San Ramon mayor featured in National Review

San Ramon Mayor and Assembly GOP candidate Abram Wilson

San Ramon Mayor and Assembly GOP candidate Abram Wilson

San Ramon Mayor and GOP Assembly candidate Abram Wilson is featured in National Review, the well-known conservative publication.

National Review senior editor Jay Nordlinger captured Wilson’s personality in the piece, titled “The Making of a Mayor,” through family stories and anecdotes. The author used a unique bullet-style format, which I liked (and may well borrow) for its simplicity.

Wilson says he has received numerous responses to the story, including emails from all over the country.

Check it out.

So far, Wilson is the only declared Republican candidate in Assembly District 15. If he remains the only GOP name on the June 2010 primary ballot, he will mostly likely face incumbent Assemblywoman Joan Buchanan, D-Alamo.

UPDATE: So what did Wilson do? He turned it into a fundraiser. What else? Read on for his email solicitation:

Dear Friends,

This week was a very big week for the Wilson for Assembly 2010 campaign.

We received national attention for our race in the National Review OnlineYou can read Jay Nordlinger’s profile by clicking here.
The outpouring of support has been truly amazing.  Not only did I receive complimentary phone calls and emails from around the country – some individuals from as far away as Alabama even sent in contributions to the campaign.

I hope I can count on you to help.  Here’s 3 things you can do:
Forward this article to 10 people who you think would help
Make a contribution online this week to join the many others across the country who have done the same
-Join me for my October 11th event in Livermore
As always, I’m grateful for your support.
Signature Abram Wilson

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • San Ramon Voter

    Lisa you sure are slow. This came out over a week ago on half way to Concord.

    This is a nice fluff piece about our mayor. Who wants to lead my city again while he is running for the state Assembly. (Can anybody say career pol)

    I wish there were more candidates for the GOP in the 15th. But for now it Republican Reruns with Abram.

  • Lisa Vorderbrueggen

    Excuse me for being on vacation last week … sheesh.

  • Elwood

    Lisa, you need to work harder!

    Your many fans demand it!

  • Freak of the Far Right

    For someone who has been in the business as long as you have you should know old news is like old fish. It smells.

  • John W.

    Well, in defense of Lisa, it was new to me. So, thanks for posting it. What a choice for us AD 15 voters! It’s between (1)a good school board president who sold out to public employee unions when she got to the Assembly and then abandoned the Dem party’s million dollar investment in her and (2) a pragmatic, “make the trains run on time” mayor who sold out to the Norquistidas. How about a radical middle of the roader who will stay that way when he or she gets into office?