A seventh name hits the CD11 GOP list

A seventh Republican has joined the list of candidates looking at running in the June 2010 primary election in the 11th Congressional District, a seat currently held by Rep. Jerry McNerney, D-Pleasanton.

Jeff Takada, a high school teacher in Manteca, will formally announce his campaign and launch his website in the next few weeks, according to his spokesman Mike Cipponeri.

The intense interest is a reflection of the 11th District’s competitive party registration split between Republicans and Democrats.

The other Republicans who have either entered the race or are testing the waters include:

1) Lodi-area grape grower Brad Goehring has hired Carl Fogliani, the former campaign manager for Richard Pombo, the former congressman who lost to McNerney in 2006.

2) Businessman Jon Del Arroz, of Danville, has on his team Carlos Rodriguez and Dave Gilliard.

3) Former San Jose Councilman and Values Advocacy Council founder Larry Pegram is exploring the idea with well-known consultant Tim Clark.

4) San Ramon businessman David Bernal has a Web site.

5) Former U.S. Marshal and Sacramento-area Latino leader Tony Amador officially entered the race on Sept. 17 at a press conference in downtown Lodi.

6) Lodi-area construction company owner Robert Beadles is discussing a run with the firm of Duane Dichiara.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • John W.

    When the press writes about candidates of either party, they should go a little deeper into the bios before blindly accepting self-assigned labels, such as “businessman” or “entrepreneur.” I mean, come on, now! These bios wouldn’t past the smell test with a stoned HR interviewer. What did they really do? What kind of responsibilities or accomplishments did they have? Jon Del Arroz’s biggest claim to that label appears to be former “advisor to the Board of Directors of Digitcom (who?),” a social networking site [defunct, I presume], along with a couple of entry-level jobs that he apparently didn’t hold very long. “Advisor” probably means golfing buddy or classmate of somebody connected to the company. “Trust fund kid” might be a more accurate label. And, if you read between the lines of David Bernal’s bio, it does not exactly spell “success.” McNerney’s “company” resume was a bit thin, but at least he had the military academy background, a PhD, overseas consulting experience, authentic expertise in the field of alternative energy and some passion about the war in Iraq motivated by his son’s experience.

  • Tom Benigno

    Hey Ralph:
    Do you think I should run? All I will need is about 7,000 votes to win the nomination. Plus a fuel tanker to follow me around the district.