Whitman coming to Contra Costa County

Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman will visit privately with a group of about 15 Contra Costa business and taxpayer group leaders on Oct. 21 as part of her campaign listening tour.

“She wants to come and have a talk about the issues that we care about,” said Contra Costa Taxpayers Association director Kris Hunt. “We are happy to sit down with any of the candidates and talk about the issues.”

The meeting location has not yet been determined.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • 4Antioch

    The Contra Costa Taxpayers Association would welcome all candidates for Governor to meet with them to discuss our issues and concerns.

  • RNC is roadkill

    MEg Whitman appears to be a shined-up version of the Palin formula. Looks like we learned from that minor mis-step and decided that it might be desirable for candidates for public office to be capable of some independant thought.

    Unfortunately, someone forgot to check the box for “Exhibits modicum of respect for political process.” – e.g., you know – like V O T I N G !!??

    How is it the ‘Public Can party continues to serve up this swill ? If we are to vote for these candidates, they must exhibit basic respect for the political process and they must possess some modicum of intellect.

    Come on folks !