumbent Dan Lungren.

DeSaulnier hopes the remaining undecided voters who actually decide to vote will see this stuff and cast a nod in his direction.

Garamendi, who was 10 points ahead in the last two polls, is pretty much ignoring the whole thing.

“John is running a positive campaign talking about his accomplishments and what he has done in public service career. And we are doing well, so there’s no reason to switch strategy,” said Garamendi campaign spokesman Gary Gartner.


Garamendi has a hip and happening technology team. He has been putting out podcasts on various issues.

Check out his education podcast here: http://www.garamendi.org/sites/default/files/Podcast%20Education.mp3

The campaign previously released podcasts on Garamendi’s early career, the importance of Travis Air Force Base, and veterans issues.


KTVU television political editor Randy Shandobil is one of my favorite reporters and here is another reason why. You gotta see his story on the CD10 race and his very funny report from what appears to be a seat in a small boat as he floats in the middle of the Sacramento River.


Someone has time on his or her hands. Check out this mystery video. Here is a easy clue: It was not created by a fan of Garamendi.


Lisa Vorderbrueggen