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Ammiano responds to Arnold’s veto dig

By Josh Richman
Wednesday, October 28th, 2009 at 10:20 am in Arnold Schwarzenegger, Assembly, General, Tom Ammiano.

Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, D-San Francisco, seemed to accept Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s encoded upbraiding – hidden in an Oct. 12 veto message, responding to Ammiano’s Oct. 7 invitation to “kiss my gay ass” – with bemused resignation this morning.

He called it “a very creative way of exercising veto power,” and said he’ll reintroduce his bill – dealing with financing mechanisms for the Port of San Francisco – next year despite being “very disapponted” by this veto.

“I guess the governor is feeling his oats,” Ammiano said, discounting any possibility that the message was coincidental. “I feel there was a point to the way it was designed, yes.”

Ammiano took questions about the matter during a news conference before an informational hearing about marijuana legalization, on which he introduced a bill earlier this year. Asked whether he believed Schwarzenegger would sign such a bill, he quipped, “It would be an interesting veto message, wouldn’t it? Rich in potential.”

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  • Elwood

    Tommy is the cutest SF Supervisor, even if he does let his alligator mouth overload his canary ass.

    I hope he’s not planning on having any of his bills signed into law while Arnold’s governor