Antioch councilman and lawman enters sheriff’s contest

Three-term Antioch Councilman and Sheriff’s Office Lt. Brian Kalinowski officially entered the run for Contra Costa County sheriff a few minutes ago.

Kalinowski made the announcement just after 5 p.m. today before about 35 people at the Deputy Sheriffs Association union hall.

“We all want a better working environment and to deliver more efficient services to the community,” Kalinowski told the group. “I have the experience going back to the time when my mother was a deputy sheriff in this agency to move us forward. I am looking forward to a vigorous debate on the issues that are important to this agency and the community. ”

The 41-year-old lawman is the second declared candidate for the county’s top law enforcement post.

Incumbent Sheriff Warren Rupf disclosed publicly last week that he will not seek re-election to a fifth term.
Concord Police Chief Dave Livingston, 44, has also entered the field and others may file, as well.

Kalinowski enters the race as a department insider who also boasts nearly a decade of experience as a local elected official. He has worked for the department for 16 years.

As an Antioch councilman, Kalinowski is often outspoken and frequently blunt, especially when it comes to public safety. He recently lambasted East Bay State legislators for their votes on a budget he said hurt cities’ ability to provide public services.

Kalinowski will run without his boss’ support.

Rupf recruited and has endorsed Livingston as his successor, a key vote of confidence in a specialized post where voters pay particular attention to the candidates’ references.

Livingston has never held public office but has led the Concord Police Department for the past five years. Before Concord, he was the Pleasant Hill police chief.

The men, along with any other candidates who join the nonpartisan race, will appear on the June 2010 ballot. If a single candidate fails to win a majority of the vote, the top two vote-getters will advance to a November runoff.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Proud Antiochian

    I have not decided who to support. But I would think a campaign such as this requires a lot of time. Brian should consider resigning from the City Council to focus on his race, as I do not think he can do both and give Antioch his full attention. SInce he has already stated he wants to move on, lets give someone the opportunity to give their all.

  • That’s never going to happen, politicians run for new seats all the time from ones they just get elected into,take Karen Michoff and Joan Buchanan who were not even in their newly elected positions for 5 months and already started running for another office.

  • Proud Antiochian

    Well it would certainly tell me who to vote for and who not to..

  • John W.

    Should be an interesting contest. Also a bit awkward later, assuming Livingston wins and Kalinowski remains with the department. I don’t see any reason whatever why Kalinowski should resign from his current elective postion in order to run for another office. That hardly ever happens. Besides, look what happened when John Edwards left his U.S. Senate seat to devote full time to running for the 2008 Dem nomination and ended up with too much free time on his hands! But what about Kalinowski’s day job with the sheriff’s department? Does he need to take a leave of absence or something? Similar question for Livingston. Can either of them hold down a full-time law enforcement job and run a campaign?

  • Elwood

    In the grand and glorious tradition of American politics, if Kalinowski loses he will be reassigned to either Byron or North Richmond.

  • Sandy

    They should be worried. So much has been uncovered, that they are accused of, and we the taxpayers pay them. No more money.

  • RR, Uninvited Columnist

    Whom will the Garridos support?

  • East County Resident

    The race should be interesting, I think that the inside track should go to Kalinowski, he has worked for the department for 16 yrs, his mother has worked for the department for numerous years (i worked for her, so he’s been with the department his entire life….he has political experience. I know Lt. Kalinowski personally and I can say that he truly loves the Sheriff’s Department hands down. I would love to see the New Sheriff come from within. IT would stream line the transition, cost less (with new personnel comes drastic change and with drastic change comes drastic expenditures. To wrap things up, I think the right person for the job as of right now, is Lt. Brian Kalinowski. Good luck to all who run.

  • Common Tater

    I know Dave Livingston and he offers significant talent and experience for the position of Sheriff. He is the current Concord Chief of Police, a position which demands expertise in many diverse areas. This includes every aspect of law enforcement as well as community relations. Dave has a superior record of accomplishment in Concord and would be an outstanding Sheriff.

  • antioch_observer

    I don’t know East county resident. While his mother did work for the department, she ultimately sued Contra Costa County claiming psychiatric injuries caused by the job. She was not awarded these benefits though. Here is the link: http://www.cosipa.org/MembersOnly/Legal/larch.htm