Wilson hires big guns in AD15 challenge

Abram Wilson

Abram Wilson

San Ramon Mayor Abram Wilson has hired some familiar names in Republican campaign circles to run his second bid run for Assembly District 15.

San Diego-based Duane Dichiara will be his chief political strategist in the 2010 June primary while his former opponent, Judy Biviano Lloyd, will serve as his top fundraising adviser. Lloyd ran unsuccessfully against Wilson in the 2008 Assembly District 15 primary; Wilson lost to Assemblywoman Joan Buchanan of Alamo in the 2008 general election.

Assembly District 15 is one of a handful of competitive partisan seats in California. Republicans lost the seat in 2008 — the last GOP-held seat in the Bay Area — and they are expected to put a great deal of effort into reclaiming it next year.

Read on for Wilson’s press release:

Mayor Abram Wilson Announces Assembly Campaign Team

San Ramon, California – San Ramon Mayor and candidate for the 15th Assembly District Abram Wilson today announced his campaign consulting team for the 2010 election.

Revolvis Consulting, based in Sacramento, San Diego, and Washington, DC will serve as Wilson’s strategists and will handle media. Consultants Jason Roe and Duane Dichiara are experienced campaign veterans and together have worked for Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Congressman Brian Bilbray, Congressman Tom McClintock, State Senator Mark Wyland, State Senator Tom Harman, Assemblyman Martin Garrick, Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher, and the California Republican Party.

Judy Lloyd is the founder of Altamont Strategies, a company that designs high level development and advocacy campaigns for non-profit organizations and public policy leaders.  Lloyd raised more than half a million dollars for Republican candidates in the 2008 cycle and is noted for strategic use of the Internet and social networking.  She has served as a leader in private and public sector positions for more than 25 years on the federal, state, and local level and was appointed by two U.S. Presidents and the Governor of California to domestic policy positions.  Lloyd serves on the boards of several national, state and regional non-profit organizations, including California Women Lead in the San Francisco East Bay.

Wilson has retained John Bovée of The Bovee Company.  John is Sacramento’s most experienced Republican political fundraiser. With over 30 years of fundraising experience, Bovée has been involved in over 300 local, state and federal campaigns, and has a proven track record. He is often touted as the best fundraiser in the business.

Mayor Wilson’s campaign has gained momentum since he announced his candidacy in June.  He has gained support district-wide from grassroots activists and donors and has earned major endorsements from prominent Democrats, Republicans, and Independents, including Contra Costa Sheriff Warren Rupf and Livermore Mayor Marshall Kamena.  He has also been endorsed by his 2008 primary opponents Robert Rao, Judy Lloyd, and Scott Kamena.

Wilson is running to restore fiscal responsibility to Sacramento.  In the City of San Ramon where he has been mayor for nearly a decade, budget reserves exceed an unprecedented 50% of the city’s budget.  Mayor Wilson has helped to revitalize a stagnant relationship between business and government through public-private partnerships and has worked collaboratively with local government leaders to develop an innovative disaster preparedness plan for our Bay Area cities and counties so our communities will be safe.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • John W.

    Look out, Joan! Here I come!

  • Ralph Hoffmann, Guest Columnist

    Mayor Wilson is also on the ballot for re-election as San Ramon Mayor, November 3, 2009. He’s unopposed.

  • Common Tater

    Abram Wilson’s integrity is typified by the caliber of people he has selected to help in his campaign. Judy Lloyd, in particular, is highly ethical and has enormous respect in the party.

    Buchanan’s integrity lasted about 4 months…

  • Tom Benigno

    What has Mr. Wilson done for San Ramon? That he thinks he can do for the rest of the 15th district. He had better visit the area in the district he wants to represent. It is quite vast, and has a lot of foreclosed homes, especially in the West side of Hwy 5.

    Mr. Tater Then if Judy Lloyd is highly ethical, maybe she should be the one running.

  • Frannie Baker

    Buchanan blew her credibility with her ridiculous run for the Congressional seat. Of course, Wilson is preferable to Buchanan. As for Lloyd, don’t really know what makes her ethical. Her image is that of a clumsy, but obsequious wannabe, who trolls the halls of every Republican meeting with an aura of self-importance. Wilson should use her where he can, but seriously folks, Lloyd is small potatoes.

  • John W.

    As a five-year resident of the Bay Area and San Ramon, my impression is that Wilson and the current members of the city council have done an outstanding job of putting the city on a sound financial footing and are attempting to mold it into a real community. That said, I’m not sure how his experience and success as a non-partisan city government “make the trains run on time” pragmatist translates into accomplishing anything in the cesspool legislature, where it’s all about party versus party, ideology and the public interest-be-damned interest groups that control things. And that’s my optimistic side speaking!