Second CoCo sheriff candidate may enter field

Antioch Councilman Brian Kalinowski

Antioch Councilman Brian Kalinowski

Antioch Councilman and Contra Costa Sheriff’s Lt. Brian Kalinowski has put out an email invite telling folks he will host a short meeting Tuesday night, further fueling speculation that he will announce his plans to run for county sheriff.

The meeting will be held at the Deputy Sheriffs Association union hall in Martinez at 5 p.m.

If Kalinowski enters the race, he will run without his boss’ support.

Incumbent Sheriff Warren Rupf, who announced last week that he will not seek a fifth term, has already recruited and endorsed Concord Police Chief David Livingston.

This could prove to be a barn-burner of a race between two career lawmen from two of the county’s largest cities.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • John W.

    Good for him. Gutsy move. I don’t know anything about either of these two, but I think it’s great to have competition rather than just have somebody annointed by the outgoing sheriff. Frankly, Sheriff Rupf’s good reputation notwithstanding, any organization that has been under the leadership of one person for so long is bound to need a fresh look. Even though both prospective candidates are sheriff department insiders, the competition could help force some of the issues into the open. Too bad there don’t appear to be any qualified people outside the department.

  • Casey

    Actually, Livingston is from the outside. He was the chief in Pleasant Hill and is now chief in Concord for the past 4 or 5 years. He has a lot of endorsements already and can raise the money. He would probably bring a fresh view to the sheriff department. He is a lawyer too I think (could be wrong). The inside candidate is a sergeant or lieutenant but has never been a chief? (even for the contract cities?)

  • John W.

    Casey, thanks for the correction. I should have known that from all the articles. I’ll check on the lawyer thing, but that would be a plus. Competition is still a good thing, even if it’s the annointed one who brings the outsider perspective.

  • John W.

    True on the law degree (and license to practice) USF.

  • RichW

    Livingston is one of the most highly regarded Police Chief’s in the state of California, respected by everybody. Kalinowski, in contrast, is a politician, a guy with a reputation for being a blowhard and a windbag. I’m going to be supporting Livingston for the job, we don’t need a political hack as Sherrif. Politics can be an honorable profession, but you don’t want politicians running law enforcement, whether it be the Sherrif’s department, or the District Attorney’s office. You need to keep politics out of law enforcement as much as possible, justice needs to be meted out evenhandedly.

  • Josey


    It sounds like if everything you say is true, your guy will win. I agree with the previous post that competition and debate is important. I am giving both an equal chance to tell me what they want to do, and how they will do it. I think its very wierd that the Sheriff wants a guy from the outside, doesnt he have people from inside? And if not why? The one thing I would say is people are tired of the pass downs of power with no real change.

  • TomTom

    RichW – Sounds like you have picked your Sheriff but your affinity for Livingston has clouded your judgement. Livingston has Sacramento aspirations and the Co Co Sheriff’s job is just a stepping stone towards that goal. He’s a consumate politician…just ask those who work for him. True, Kalinowski is on the Antioch city council part-time, but his full time job is as a Co Co County Sheriff’s Lieutenant. Running a sheriff’s office and running a municipal police department are quite different. Livingston is a sharp guy and is probably up to the task but I suspect Rupf’s annointment of him as the chosen one actually will hurt him in the long run.

  • TomTom you couldn’t be more wrong! Livingston is a hard working Chief and has been both in Pleasant hill and in his positions at Fremont. If anyone is a consumate politician is Kalinowski. RichW is correct in that Livingston is highly respected by a large number of law enforcement. David Livingston can and will perform the job of Sheriff in a professional manner serving the citizens of Contra Costa County, Perhaps you should be sure of your facts instead of basing them on disgruntled employees

  • TomTom

    I’ve spoken to many Concord PD employees and whether disgruntled or happily employed, most agree that Livingston has political aspirations beyond Co Co Sheriff. Normally I would applaud the idea of an outsider coming in to improve the Sheriff’s Office but in this case, the outsider is all but being annointed Sheriff by Rupf. Rupf stayed too long and the department has suffered. There is alot of talent in the Sheriff’s Office but with the exception of a Captain or two, it seems to stop at the Lieutenant level. The motto on the side of their police cars reads “Community Policing Since 1850” but most of the Deputies call it “Community Policing like it’s 1850”

  • Tom Benigno

    Lets start a movement that all first responders. police, and fire have to let their hair grow out. These guys look like they are the enemy. I wish I had all my hair back.

  • Allen Payton

    I haven’t always agreed with Brian Kalinowski as a member of the Antioch City Council, but I’m willing to listen to what his plans are for the Sheriff’s dep’t, as I will do for the Concord Police Chief. They both have their strengths. Should be an interesting race and if any other candidates jump in, it will get even more interesting.
    Yes, Livingston has the backing of Sheriff Rupf, but I’d like to know who will have the support of the Deputy Sheriff’s Association?

  • Proud Antiochian

    I have not decided who to support. But I would think a campaign such as this requires a lot of time. Brian should consider resigning from the City Council to focus on his race, as I do not think he can do both and give Antioch his full attention. SInce he has already stated he wants to move on, lets give someone the opportunity to give their all.

  • Kevin

    Dave Livingston is the smart choice for Sheriff. He has an impressive resume, plus the wide variety of endorsements is also impressive. Sheriff Rupf has devoted his life to the Contra Costa Sheriff’s Department. It is very understandable that he would want to see his successor be a person of the highest caliber. Rupf build the Department successfully to what it is now. He also promoted HUNDREDS of Captains, Lieutenants, Sergeants, and Deputies during his watch. Mr. Kalinowski never was a “city” chief, and he spend a long time in San Ramon, which is essentially outside the actual workings of the Sheriff’s Department. What will sway me is the endorsment (if any to either candidate) by the rank and file. THAT says a lot. Change is good, and I am strongly leaning towards Livingston, for the great job he did in my city – Pleasant Hill.

  • Rod

    I’m curious if anyone knows either candidate’s position on the 2nd amendment and CCW.

  • RF

    I wonder how Livingston will be able to get passed his three, yes three sexual harassment lawsuits. Two may be done already, but the third is just beginning. If there is more this will be a hell of a race!


  • Tim

    Interesting on the Livingston sexual harassment lawsuits, considering the PTB in Contra Costa.

    The money behind the politics ion this county is evil incarnate and this sexual harassment is a key indicator.

    To me this makes it a no brainer, as does Livingston being groomed for “greater politics”, and as the big money has clearly gotten behind him.

    Do we want a Sheriff for The People or for the banksters and corporations that have all but destroyed this country?

    Most important are his philosophies on the Constitution that has been ripped to shreds tens of thousands killed and ALL under false pretenses making America a most hated nation in the world.

    What will he do regarding these unchallenged federal encroachments?

    Will Livingston honor his oath the The People, or his backers considering his political aspirations? DUH!

    This data alone makes Kalinowski the likely best candidate.

    I’ll be checking with his office to see how he stands on issues so eloquently described in Sheriff Mack’s book, “The County Sheriff: America’s Last Hope”.

    Please watch the documentary “Hijacking Humanity” and “20/20 Hindsight: Censorship on the Frontline” to learn what’s been happening in Washington and Wall Street.

    Our currency and economy are being raped and pillaged with nothing standing in their way.

    Will YOUR vote being properly counted in these PLAIN WHITE BOXES into which we place our votes?
    Why are cameras prohibited in the polling houses?

    We should be macro-photographing these boxes as they’re not serialized and I’ve noticed several strange discrepancies during the recent elections.

    G-d Bless,


  • steve weir

    As Registrar, I don’t take a position on candidates/issues appearing on our ballots.

    However, I would like to state that our ballot boxes in Contra Costa are locked metal boxes with recorded seals at any point of entry.

    In addition, our ballot pads and stubs have a unique serial number for accounting purposes (that number does not appear on the actual ballot itself.)

    State law prohibits the taking of photographs in an active poll site to protect the privacy of the voter and to avoid potential intimidation. Every citizen has the right to observe every step of the voting process.

  • Mike F.

    Multiple endorsements prior to the public announcement of a candidate reveals that the person is a professional politician. We got both in this election. Lets hear both of them before we vote.

  • charlie w

    We need to put the peace back in peace officer, and civil back into civil service. Livingston’s gang of thugs have come onto private property without warrant to arrest an innocent bystander, when they realized their mistake, they trumped up charges of resisting. This attack and intimidation on law-abiding taxpayers is unacceptable. The power of law enforcement needs to rest with the citizenry. Livingston,Mooney,Butterfield, and Jennings need to go.