Trust fund set up for stricken Danville councilman

Danville Town Councilman Mike Shimansky

Danville Town Councilman Mike Shimansky

Friends of Danville Town Councilman Mike Shimansky, who is gravely ill in a San Diego area hospital, have set up a trust fund to help him and his family.

I have known Mike for many years and he is a warm, charming and gracious man. I recall the time he replaced a hat that Rep. Jerry McNerney, D-Pleasanton, accidently left behind in a Danville restaurant after an interview with me.

I wish him a speedy and full recovery.

Here is the email his friends are circulating, which contains details about where to send contributions:

To the MANY people Mike Shimansky has touched and those who may not even know him, here is a way to say, “Thank You.”

You have probably seen the shocking headlines about Mike: http://www.contracostatimes.com/search/ci_13201260?nclick_check=1

In brief, Mike and Sue were visiting their family in San Diego when Mike was taken down by meningitis. This resulted in amputation of both of his legs and many other complications from this horrible disease. Although he appears to be coming out of a coma state, Mike faces a long recovery.

Mike has not taken “retirement” as a time to rest. He has improved, brightened, and physically altered so many lives through his service to our community and to people in need across our Nation. As a Board Member and volunteer extraordinaire for the American Red Cross, Mike spent long periods of time at many disaster sites helping wherever needed. Locally, he serves on the Danville Town Council (20 years) and many associated Boards which affect our air, transportation, and lives.

A short list of Mike’s major roles include Mustang Soccer Referee and Danville Little League Coach, Shepherd’s Gate Board, Mount Diablo-Silverado Boy Scout Council Board, San Ramon Valley Historical Society Board, supporting our Veterans, Loaves & Fishes, the San Ramon Valley School District, and the Museum of the San Ramon Valley.

Now we can do something for Mike, his wonderful wife Sue, their three children and family members. Already Mike’s long stay in ICU and medical costs beyond insurance coverage are mounting, plus home accessibility, high tech mobility, and many more future costs required to accommodate him. A bank account has been set up by friends.

Most of us can donate something, but every one of us can PRAY for Mike, his family, the doctors and staff who are treating him. Mike and Sue would never ask for this; however, so many of us want to give back to them in some way, and this is something we can do.

You can send your check of any size payable to “Karen Stepper for Mike Shimansky” at:

Kevin Schwartz, Branch Manager
Wells Fargo Bank
156 Diablo Road
Danville CA 94526

Please send this email to your connections. There are so many people who want to do something for Mike.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • John W

    What a horrible situation. We always think this kind of thing happens to somebody else, somebody we don’t know. This brings it closer to home.

  • steve weir

    Mike and Sue are active participants in conducting elections in Contra Costa. They have opened their home as a poll site for many years, when Mike is not on the ballot. They also serve as poll workers.

    Mike is a member of our Election Citizens Advisory Committee representing the Mayor’s Conference. Sue helps us out, part time, as a poll worker trainer and both are higly regarded at the Contra Costa Elections Office.

    Mike and Sue, everyone at the Contra Costa Elections Office is pulling for you!

  • Arne Simonsen

    Steve, those were wonderful comments about Mike & Sue and so typical of both of them with their generosity and friendship.