New York Times covers CD10 election

The New York Times has filed a story about tomorrow’s10th Congressional District special election.

We’ll forgive the venerable Times for the San Francisco dateline.It’s close enough, right?

But the NYT says the election is all about health care, at least among the Democrats. Considering the fact that the five Democratic candidates’ views on health care reform are nearly interchangeable, one does wonder how much the issue of health care will motivate voters tomorrow.

Nonetheless, it’s not every day that East Bay candidates are quoted in the New York Times. Here are the first couple of grafs:

SAN FRANCISCO — While it may it may be too soon to tell whether the current passion surrounding health care will carry over into next year’s midterm elections, voters in California’s 10th Congressional District will go to the polls on Tuesday in a race in which the issue has been front and center.

“We knew in our polling that it was big,” said State Senator Mark DeSaulnier, a Democrat. “And we knew the numbers were going to go up from what we were hearing from D.C.”

Lisa Vorderbrueggen