Garamendi mailer quotes wrong David Harmer


A campaign mailer from 10th Congressional District candidate and Democrat Lt. Gov. John Garamendi that hit mailboxes today contained a reference to a quote from the wrong guy.

The Garamendi mailer states that his Republican challenger “David Harmer supports off shoring jobs” and cites a story from the Utah’s Deseret News from April 23, 2004.

Unfortunately for Garamendi’s opposition research team, the story quotes the David Harmer who was executive director of the Utah State Department of Community and Economic Development.

The David Harmer who is running against Garamendi never held that job and wasn’t living in Utah at the time. It’s a different David Harmer.

“This is a huge error on Garmendi’s part,” said Harmer campaign manager Mike Caporusso.  “Garamendi has mailed a completely false and inaccurate charge against David Harmer, and we demand he immediately apologize and retract his smear attack.”

UPDATED 7:30 AM TO ADD GARAMENDI RESPONSE: In response to the error, Garamendi said , “The important point is that David Harmer opposes President Obama’s efforts to create jobs in the 10th congressional district, provide for our schools and children, repair our roads and highways, deliver much needed medical services, and fund research programs. The bottom line is that David Harmer’s positions are just out of touch with the people of the 10th congressional district.”

“Huge” might be a bit of an overstatement, but Caporusso is Harmer’s campaign manager. What else would you expect him to say?

And the Harmer camp doesn’t much like the rest of the mailer, either. Expect more on that front later.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Common Tater

    I rather think that it really is a “huge” error. It is far worse than a misquote. What’s next – searching for outlandish statements attributed to David Harmers all across the land?

    I just Googled “David Harmer” and got 60,000 hits. Better get busy, Garamendi. Who knows what you’ll find…

  • 4Antioch

    Lisa, we went through this during the Primary when one of his Republican opponents did the same thing.

    This will be a credibility problem for Garamendi since he should have the final word on any of his campaign materials.

    If he missed this, what would he miss as a congressman?

  • Laurie

    I’m a Democrat and I hate it when our team makes amateur mistakes. It hurts every Dem running. We look sloppy and Garamendi ought to just apologize, fire his staffers and promise it won’t happen again–rather than make more spin and attacks. It’s about credibility and ethics.

  • Dan

    Typical response by Garamendi, the ultimate political hack. Rather than admit his falsehood, he tries to deflect the issue with a bunch of blather. His internal polling must show the race is close. He looks desperate.

  • Don

    Garamendi is playing the same idiotic games he played while in state office. We need to send him off to find a job that requires someone other than the taxpayer to pay him. Now THAT could be a difficult job.

  • Mary

    When someone makes a mistake, he/she should acknowledge the error and apologize. John! Your lack of apology makes you look weak and lacking in character. Own up!! Then people might listen when you legitimately warn about Harmer’s poor record.

  • Twoddle

    Maybe John’s message should have said, “Nobody named David Harmer would benefit District 10, no matter who they are!” (But seriously, everyone is entitled to make mistakes, we’re all human, unless there really are a lot of David Harmer clones out there!) OK, I really get serious this time he he!

    This mistake should not be a big deal to any Democrat at this point as long as John just let’s it go (don’t give ’em any more ammo). Their trying to make hey with this because they don’t have anything else in the stable to ride – (they’re a no name nobody trying to get traction any way they can).

  • Allen Payton

    Rookie mistake. Understandable from a first-time candidate and a non-paid consultant. Not from a seasoned politician with resources like Garamendi.
    In his non-apology, Garamendi is off-base on his assessment that Harmer won’t repair our roads and highways. Harmer is committed to bringing federal funds to meet our transportation needs in the district.

  • Elwood

    Much ado about nothing. It doesn’t even amount to a tempest in a teapot. More like a slight breeze in a teapot, showing the desperation of the Harmer campaign and its sycophants trying to make something out of nothing.

    And Lisa, in comment #6 “Don” is a link to a commercial website. No spam, please.

  • Ben Madsen

    This IS a huge mistake. It’s called fact-checking. Any spin he offers to the contrary is just that, spin. In my book it’s another term for lying.

    Secondly, he takes an argument that would have provided a detailed basis for his general attack, and simply says, the details don’t matter, but the point still does. Wrong again.

    Thirdly, and more to my personal opposition of Garamendi, his practical policies in Sacramento, and the policies of Obama that he states to support, are doing the very thing that he is inferring Harmer is guilty of. The policies that Obama is driving are not creating any new jobs, and are not helping anybody create lasting new jobs any time soon. In fact, they’re aiming to take more taxpayer money out of the economy, threatening to further SHRINK the job base.

    CA-10 does not need Sacramento problem foisted upon the federal government, it needs to solve it’s own problems and send somebody to D.C. that is interested in real solutions.

  • Common Tater

    What is a slight breeze in a teapot to some people is in reality a roaring case of noxious flatulence. The desperation is all on Garamendi’s side.

  • Clint E

    Lisa Vorderbrueggen is about as objective as a Cuban judge..This is a huge mistake.

    Harmer will win..Even with Lisa on the other side!

  • Elwood

    Harmer is supported by the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny!

    How could he possibly lose?

    What have you people been smoking?

    Is there any left?

    Can I have some?

  • Whatever happened to integrity and honor? Misquoting your opponent on a campaign mailer IS huge, but far WORSE is the overbearing arrogance of Garamendi’s non-apology. Garamendi is flirting with what appears to be a very fine line between being a lifetime politician and a thug….and the longer you have been a politician, the thinner that line becomes, apparently.

  • Look at the other aspects:
    So it is absolutely accurate that Harmer wrote the opposition to public education and wants to privatize Social Security. This is enough. He will not get my vote and should not get yours.

  • Ben Madsen

    @CD Observer, even if that were the case (which I admit to not having researched), public education is in shambles right now, and parents (that participate) everywhere know it. Social Security is in huge debt. If he has ideas on how to fix those, why is that a bad thing? Discuss the merits of the case, don’t carte blanche reject the theories because you subscribe to an ideology.

  • Thomas

    What a maroon.

    You make a mistake, you acknowledge it and move on. Unless of course you’re a pathetic insecure little toad who’d rather eat mud than admit even a trivial mistake.

  • On the issue of outsourcing (as opposed to the misquote) it is accurate to say that Harmer supports the idea. In the presentation to the Concord Chamber of Commerce Sept 22, which I attended, the issue of Free Trade came up and competition with overseas came up, Harmer made it very clear that he supports the open free competition and he gave the example of a call center his bank set up in the Philippines which did not work out in the long run, but he had no problem with outsourcing.

  • On Harmer’s anti-public school stance, someone asked for a reference. Harmer uses his Cato Institute work as part of his Resume and if you go to the paper:
    One of the quotes on the issue is:
    “The Goal: Complete Separation of School and State. The authors ((Harmer and Bast)) are 100 percent committed to getting government out of the business of educating our children.”

  • Nate Sandor

    Hilarious – on what planet is this not a “huge” error? Mf Neptune? Come on. You misquote your opponent and fail to do basic due diligence to verify your research and then build a smear attack around that error it constitutes a HUGE error for anyone who isn’t blowing you.

  • Elwood

    Oh, this is a HUGE mistake, all right!

    Nobody gives a rat’s ass except the rabid right wing fringe of the Reep party.

    If all their masturbatory fantasies came true, Garamendi might win by only 19% instead of 20.