Want candy? Skip Gioia’s office

Supervisor John Gioia

Supervisor John Gioia

Bah humbug! Oh, wait, that’s Christmas.

Anyway, Contra Costa Supervisor John Gioia on Wednesday and Thursday will host the Healthy Halloween Supplies Giveaway at his El Cerrito office.

But don’t look for the Three Muskateers chocolate bars. (My personal favorite.)

The Halloween bags will include school supplies such as unsharpened pencils, erasers, fun stickers, non-toxic glue sticks and other similar items.


All right. I’ll stop with the sarcasm. He is right, of course.

“Children today live in a world full of junk food and are heavily targeted by advertisers of unhealthy food,” Gioia said. “We should offer healthy alternatives at Halloween.”

He says he and his wife, Jennifer, began three years ago handing out non-candy items at his house on Halloween.

If you are so inclined, visit Gioia’s office at 11780 San Pablo Avenue, Suite D, El Cerrito from 3-5 p.m. on Wednesday or Thursday.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • steve weir

    The Contra Costa Election’s Office has both, healthy (Trader Joe’s suckers) and, well, the more traditional treats!

    County policy is to have a choice! And, hay, isn’t that what an election’s office is all about?

  • John W.

    I think the kids should stage a Candy Bag Party protest. Give me candy corn, or give me death.

  • Tom K

    I guess that John “Ebeneezer” Gioia couldn’t find lumps of coal for the kids to help offset heating costs. No wait, that would induce greater global warming.

    Seriously, gotta hand it to Gioia. He actually follows through and does the right thing.