CD10: Harmer bypassed ballot statement

David Harmer

David Harmer

To all those folks calling up election clerks and demanding (rudely, in some cases) to know why only the Democratic candidate in the Nov. 3 10th Congressional District special election has a statement in the ballot pamphlet, here is the scoop: Republican nominee David Harmer did not submit one and Democrat Lt. Gov. John Garamendi did.

Harmer’s campaign manager Mike Caporusso says they made a strategic decision to spend the $6,600 elsewhere. (Update 10/13/09: I failed to note that the $6,600 cost is for Contra Costa County only. Combined with the filing fees in Solano, Alameda and Sacramento counties, the cost exceeded $10,000. It’s also worthing mentioning that the deadline to file and pay for the candidate statement for the Nov. 3 runoff election was Aug. 7, almost a month prior to the Sept. 1 primary election. In other words, candidates had to pay for the statement before they knew they would even appear on the Nov. 3 ballot. However, the losing candidates in the primary received a refund of any money paid for the Nov. 3 ballot statement.)

Yes, that’s how it works. You can stop harassing the election clerks now.

Candidates may submit statements for inclusion in the ballot pamphlet but the candidates — not the taxpayers — have to pay their share of the printing costs.

Most candidates view the statement as a relatively cheap means by which to communicate with every registered voter, especially when compared with the cost of sending out an individual mail piece.

The Harmer camp says they can spend that money more effectively through other forms of communication. What forms?  They won’t say.

Harmer did include a ballot statement in the primary special election where he needed to distinguish himself in the large field of Republicans seeking the nomination.

We’ll find out soon enough if their strategy works.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Ray Ray, Alameda County

    I thought Harmer was raising big bucks? What gives? I don’t even see any “Harmer for Congress” signs in my county. Has he forgot about the city of Livermore? It is the largest city in the 10th.

    Running a “conservative” campaign won’t work in this special election. You need to throw around some money Dave!

    Reaching out to the Ron Paul supporters in this area wouldn’t hurt either. You need all the help you can get!

  • John W.

    In November, I only get to vote for San Ramon city council. Borrrring. Any CD-10 voters want to trade?

  • Arne Simonsen

    Ray, Livermore is far from being “the largest city in the 10th”. Antioch’s population of 101,000 has you beat.

  • G. Clift

    Harmer’s handlers blew it. I think they missed the Aug. 7 deadline to file their candidate statement. I think he needs to show some leadership and fire his campaign manager.

  • If Harmer wanted to show some leadership he would have a meaningful debate within the Republican party, but instead he was simply the tool of the Republican establishment that continues the extremism in their just say NO policy such as:
    1. No to Social Security- they fought it historically and want to privatize it
    2. Eliminate public schools (a Harmer specialty)
    3. No to Medicare and universal health care

    Then again another way to look at Harmer and leadership is what has he done-
    support Bush and Cheney in Iraq and the most ruinous 8 years in our lifetime.

  • Allen Payton

    I believe the city the largest population in the 10th district is Fairfield. Antioch is #2.
    As for Harmer’s decision to forego the candidate statement, we’ll see if it pays off. Usually, it’s the most read, lowest-cost literature in the campaign.
    CD Observer, what has Garamendi done in the 34 years he’s been in office? What he says he wants to do is raise our taxes, implement gov’t control of our healthcare and support the Obama administration, which is allowing the overprinting of our currency, devaluing it, and causing massive inflation, which we’ll start to experience next year, as well as the gov’t take-over of the American auto industry and the shipping of those jobs overseas.
    Plus, Garamendi won’t oppose a new peripheral canal, like Harmer does. Garamendi leaves the option open, trying to please So Cal interests for his reelection campaign for Lt. Gov if he loses this race, or his run for U.S. Senate when Feinstein retires.
    We can’t afford to send Garamendi to Washington.

  • Garamedni has repeatedly opposed the peripheral canal, and supporting Obama is a plus not a negative. The people who created this economic mess was the Republican party with their massive spending on war and other issues to no effect and their total policy of non-regulation and non-responsibility.
    The people who bailed out the bankers were the Republicans.
    The person who want to eliminate public education is Harmer.
    Garamendi was an excellent Insurance Commissioner cleaning up the mess left by the Republican Quakenbush, meanwhile Harmer was running for congress in UTAH trying to abolish the Department of Education and the Department of Energy.

  • While not all of it is in the District, the City of Concord at about 123,000 is the largest in the district.

  • Tom Benigno

    Figure that one out folks, I was a candidate for the 5th district supervisors office in the San Joaquin Valley and I supported the peripheral canal and lost the race.

    Most of the Farmers didn’t vote for me because they didn’t support the canal and were republicans. So does that mean that Garamendi is a Rhino Democrat in disguise, it could be he’s a farmer.
    Anyway support the canal for jobs for the SJ valley.