Ex-Antioch councilman talks about Garrido on national radio

Speaking of hearing voices, I just heard the voice of former Antioch councilman Ralph Hernandez on the radio in my car. He was featured on the nationally syndicated Osgood File this morning on KCBS.

Well, well. Ralph goes national. Folks may remember that he resigned from City Council a number of years ago (corrected at 10:41 a.m.) but he has remained a vocal community activist or agitator, depending on your point of view.

It seems Hernandez, a private investigator, was hired by Jaycee Lee Dugard’s kidnapper Phillip Garrido to verify affidavits from people who used a machine Garrido had invented, as Dave Ross on the Osgood File described it, “that allowed him, without speaking, to make other people hear voices inside their heads.” (Click here to see the Contra Costa Times stories.)

You can see the affidavits yourself at http://voicesrevealed.blogspot.com/

I’ve heard from other folks in Antioch that Hernandez described his work for Garrido as “verifying the existence of angels.”

Hernandez said in the Ross interview that he sat inside the Garrido house, met the wife and was introduced to a young woman between the age of 15 to 20. It’s unclear if this was Dugard or one of her two children fathered by Garrido.

But when Ross asked private eye Hernandez if he saw or felt anything strange in the house, well, here’s a short segment of the transcript:

(Ross:) Anything strange about the house itself? I mean, if anybody would walk into that house, would they have any inkling what might have gone on there?

(Hernandez:) Well, no. I didn’t have any reservations about the house. I didn’t say to myself, like: ‘Hey, there’s something strange there.’ I didn’t get that.”

(Ross) No, just an ordinary fellow who had invented a machine that let him insert voices telepathically into other people’s heads …

What does Ralph say about his time in the national spotlight? So far, he hasn’t returned my call although he had clearly been talking to the media and probably law enforcement.

Hernandez  told me in an email that he will make me wait to talk to him about Garrido for as long as he has been waiting for me to write a story he suggested that compares the levels of pension benefits of retirees from various public agencies. Back when Ralph suggested the story, my editor said the idea had merit but thought it was too ambitious for our limited resources at the time.

So, I wait by the phone, another one of those devices that lets you hear voices inside your head.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Steve Berg

    Great tie-in last sentence!!! Made me chuckle:)

  • Mike F.

    Odd story indeed, but I like the point made by Hernandez. The editor should think about resources, especially if CC Times wants to survive. When a story is run on pay of City Managers throughout CCC it caught tremendous buzz. So why not do one on retirement benefits? This seems like a piece everyone would be interested in reading.

  • RR, Uninvited Columnist

    This sad story is potentially huge. There will be plenty of people to interview.

  • Susan Bustamante

    Unbelievable! Of course Hernadez dont wanna talk about his connection with Garrido. He is an ex city council who actuallly believed in Garrido’s mumbo jumbo as he clearly states in his interview with Dave Ross. Ha ha ha, I like how Ross retorts to his “I didn get that”. Come on! An ex police oficer with 33 years of experience? This tells me something about his investigative skills…

  • Our Sheriff went on National TV as well to apologize.

  • bernie quigley

    Isn’t Warren Rupf one of the county officials pulling down some $300k to $400k per year between his county retirement and his sherriff’s pay? Some of his underlyings (particularly retirees) are probably getting more. Of course, they’re worth it. Heaven help anyone criticizing the police (or their unions). Good job on the Garrido affair, and good job on bankrupting the County.

  • Elwood

    Only in Antioch could Ralph Hernandez (or his wife) ever be elected to anything.

  • Allen Payton

    Elwood, don’t be dissing Antioch.
    They ran, they got elected (she in the recall of Liz Rimbault), he resigned before the end of his term, she lost her reelection. It could happen anywhere.
    We saw interesting, opposition candidates elected in Walnut Creek in the 80’s. We’ve seen interesting candidates get elected in Richmond.
    So, it could happen elsewhere, and does.
    But, your statement is partially right. Since they live in Antioch, they can’t run for city council elsewhere.

  • Rick

    Lets recall this jewel from RH’s campaign to Governor in 2003:

    “Vote Ralph Hernandez, for Governor! Experienced,Tax Fighter, problem solver, honest, dependable, and highly qualified!”

    God Almightly!!

  • Elwood

    Re: Post #8

    Res ipsa loquitur

  • Stuart

    Imagine that! If ever elected Governor, maybe he would include in the state budget “verifying the existence of angels.”

  • BJD

    Re: Post # 10

    Ab absurdo

  • Uknow

    Ralph was shot while a policeman at 23 and never expected to live. He carried on for more than 30 years in law enforcement refusing to surrender to disability. He possess’s an FBI citation for bringing down a bank robber during his recovery from the wound. His political career involves many recalls of public officials thus the detractors. Even though he could of been at leisure he now continues to work and still makes time to protect the citizens of Antioch. While shopping he noted a man appearing to assault a woman. While two other customers made chase and were able to lead police to the suspect, Hernandez stayed with the victim applying compression and first aid for mutable stab wounds. He saved her life but you don’t and likely will never see that here. At this moment he is in court testifying against her assailant. Ralph voted against developers, taxes and bonds like the hundreds of millions in redevelopment still owed. His current focus is the pensions for police and city workers that will bankrupt the city and and ruin the pension system all together. He expects no quarter from the powers that be so nothing surprising about what you read here.

  • Elwood

    “His current focus is the pensions for police and city workers that will bankrupt the city and and ruin the pension system all together.”

    That’s strange. But then so is Ralph.

    Isn’t he a retired public employee?

    Perhaps he should set an example by refusing to accept his pension and medical benefits.