OC blogger speculates on Duvall tape leak

Check out Orange Register blogger Brian Joseph’s juicy blog posting about the rampant speculation going on in the halls of Sacramento about who brought the video of the disgusting comments of Southern California Assemblyman Mike Duvall to the attention of the press.

I doubt most folks outside Sacramento bubble care will spend much time worrying about who alerted the television stations that broke this story unless it is to say thanks for lifting the rock and letting the light shine in.

On the other hand, I talked with a handful of folks today who work or have worked in Sacramento and they tell me that multiple and extramarital sexual encounters between lawmakers, lobbyists and staffers occur far more frequently than the public (or the offenders’ spouses) know.It’s part of the legislative culture, said one source.

Oh. Is that what happened to the budget?

Just asking.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Nancy

    What a joke: Affairs are rampant in Sacramento. First, this legislator should get the year’s “stupid award” for resigning his seat. Second, how hypocritic of the Assembly leadership for stripping him of his committees and coming down on him hard. He is not the exception, more likely the rule!

  • John W

    Yikes, Nancy! The problem is not that he was having a spanking good time with somebody or even that he managed to “spank and tell” (like to the whole world). The problem is he was doing whatever he was doing with a lobbyist with business before his committee. Unless we think she was attracted by the Assemblyman’s charm and irresistable good looks, it is not unreasonable to assume some unspoken quid pro quo, or spanko pro favoro. Not only should he have resigned and been stripped of everything, the AG’s office should investigate both him and the lobbyist. If there are others like him, we should purge them all from public office — not for sex, but for public corruption.


  • John W

    Another thought. We knew these guys were metaphorically screwing the state. But this is ridiculous!

  • John Edwards had a child out of wedlock and had a racy affair that could include a video. This is nothing.