Hoffmeister adds her name to supervisor list

Concord Mayor Laura Hoffmeister

Concord Mayor Laura Hoffmeister

Concord Mayor Laura Hoffmeister says she is 99.9 percent sure she will run for Contra Costa County supervisor in 2010. She has her eye on the District IV seat expected to open when Supervisor Susan Bonilla runs for the Assembly next year.

She expects to make a formal announcement in a couple of weeks.

“I need to make sure the decision fits with some issues in my personal life first, but I am very close,” Hoffmeister told me Thursday night at the Contra Costa Mayors Conference in San Ramon.

If Hoffmeister runs, it sets up a showdown between her and Concord Councilwoman Helen Allen, who declared herself a candidate on Wednesday.

Pleasant Hill Councilwoman Karen Mitchoff has announced her candidacy months ago and Contra Costa Central Sanitary District board member Mike McGill has said he is seriously looking at the seat, too.

The 48-year-old Concord mayor — it’s a rotating assignment among the councilmembers — told me she wants to put to work at the county the lessons she has learned while serving the past 12 years on the council.

Concord, of course, is the major player in the District IV race. It’s the largest city and it has provided the district’s last two supervisors including Bonilla and Mark DeSaulnier, who is now a state senator.

Allen and Hoffmeister each have substantial name identification in Concord. Some folks are expressed serious doubt that 69-year-old Allen is serious. After all, she withdrew from the 2006 City Council race but didn’t make the decision until it was too late to pull her name from the ballot and she was elected anyway.

But Allen insists she will run no matter what Hoffmeister decides.

“I don’t feel entitled to run, but I have paid my my dues and I have made up my mind,” Allen said.

Here’s an interesting sidenote to all this: Three members of the Concord City Council could be running for new offices next year.

Councilman Mark Peterson has announced he is running for District Attorney but he is running from a safe seat. His council term doesn’t end until 2012.

The terms of Hoffmeister and Allen both end in 2010, which means they must give up their council seats in order to run for county supervisor.

The prospect of two open seats could attract a substantial number folks interested serving on the Concord City Council. And on and on and on it goes ….

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Its wrong for Karen Mitchoff for a supervisor when she has not even finished even nine on the Pleasant Hill City Council and she is rotation to be mayor which she should not take since its a known fact she is campaigning aready and has done nothing for Pleasant hill to date and surely won’t have time to do the duties of a Mayor as she should but you can bet she wants that title for her supervisor campaign. It is morally incorrect to accept money and have people walk precincts for me and then turn your back on what you were elected for so as to campaign for supervisor.
    If all works as they have planned michoff goes to the supervisor, Bonilla goes to Assembly seat held by Tolakson and Torlakson is running for Surperintendentof schools.
    As for Mike McGill he is a candidate who I believe would do a good job but word has it certain inviduals in Pleasant are trying to get him to change his mind so as not to give competition to Karen and that’ s B.S.
    everyone has the right to run. With the entrance of Allen and Hoffmeister it will undoubtly tip the scale in concords direction due to the large numbers of voters in that city compared to Pleasant Hill.

  • Allen Payton

    Our County can’t afford to have political staffers or government employees elected to the Board of Supervisors.
    We need people with business experience, who understand budgets, the value of a dollar, how to create jobs and wealth, to serve.
    Mitchoff stated in her 2008 campaign: “My vision over the next four years is ensuring a robust economic environment for business, maximizing sales tax revenue, adding needed police services, and preserving Pleasant Hill’s family-oriented quality of life.”
    Has she accomplished any of that? If not, she doesn’t deserve to be “promoted” to County Supervisor.

  • Arne Simonsen

    Actually, Helen Allen was reelected in 2008, so she also has a “safe seat” as her term doesn’t end until 2012.

    Guy Bjerke, who was appointed in 2007 to fill a vacancy due to the death of Michael Chavez, is up for election when his term ends in 2010.

  • Guy Bjerke

    No. Helen Allen was re-elected in 2006 with Laura H. and Michael Chavez. Our terms end in November 2010.